Email List Server Etiquette

We value diversity of opinion.

We confirm that the Green-Rainbow Party as “owners”  have scope and purpose of the listserv, to determine who is eligible to subscribe and post, and to unsubscribe persons who do not cooperate when asked to observe posting guidelines.

Green-Rainbow Party Guidelines for Use
Adopted by the Green-Rainbow State Committee 10/22/11

  1. Know the purpose of the listserv or site you are using. Keep your postings relevant to that purpose.
  2. Use descriptive subject lines for postings. Switch to a new title if you want to change the subject completely.
  3. Keep postings short and to the point. Try not to post unless you have something new or useful to add to the discussion. Avoid repetition.
  4. Don’t carry on extended conversations that are of interest to only you and one or two others. Use direct emails for such conversations. Whenever appropriate, use “Reply” instead of “Reply All”.
  5. Be constructive. Indicate where solutions may lie. The communication channels have been created to move us forward, so make your postings serve that purpose.
  6. Show respect for differences of opinion. Avoid name-calling, insults, intimidation, scatological, profane, racist, sexist or dismissive statements. Remember that calm and thoughtful replies are almost always the most convincing way to get your point across.
  7. Be willing to move a discussion to another channel if the discussion goes in a direction that makes it unsuitable for the channel on which it originated.
  8. Realize that discussions on open channels do not constitute official business and may not accurately represent the actual balance of opinions within the Party or within a committee. People who do not at all agree with the statements being made may simply refuse to be drawn into the conversation. [Hence, it is usually inappropriate to write things such as “I’m glad we all agree that this proposal should be withdrawn.”]
  9. Cooperate whenever possible with suggestions provided by the channel administrator.

When postings are made that appear to be in violation of the list guidelines, the administrator should call the violation to the attention of the persons who made the posting. The administrator may decide to post a public comment to the entire list if several persons are involved or if the impacts of violations seems to require a public statement. The administrator may suggest changes that would restore compliance with the guidelines.

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