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This form provides the basic information the GRP requires to make an informed decision on endorsements and nominations.  Additional questions may be posed by committee members at the meeting at which the application is considered.  This form must be submitted by email to the Candidate Development and Legal Committee ( ) at least two weeks before the meeting at which approval is sought.  Use an “X” for checking boxes.  Otherwise type answers into the blank spaces.  Submit as email, not as a paper copy.  For further information on the endorsement process, see Chapter 12 of the GRP bylaws. If you have any questions, contact CDLC Co-chair Maureen Doyle,, 508-764-8042.  Thank you for running!


Date this form was completed:  6/24/2015

Name of Candidate:  PLINIO DEGOES

Office Sought(e.g. House, Senate): _ CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL ______       District (if any): _______

I am seeking:_X_Endorsement (in a nonpartisan races)  ___ Nomination ( in a partisan race where you will be the GRP nominee)

Date of StateCom meeting at which approval is requested (if known): 7/19/15

If you are unable to attend the meeting at which your application will be considered, do you wish to designate someone else to speak officially on your behalf?  If so, provide their name here: __________________

My current party registration is: _X__ GRP  __ Other:__________________

Have you switched voter registration during the previous two years?

­­_X_ YES _ _ NO.

If “YES”,  list your former registration and the date of switching:


Have you ever run for public office before?  If so, please list year, office sought, and party designation under which you ran: NO

Please list, in reverse chronological order, any appointed, elected, or volunteer offices in which you have served during the past ten years, if they are relevant to policies and interests of the GRP . [This is to help the endorsing body understand your background.]

NONE. I was a graduate student who was teaching fellow from 2010 to 2015.

Are you currently an employee of municipal, state, or federal government?

__ YES X NO.

Have you received endorsements from any GRP locals?  If so, please list (And ask them to forward their endorsement statements to CDLC).

(CDLC Liaison note: The candidate has met with the Greater Boston chapter. The decision on endorsement will be made after he has publically declared his candidacy, which should occur soon. Member Elie Yarden feels that it is likely that the chapter will endorse.)

Please list any other involvement over the past ten years with the Green-Rainbow Party, Green Party, or affiliated organizations.

Member in Ann Arbor, Michigan

What specific education, practical experience, organizational affiliations, or background can you cite as enhancing your qualifications to run for this office? I have a PhD in Romance Languages & Literatures from Harvard and I know other former and current grad students in that department, some of whom may volunteer to help. I have a law degree from Emory Law so I understand legal structures and the need to have municipal policies that can be implemented given our state laws. I have an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and I ran for office to support the University's decision to appeal a decision from a lower court finding affirmative action illegal. I speak Spanish and Portuguese.


If endorsed/nominated, which of the commitments in the following table will you make?  (Note these questions are for assessment only and a “No” answer does not preclude approval of the application.)

Candidate Commitment


Explain if not “Y”

Make good faith attempt to abide by all ethics and campaign finance laws.



Encourage people to join and support the Green-Rainbow Party.



Refrain from criticisms of other candidates of the Green-Rainbow Party.



Refuse to accept campaign donations from registered lobbyists, employees of legal firms that lobby, or officers of corporations that lobby.



Keep contact information current and promptly respond to questions asked by official GRP working committees.



State that you are endorsed by the GRP on your campaign website home page.



Share your volunteer and donor list with the GRP after the election (subject to deletion of selected individuals).








Check and answer all that apply

_X_ I have filed to create a legal political committee with OCPF.  The committee name is: Degoes

__ I have a campaign manager (Name:  _________________________)

(running as "Candidate Only" at present)

__ I have a Treasurer (Name__________________________).

__ I have a campaign bank account with current deposits of approximately $_1,000____________ .

__ It is public knowledge that I am running for this office.

(CDLC Liaison note: The candidacy will start to become publically known as the candidate begins collecting signatures to get on the ballot. On June 24, 2015, he told me that he was about to start doing this.)

(If applicable) I must collect _50_____ voter signatures by __July 31, 2015________ (date) to get on the ballot.  At this point I estimate that I have collected ______ signatures (count prior to verification).

(CDLC Liaison note: The above information is from the City of Cambridge website. On June 24, 2015, the candidate mentioned to me that he was about to start collecting signatures.)

