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2016 Massachusetts Primary and General Elections for State Representative and State Senator

Green-Rainbow Party Candidates Running for State Representative 

We are pleased to announce these candidates are on the ballot for State Representative. If you are registered Green-Rainbow, unenrolled or in a minor party designation, and live in their district, you will be able to vote for them on Thursday September 8, 2016 in the MA Primary on the Green-Rainbow Party ballot:

14th Middlesex

Towns of Acton Precincts 1, 2, 6; Carlisle; Chelmsford Precincts 1, 9; Concord

Danny Factor, candidate for State Representative  @Elect Factor on Facebook


 A vote for Danny is a vote for:

  • Transforming Concord, Acton, Carlisle, Chelmsford and our region into healthy communities.
  • Ending corporate influence in Massachusetts.
  • A bold transformation to green clean renewable energy.
  • Making Massachusetts the first U.S. state to abolish poverty.
  • Making our region diverse and safe for people of all colors, ethnicities, religions, incomes, genders, sexual orientations, ages and abilities.
  • Increased democracy and a peace based economy.

12th Worcester

Towns of Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster; Northborough Precincts 2 and 4; Sterling Precinct 2

Charlene DiCalogero, candidate for State Representative  @Charlene is Green on Facebook


Charlene's slogan is "Go Green with Charlene!" She is running to support:

  • a local, state and national economy for the 99% that will also save the planet from further global warming and minimize threats to our food, water and air,
  • investment in our towns to support decent jobs, a mix of small and moderate-sized businesses, small farms, and community hubs such as libraries, community and senior centers, and schools.

As a long-time Green-Rainbow Party member and activist, she has been a voice for:

  • getting big money out of politics and excessive, undemocratic corporate influence out of our government, 
  • protecting people from corporate criminals, such as the big banks and Wall Street firms who continue to illegally deprive millions of their homes and savings through illegal foreclosures,

  • renewable, safe energy, energy and green space conservation, and green homes,

  • safe food and water,

  • public education that is fully funded, supports good practice based on sound research, and respects young people, community cultures, and educators, and

  • fair treatment of people of color, women, LGBTQ people and others under the law, creating  a safety and justice system accountable to the people.

From infants to seniors, everyone can have the basics of life; no one in my district and state need be hungry or homeless, if we work together to create a state government that can make that possible. 

Independent MA District Candidates Endorsed By the Green-Rainbow Party

If you are running for office as an unenrolled (also known as "independent") candidate for state district office and would like to be endorsed by the Green-Rainbow Party, please go to the Run for Office page and complete the form, so we can get in touch with you.

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