2012 Fall Meeting Proposals

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Proposal Header and Preamble

  • proposal title: short version
  • proposal sponsors (2 required, 1st serves as floor manager; click on Will Co-Sponsor button to co-sponsor)
  • contact info for floor manager
  • committees to which proposal has been sent for review and feedback
  • explanatory background 
  • proposal summary
  • financial impact
  • implementation: who will do what, when, where and how? 

Proposal Language

Include Locals in AdCom

Title: Include Locals in AdCom

Sponsors: Anthony Barrows (floor manager)

Vetting: AdCom has vetted

Background: The GRP’s day-to-day party business is overseen by the Administrative Committee (AdCom). This committee is chronically understaffed and would operate more effectively with more participants. There is also a current over-representation of AdCom members from Greater Boston. The GRP needs more people participating in this important work, and needs those people to represent the full diversity of the Commonwealth.

Summary: To ameliorate this situation, we propose that additional members be added to AdCom by requiring each officially-recognized local to supply one member to AdCom. These members will be additional to existing officers and diversity reps. Each local will also make their own decision about how to choose this member.

Financial Impact: None

Implementation: Amend the GRP bylaws as suggested below at the 2012 fall State Committee meeting. Implement this requirement immediately following the 2012 state convention. AdCom will communicate this requirement to locals as soon as it is approved. This gives locals several months to select their AdCom representative (suggested nomination deadline: by the proposal deadline for 2013 winter StateCom meeting).

Amendments to Section 9 of the GRP Bylaws:

9.2 [AMEND TO READ] The administrative committee shall consist of a female co-chair, male co-chair, treasurer, secretary, two diversity representatives, and one representative from each officially recognized local chapter (see selection process outlined in bylaw 9.21). In the event, however, that the election of officers at the state convention results in only one person (the female co-chair) representing a diversity category, additional diversity representatives shall be added as needed to ensure that a majority of AdCom members represent a diversity category.


9.18 [AMEND TO READ] The diversity representatives shall be elected by a 2/3 vote of the state committee at the first state committee meeting following the state convention. Any member of the party may be nominated by at least five other members of the party.


9.21 [ADD TO BYLAWS] The members of the Administrative Committee who are representatives of officially recognized local chapters shall be selected by whatever means each local chooses. The members chosen by the local chapters shall be confirmed at the state committee immediately subsequent to the state convention.  

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