__ I have already received the following endorsements from organizations or respected individuals (identify affiliations, if any):

In looking ahead,  how much money do you realistically expect you will be able to raise for your campaign by election day (most likely number)?  $_5,0000_______________


Mailing address: 99 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Telephone number:  973-580-3920


Website URL:

Facebook URL:

Name and address of your political committee: Degoes, 99 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138

Do you wish to identify anyone other than the candidate who should be our nominal point of contact with your campaign?  If so, provide name and contact information:


What is your basic campaign message for the electorate (boiled down to its essence, no more than 100 words):

         I'm running to provide a voice for low-income immigrants. While New York is providing identification cards to undocumented immigrants, Cambridge has not moved on this issue  - in fact, we are not sure of the number of undocumented in the city.

         I share the concerns most residents have with development. The Fresh Pond Residents Alliance has raised issues with regards to development in near Alewife, because of flooding concerns.

         In Cambridge, two Councillors have suggested letting tax rates increase in order to provide aid for low and middle-income residents. Prioritizing these residents will help preserve economic diversity in Cambridge.

Is there anything else the GRP should know regarding this application? If so, please note here.

If there is any other information that could have a significant impact on the race that you need to convey to us confidentially rather than in this application?  If so, check here ____  and we will arrange to speak to you privately. I have no confidential information to convey.

Text of 6/19/15 supplementary e-mail sent to and attached by CDLC Liaison (with permission of candidate):

Dear Elie (spelled it correctly!), Jonathan, and Wes,

I've set up a campaign account and am good to go with OCPF. I deposited my own $1,000 dollars into the account and purchased the following items:

-4 lawn signs and 4 lawn sign stands

-10 sheets of 10 stickers (total of 100 stickers)

-5 large posters

-20 small posters

-2 car door magnets (to put on the sides of my car)

-10,000 business cards

-500 pocket calendars

-1 really large banner

-50 bumper stickers

I've also been researching some issues and here's what I came up with as far as a political platform incorporating the themes of immigrant rights, town character, middle-and-lower-class rights and environmentalism:

1. Keep Cambridge Weird: 

Several cities have a "keep weird" campaign, including Austin and Portland (see "Keep Austin Weird" and "Keep Portland Weird"). For me, however, this would mean that the city of Cambridge would commit itself to limiting franchises and large stores. I'm thinking specifically of Dunkin Donuts, Best Buy, Starbucks, etc. 

In Boston, Mayor Menino blocked Chick Fil A (over their homophobic attitudes) and a Walmart in Roxbury (citing negative wage pressure). Cambridge should keep out all franchises, large stores, etc. and focus on unique businesses.

This would mean scuttling Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, etc. I'd like research this issue more and would appreciate any input on your part as to policy orders which could help implement the goal of fostering one-of-a-kind businesses.

2.  Immigrant Rights:

Cambridge has a significant immigrant population, including many undocumented immigrants. We do not know how many, however. I think the following items may be good ideas:

  • Commission a study to figure out how many undocumented we have in Cambridge
  • Provide undocumented with a form of municipal ID similar to the IDNYC program proposed by Mayor Deblasio in NYC. The ID would allow undocumented individuals to open a bank account, obtain city services (such as a library card), and possibly qualify for city jobs. I am wondering whether state laws would prohibit us from doing what NYC is doing. 
  • Provide a day labor center. The city of Los Angeles has a Day Laborer Program, providing a place for day laborers to safely congregate. Note that we have many pan handlers and homeless, as well as undocumented, and many of these folks might want to perform day labor. The work might help some folks to get off drugs and back into the community. 
  • Build a Cambridge Unity Center as a small, centrally located space where people can set up displays and hold events celebrating different cultures simultaneously. Someone would have to be hired to run the Cambridge Unity Center and reach out to community leaders to make the space work.

3. Middle Class Rights: 

This issue might take the most research, but I'm tempted to ask whether we can expand on rent and mortgage subsidy programs already in place. My understanding is that HUD provides rent and mortgage assistance for very low-income individuals. 

Cambridge should commission an economic feasibility study from an independent research firm to determine whether the city can increase property taxes on wealthier individuals. Can we institute a progressive property tax in Cambridge and remain compliant with the state government? Can we use the revenue raised from that tax to provide rent and mortgage subsidies to supplement the aid already provided by HUD and (additionally) to help middle-income families. 

What sorts of other policies can be implemented to stop gentrification?

4. Environmentalism

The Fresh Pond Residents Alliance has raised issues with regards to the development in East Arlington near Alewife because of flooding concerns. Can we prohibit all new construction and development activity and remain compliant with state law? Why should we permit any new development at all?

I'd appreciate any help or input. 

Very truly yours,

Plinio Degoes

Supplementary YouTube video of candidate attached by CDLC Liaison (with permission of candidate):


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