Green-Rainbow Party First-Time Candidates Make Election Inroads

Green-Rainbow Party

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The Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) had three candidates running for citywide offices in key cities across the Commonwealth on November 3rd: Cambridge City Council, Fall River School Committee and Holyoke City Council. As first-time candidates, they were challenging entrenched political competition.

"Although our candidates were not elected," said GRP Co-chair David Gerry, "we celebrate the significant support they received in their communities."

"We also applaud the work they did," added GRP Co-chair Roni Beal, "to bring the message of the GRP's 10 Key Values to the people of Cambridge, Fall River, and Holyoke."

Sean Connell, candidate for Fall River School Committee, received 3772 votes. Darlene Elias, candidate for Holyoke City Council, received 1836 votes. The vote count for Plinio DeGoes, candidate for Cambridge City Council, is not reported at this time, apparently due to Cambridge's use of ranked choice voting. However, Cambridge does report that Degoes made it to the third ballot.

Sean Connell ran a brave, plain-spoken campaign advocating for the end of standardized testing in Fall River Schools and calling for the School Committee to address the bullying of LGBT youth. He earned the breakthrough endorsement of The Herald News. Latina community organizer Darlene Elias inspired so many in her effort to bring light to the issues of income inequality and segregation in Holyoke. Plinio Degoes challenged an alliance of Cambridge politicians and land developers, calling for a greener and fairer Cambridge by way of a building moratorium, the demilitarization of police, an end to chain stores, and a focus on truly affordable housing.

The Green-Rainbow Party, the third largest party in Massachusetts, will be participating in the presidential primary on March 1, 2016 in all Massachusetts cities and towns. GRP and unenrolled voters will be able to choose among a number of Green Party candidates running for President of the United States.

Additionally GRP voters will be choosing representatives of the GRP State Committee and members to their town/ward committees.ย  The Green-Rainbow Party calls for voters to defy corporate-controlled politics and vote for real progress in the GRP presidential primary on March 1, 2016.

Contact : Danny Factor 413 650-6542

Green-Rainbow Party

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