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Additions for facilitators. As requested

Under "Reports from Committees," I should like as a delegate to the National Committee, get a sense of how I should vote on choice of site for the upcoming Annual National Meeting -- the alternatives are Newark NJ and Portland OR -- the voting in the NC closes at midnight the date of out State Committee meeting.

For those who are curious, the revised text of the Ten Key Values of the GPUS appearing in the 2017 Platform of the GPUS and approved by the vote of both the NC and the PNC I'm 2016 has been made available by e-mail to the GRP discuss list together with the current version of the tex used by the G-RP.  Some of the differences may be of interest to some people, and I would happy for the opportunity of discussing these or setting up such a discussion.

I would like an approval of my continuing work in the Platform Committee of the GPUS for another year if such approval is needed.

Elie Yarden

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I posted a comment. Where can I read it?

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One could make use of an actual election, knowing or having heard names as does the actual voter.

As for example;

In 1998, Joseph Kennedy II announced his retirement after six terms in what was then the 8th District. Capuano entered a crowded 10-way Democratic primary—the real contest in this heavily
Democratic district, which was once represented by John F. Kennedy and Tip O’Neill. The early front-runner was former Boston Mayor and US Vatican Ambassador Raymond Flynn. However, Capuano won the primary with 23%, largely due to large turnout in Somerville, all but assuring him of election in November.1112 He easily won the general election in November, taking 81 percent of the vote. He has been reelected seven times, never dropping below 80% of the vote. Since his initial run for the seat, Capuano has been unopposed in all but two reelection bids; he faced a minor-party candidate in 2006 and an independent in 2012. To date, he has only faced a Republican once, during his initial run in 1998.


Candidate Vote Count %

Michael E. Capuano 19,446 22.9%
Raymond L. Flynn 14,839 17.5%
George Bachrach 12,157 14.3%
John T. O’Connor 11,092 13.1%
Marjorie O’Neil Clapprood 10,446 12.3%
Christopher F. Gabrieli 5,740 6.8%
Charles Calvin Yancey 4,437 5.2%
Sussan M. Tracy 2,858 3.4%
Thomas M. Keane, Jr. 2,150 2.5%
Alex Rodriguez 1,802 2.1%
All Others 21 0%
Blank Votes 3,157

Total Votes Cast 88,145"

Or more reasonably show how it would work out for an election for Mayor with four or five randomly chosen names,

Elie Yarden
SC Delegate MA

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Yes. Where is a proposed budget?

commented on Including the Fall Treasurer's Report 2017-01-01 12:10:55 -0500 · Flag
Where can I find the current bank balance? Accounts receivable? Accounts payable? Debits and Credits? Surplus and Deficits? Where is the suggested budget for the coming year?

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How many times in the course of a session need one sign in?

posted about Presidential Ballot Access and Voter Education Working Group on Facebook 2016-03-28 16:46:44 -0400
Spring 2016 Statecom meeting proposals: Presidential Ballot Access and Voter Education Working Group

Ballot Access Working Group

Sponsors: Ian Jackson

Floor Manager: Ian Jackson

232 Highland Ave

Arlington, MA 02476

781 643 4862


We should form a Ballot Access Working Group. The working group will coordinate assistance with other State Parties and Green Party US at gaining access for Federal Candidates

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Yes. The request submitted by Ian Jackson, as GRP Treasurer, has been granted, and an explanation of its usefulness is in order.

commented on Proposal for 2015 Summer Meeting of the SC of the GRP 2015-07-07 17:44:19 -0400 · Flag
Thank you, Joyce.
Merelice has undertaken to deliver the endorsement of the greater Boston Chapter to the co-chairs of the Party
Elie Yarden

commented on Proposal: Everyone shares their dues
 Shepherd: 2015-04-08 08:56:04 -0400 · Flag
First of all Frank Jackson was the source of the suggestion. And it is good when GRP members who are not delegates to the GPUS take the trouble to understand its importance for the work of the GRP by suggesting that the GRP to make proposal to strengthen its political work which will have to go far beyond that of federal state parties. My willingness has to do with experience of submitting a proposal to the National Committee. That said, the proposal was dropped because of ideological, and even sentimental, objections of a kind that command respect. Attitudinal changes are difficult and continually inhibit openness to acting differently in the face of planetary change.

