People, Planet & Peace
The Massachusetts Affiliate of the Green Party of the United States

2017 summer agenda


9:00   Registration & Credentialing / Refreshments

9:30  Call To Order, Co-Chairs' Welcome 
9:40 Secretary’s confirmation of quorum,  Identify and Confirm Timekeeper, 
          Vibes Watcher, Stacker, and Parliamentarian, seat alternates if needed, 
           elect new statecom members if any.  
10:00  Approve the day’s agenda. PLEASE REVIEW AND COMMENT AHEAD OF 

10:10 Selection of Fall 2017 State Committee Location, Date and Co-Facilitators
             (available sat/sun in October 7/8, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29)

10:15 Approval of Spring 2017 State Committee Meeting Minutes PLEASE REVIEW 
            PRIOR TO ARRIVAL

10:25  Misc. Appointments/elections:

    Elect Diversity Representatives to AdCom
    Approve new chapter representatives to AdCom (if needed)   
    Appoint members to GPUS committees (if needed)
    Confirm/appoint/notify (?) Charlene as GRP rep. to MAAPL Steering committee, additional alternate rep, Merelice stepping down to alternate 

10:35  Reports from officers (co-chairs, treasurer, secretary)  deferred to after lunch.

11:00 Candidates requests for endorsements. (Info emailed by Charlene, CDLC)

If the candidate is present, then the candidate will have 10 minutes to speak, then the State Committee will have 20 minutes to come to consensus (or vote if needed).

12:00 Lunch - Bring something for yourself or to share.  There will be some plain cheese and vegan pizzas to supplement.

12:30  Reports from officers (co-chairs, treasurer, secretary)

          Reports from Standing Committees

  • Adcom
  • Candidate Development & Legal
  • Communications & Media
  • Convention Planning
  • Fundraising & Finance
  • Membership, Diversity & Volunteer Recruitment

1:20 Proposals 35 min each, approximately. 

proposals: Based on the ranking we will take up the Proposals in the following order:  (nearly identical ranking priority)

1) Establish New Chapter Subcommittee for Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR)

2) Uniting Forces to Challenge the Migration Crisis' Root Causes and Build Toward a Global Strike

2:30 discussion of open positions within the GRP and how to fill them effectively

Open positions, status as best the facilitators know at this time

• secretary - Jennifer Homitz has expressed interest
• treasurer - Brian Crawford stepped in - to be confirmed by statecom
• fundraising director - no one has expressed interest (that the facilitators know of)

Discussion/Brainstorming on how to effectively fill and support the officers, directors and committees of the GRP

3:30 - chapter reports and round robin

Emailed reports -
Infrastructure Bank (GBC)
Assabet Chapter report

4pm - adjourn










2 Candidate Endorsement Applications to consense on

Everyone on the StateCom should have received endorsement applications for 2 candidates. If you didn't, please contact me.

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