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'Go Pro'

‘Go Pro’ proposal, for 2016 Spring GRP Statecommittee meeting.

1) Hire a professional fundraiser half-time for two months             = ~$3K
2) If they raise 12$K, then hire them and a professional communications director, each on a half-time, ongoing basis.                                 =~36K
3) Print and send a good newsletter/poll to all GRP registered members.         =~$7K
4) Offer subscriptions by post ($18/yr?)  and email ($10/yr?) for a quarterly newsletter.

1A) Compose hiring committee of co-chairs & Tim Enman, pro. fundraiser, GRP volunteer,
1B) Draft two month duration job listing, job posting strategy.
1C) Post listing
1D) collect and rate resumes.
1E) Interview top applicants
1F) Hire?

2) After two months(1/2 mo training/orientation, & 1.5 mo. work),
 evaluate: How much raised? Extrapolate to a year ( 8 times 1.5 months = 12 months of 1/2 time fundraiser work.
3) Raised ~$12K? If Yes: Then hire CommComm Director as well as Fundraising Dir. both half time.            If no: Stop program.
4) Print and send newsletter/poll to 6.3K GRP voters                 =~$7K
    11x17 sheet newsletter, folded once (=8.5x11), then into thirds(=envelope-size), sealed, stamped and mailed with non-profit permit that we have now, without envelope.
5) Offer yearly subscriptions $10 online, $18 by mail for quarterly newsletter.

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Please consider this proposal withdrawn.
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Spring 2016 Statecom meeting proposals: 'Go Pro'
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