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2017 fall meeting agenda

Preliminary Agenda for 10/15/17 StateCom Meeting

( as of 9/15/17. To be revised)


Time HH.MM     Item

8.30            Set-up

9.00            Register. Pick-up materials. Get coffee.

9.30            CALL TO ORDER- Appoint Notes Taker- Secretary verifies quorum - Seat alternates, if any- Appoint Notes Taker, Timekeeper, Vibes Watcher, Stacker, Parliamentarian- Appoint new StateCom members, if any

9.45            Approve Meeting Agenda

9.55            Approval of Summer 2017 State Committee Meeting Notes

10.05          Co-chairs' Message

10.15          Selection of Winter 2018 State Committee Location, Date and Co-Facilitators

10.35          Approve new representatives to AdCom (Vacancies, Diversity members, Chapter Reps, etc.).

10.50          Appoint members to GPUS committees (as needed)• Frank Jeffers, Eco-action Committee

11.00          Reports from officers (co-chairs,treasurer, secretary) <4 min each>

11.20          State Convention Planning (report of the Convention Committee, approval of convention plans)

11.50          LUNCH - at Holyoke Rows

12.50          Presentations and reports:• StateCom feedback on possible GRP workshop on nonviolence (10 min)

1.20            Old business: TBD

1.30            Electoral Action Items:• Campaign School Plans• Recruitment of Statewide Candidates for 2018• Candidate List Report

1.50            Reports from Committees (2 min. each unless prior arrangement with facilitators)

2.10            Break

2.20            Proposals:• Candidate's Fund• StateCom Standing Rules

3.20            Open Reports from Chapters, Candidates, Officers (2 min. each)

3.40            Meeting Wrap-up and Feedback

3.50            Extra Time Available for Allocation

4.20            ADJOURN

4.20            Clean-up room

4.30            Leave room

Add 15 Min. Discussion re: GP Comm. w/LPMA

This proposed agenda item-that State Com for 15 minutes discuss setting up a system of formal communication between the GRP and the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts (LPMA)-- is the result of a consensus between members of AdCom and CDLC (via email) that the matter be discussed by State Com on 10/15. This is all the result of a communication (private Facebook message) that Ian Jackson & I received from Dan Fishman, LPMA Political Director last week. Since the 2016 election, the LPMA has been an official political party in Massachusetts. Daniel in his message told Ian & I  about LPMA plans to run statewide candidates in 2018 and also inquired about the GRP's plans.  AdCom and CDLC members then discussed this matter over email for several days, and reached a consensus that State Com should for 15 minutes on 10/15 discuss the matter of possible GRP regular communication with the LPMA.    

As far as a framework for the State Com discussion, I suggested that our State Com discussion goals be to reach consensus in regard to the following questions (there were no concerns stated about this proposed framework by AdCom/CDLC members over email.):

1) Does the GRP want to delegate a person to be our liaison to the LPMA? If so, who should that person be? What body in the GRP would the liaison report to? 

2) If we do create the liaison position, what are the chief areas of interest the GRP sees as fit to discuss with the LPMA?
     a) Administrative: IRV? Fighting Unfair Ballot Access Policy? Joint call for Debates? 
     b) Substantive: Peace? Civil Liberties?
     c) Candidates (including what information about our candidate plans we should discuss and what to keep confidential, and whether we are interested in joint candidate forums)?

I also wanted to state that in proposing this agenda item. I am in no way by suggesting endorsing any position of the LPMA. I just think that the GRP should respond to Dan Fishman's communication and be in a position to communicate with all MA political parties, whether or not their platform is friendly to us or not.

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