The Green parties will continue to look like the other parties and will continue to be seen as such by a cynical and educated electorate until such time as we — in the party — will take the trouble to educate ourselves. There has just appeared a powerful new “think tank” different from others in that it invites lay participation. Let’s discuss. Very few members of the State Committee seem interested.

commented on Growing the Green-Rainbow Party 2014-12-26 21:20:28 -0500 · Flag
I am not at all certain of the ability of the GRP to work with groups that promote ideological or limited interest agendas in a manner that would be conducive to strengthening the party electorally. This certainly does not mean that we should not court their membership in electoral activities. When the GRP condemns capitalism it is not participating in class struggle. It is defending the planet.

commented on Title: Let's Ensure that All GRP Activities are Inclusive and Accesible To People With Disabilities 2014-12-20 11:26:16 -0500 · Flag
Mixed. To me, as someone who suffers various disabilities, due to advanced age and loss of agility, the principle of inclusiveness is more connected with attitude. I expect that, as a party member, I will not be demanding, as partisan “priority,” compensatory consideration for my various situational disabilities, mental or physical. Party building will remain my priority and I will act within my limitations rather than demand assistance because of those limitations. If I can attract assistance through
mutuality of purpose, that is good.

Politically active in Cambridge, which includes work with people of various disabilities, and campaigners for personal rights, I am fully aware of the importance of respecting the rights of everyone including the rights of people who are less able than others. And also of the maladaptive operation of “ressentiment” in both able and less able people. Ecologically speaking, political inclusion is first and foremost a pragmatistic openness, an inclusion of difference, and especially of differences of opinion about what makes the GPUS and its affiliates, politically distinctive.

commented on Rapid Response Protocol 2014-12-19 20:50:56 -0500 · Flag
I will be delighted to co-sponsor the proposal.
Elie Yarden

commented on 2014 Ballot Questions: How should I vote? 2014-09-17 21:04:50 -0400 · Flag
With the understanding that Wampanoag recognition by the Federal government is not subject to Commonwealth law. I.e., the GRP does not make claims with regard to native rights.

commented on Mass. Carbon Tax and Policy Forum, January 2015 2014-09-09 18:04:33 -0400 · Flag
I will co-sponsor this proposal.

commented on GRP and Republican Candidates Reach Out for Debates 2014-08-10 22:37:57 -0400 · Flag
It may be remembered that Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin so resents the idea that a political party might challenge the authority of his office — It was with great difficulty that Jill Stein cornered him into an aborted ‘debate’ when she ran in 2006 — that he has decided that the position of Secretary is conferred by a higher power than that of the people. David D’Arcangelo and Daniel Factor are to be congratulated for their discovery of Mr. Galvin’s beliefs. When will the Boston Globe publish their findings.

commented on summer 2014 agenda 2014-07-05 07:04:01 -0400 · Flag
Since quarterly State Committee meetings do not provide time and space for substantive discussion of fundamental and current concerns, it might be valuable to discuss and find ways in which this might be done. If the GRP is to provide leadership for political change in Massachusetts, the GRP needs also to be the place where the informed dialog occurs. In the absence of a public space of political dialog, political action becomes and remains an individual matter rather than a partisan one. How should we go about making that space? Is there a better place to talk about this than at a State Committee meeting.
Elie Yarden,

commented on Review and Update Main GRP Brochure 2014-01-10 11:30:31 -0500 · Flag
Given the power of ideology (words), there is little reason to question the importance of rhetoric ( persuasive grammar) in the delivery of a cogent message. But about what?
I would suppose that Chomsky (among other linguists) know something about this. A good argument for the necessity of Universal Basic Income is given in an Alternet article that appeared today. ( I’ll send it out to the Statecom discuss list.
Committee prose is usually abominable. Competent thinkers are inevitably stronger writers than hired wordsmiths. And wisdom is productive of art. But I have yet to be persuaded by uncritical sloganeering. The people who will hear the message of the Green-Rainbow Party best, have learned to resist admanprose, even though we all live in subjection to its prevalence.

commented on Will there be a Green-Rainbow candidate in the special senate race? 2013-10-03 15:39:15 -0400 · Flag
Not only does John Andrews have the right prescription — build a stronger base, oppose discriminatory election laws, confront the media with real news — but doing this by running at the local level allows powerful opportunities doing it. All that is needed is to respond to the presence of new awarenesses in the potential electorate. It is also at the local level that participatory democracy can be effected most directly by putting into office Green-Rainbow Party people who understand this.

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