Juan Sanchez for Secretary of the Commonwealth


“Now more than ever, Massachusetts needs to ensure fair and equitable elections in a time when our nation seems to be going in different directions.”


My goals for the office:

  • Ensure that underprivileged and underrepresented groups have a voice on Beacon Hill
  • Champion progressive electoral and campaign finance reform
  • Improve voter education by delivering information in multiple languages


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About Juan:

Juan Sanchez is a lifelong resident and community activist in Holyoke. He has an Associates Degree in Education from Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) and hopes to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree.

Juan’s passion is with grassroots community organizing. He has worked on numerous campaigns and initiatives throughout the city and the region to help advance progress on issues impacting marginalized communities which include issues of homelessness, economic and workforce development, LGBTQ equal rights and opportunity, and social equity. He states that his passion comes from his own personal experiences and gives credit to those he recognizes as community mentors during his upbringing. Juan currently is the LGBT Outreach Coordinator for WestMass Eldercare.

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