Become a Sustainer!

Donations to cover ongoing party expenses are cheerfully accepted.  As with all donations to our party, federal law requires that you are 18 or over and either a U.S. citizen or a federally recognized permanent resident. When you become a sustainer, you join others across Massachusetts who recognize the importance of regular and sustained financial contributions to the success of your party, your candidates, and the advancement of your issues. Thank you for your support!

NOTE: to make a recurring monthly or yearly donation, there are a couple of extra steps not required of one-time donations. These are for your financial protection and our reporting requirements,  so please persevere!

  1. first sign up on our homepage as a supporter (if you haven't already)  
  2. then sign in on our homepage using your supporter email and password (directly below the signup button)
  3. return to this page to enjoy your newfound powers (take action/sustain)!

student/low income

$10.00 every year
If you are a student, on a fixed income, or unemployed, we understand that In times like these, every dollar counts.Thank you for your support.

individual sustainer

$25.00 every year
Want to sustain our party financially as well as politically? Please choose this option to automatically renew your membership each year. You can cancel at any time.

family membership

$40.00 every year
If you prefer to contribute as a family, please select this option, then drop us a note to let us the names and contact information of those we should include in this membership.

blossoming tree sprig

$5.95 every month
Contributions at this level help pay the cost of buttons, pamphlets and newsletters. Pamphlet originally meant "friend of everyone." Thanks for helping us befriend others!


$14.95 every month
We're branching out, recruiting, training, and supporting candidates for local office. Here's your chance to offer support. Contributions go to our Candidates Fund.


$25.00 every month
We're going out on a limb, advocating for real change. Want a government that listens to us, responds to us, and accountable to us? Help us make it happen.


$30.00 every month
Every tree needs strong and healthy roots. Help us stay well-grounded as we grow, by expanding our support for locals and town committees. A dollar a day prepares the way.


$60.00 every month
Be like a tree, and stand with us! Contributions at this level pay for the day in, day out costs of running the party: websites, databases, financial accounting and reporting.