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2018 Slate Candidates

#GreenTheVote: Tired of a government built by dark money? Wish state officials represented your values - social justice, equal opportunity, non-violence, grassroots democracy and ecological wisdom?  Want them to champion free public colleges, single payer healthcare, a living wage and a rapid move to renewable energy? Vote Green in 2018!

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Juan Sanchez for Secretary of the Commonwealth

I want to:

  • Ensure that underprivileged and underrepresented groups have a voice on Beacon Hill
  • Champion progressive electoral and campaign finance reform
  • Improve voter education by delivering information in multiple languages

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“Now more than ever, Massachusetts needs to ensure fair and equitable elections in a time when our nation seems to be going in different directions.”



Jed Stamas for State Auditor

I want to:

  • Change the priorities of Beacon Hill so that the state invests its energy towards helping people prosper in their lives — rather than catering to corporate interests
  • Audit state agencies that are not achieving their intended results; ensure that tax revenues are used ethically and efficiently to benefit the people of Massachusetts
  • Upgrade our education system to see that all students receive the skills necessary to meet their intellectual, economic and psychological needs

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“As auditor, I will be an independent watchdog, ensuring that the Democrats and Republicans are not playing political games with tax payer money.”



Jamie Guerin for State Treasurer

I want to:

  • Establish a state bank to end Wall Street influence in local politics
  • Ensure that the nascent cannabis business benefits local communities rather than national conglomerates
  • Build socially just investment programs and divest from corporations that move our jobs overseas, pollute our environment or create abusive work environments

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"We need to shift the power into the hands of the people and communities. Why not invest in ourselves?”




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