People, Planet & Peace
The Massachusetts Affiliate of the Green Party of the United States

summer 2016 minutes

Draft Green-Rainbow State Committee Meeting of July 17, 2016

Location:  Camelot Co-housing, 22 Village Lane, Berlin, MA



John Andrews –                   First Boston Metropolitan Region

William Ashley –                  Western Region

Angel Ayala –                       Western Region

Roni Beal –                           Central Region

Owen Broadhurst –                         Western Region

Brian Cady –                        First Boston Metropolitan Region

Charlene DiCalogero –      Worcester & Middlesex District

Darlene Elias –                   Western Region

Danny Factor –                    Middlesex & Worcester District

Ian Jackson –                       First Boston Metropolitan Region

Daniel Kontoff –                   First Boston Metropolitan Region

Merelice -                              First Boston Metropolitan Region

Joyce Palmer Fortune –     Western Region

Manny Pintado –                 Western Region

David Rolde –                      West Metropolitan Region

Nancy Slator –                     Western Region

David Spanagel –               Worcester & Middlesex District

Daphne Stevens –              Western Region

Ralph Walton -                     First Boston Metropolitan Region

Gregory Williams -               First Boston Metropolitan Region

Elie Yarden -                        First Boston Metropolitan Region



Alan Alcombright –              Western Region

Dawn Bennett –                   Western Region

Arthur Conquest, III –          First Boston Metropolitan Region

Richard Purcell –                 Western Region



Quorum established - 21


Co-Facilitators:  Joyce Palmer Fortune & Daphne Stevens

Vibes watcher – Greg Williams

Stacker – Brian Cady

Parliamentarian – Merelice

Timekeeper – Manny Pintado

Minutes – Roni Beal


Approval of Meeting Agenda:

Additions to Agenda

John Andrew – requested the remainder of time allotted for the 2016 proposal focus on implementing committee meetings.

David Spanagel – inquired about the piece of action assigned to committees and how will the work be accomplished.


Meeting agenda approved with amendments by consensus.



Schedule Autumn 2016 State Committee Meeting:

Joyce offered to assist with arrangements at a Holyoke site.

Date of next StateCom meeting:  Saturday, October 1

Facilitators:  Bill Ashley, Ian Jackson (Ian volunteered to co-facilitate after StateCom meeting to give Joyce a break)


Approval of Spring 2016 State Committee Minutes:

April 2, 2016 minutes – The following amendments were made:

Danny - call for approval from elected three StateCom representatives.

David, add that Ian was re-appointed as treasurer

Merelice - appreciated addition of senatorial districts with member names.  Second paragraph – spelling of ward and Acton.

Danny - list is still missing state senatorial districts for some members.  Roni will update list.


Elie suggested posting StateCom representatives along with phone, email contact information on website. 

Merelice – provide a complete list of StateCom representatives with contact information.

Greg – noted that he has experienced difficulties locating items on website.

Charlene – Search button will aid in locating items

Danny – GOP and Democrat websites list state committee members and this should be the goal of the GRP.

Manny – requested that all members be listed on the minutes.


Minutes approved with amendments by consensus


June 5, 2016 Teleconference Meeting Minutes

Concerns:  David Rolde noted concerns on the GRP website which will be added to the June 5 minutes.   Amendments from David Spanagel will be added to the minutes.  Minutes approved with amendments by consensus


Diversity Reps for AdCom:  none


New chapter representatives for AdCom:

Nashua River – Carol Sotiropoulos chapter representative to AdCom end of August.

Assabet River – appointed Danny Factor chapter representative to AdCom.

State Committee approved chapter representatives by consensus


GPUS committee:

Joanna Herlihy – appoint to Platform Committee of GPUS.

Elie – noted that Joanna is a delegate to GPUS.

Joanna Herlihy’s appointment to the GPUS Platform Committee was approved by consensus.  Roni will notify the GPUS secretary.


Mailing List Administrator:

Brian Cady volunteered to be email list administrator.

Approved by consensus.


Treasurer Report:

State Starting Balance 6/1/2016 $3,072.80 Donations $393.07



Fund Raising $9.15

Bank Fees $0.00

Events $0.00

Postage $9.80

Candidate Contributions $0.00

Legal $0.00

Refund $0.00

Office Supplies $0.00

Nation Builder


Participation ? Meetings $0.00

Convention ? Food $0.00

Convention ? Rent $0.00

Events $0.00

Convention ? Supplies $54.14

State Com ? Food $0.00

State Com ? Rent $0.00

Printing $0.00

Ad $0.00

State Ending Balance 6/30/2016 $3,392.78 Donations $125.00



Fund Raising PayPal Fees $0.00

Bank Fee $0.00

Events $0.00

Postage $6.45

Candidate Contributions


Refunded Contributions

Office Supplies $0.00

Nation Builder $89.00

Internet $49.95

Participation ? Meetings $800.00

Convention ? Food $74.90

Convention ? Rent $0.00

Convention ? Speaker $0.00

Convention ? Supplies $0.00

State Committee ? Food $0.00

State Committee ? Rent $0.00

Printing $0.00 0

AD 0

Federal Ending Balance 6/30/2016 $2,946.03



Description 2016 Budget

Starting Balance 1/1/2016 $3,416.24

Donations $6,980.37



Fund Raising $151.48 5.11% 200

Bank Fees $39.00 1.32% 70

Events $200.00 6.75% 500

Postage $247.85 6.75% 300

Candidate Contributions $0.00 0.00% 1200 Legal $0.00 0.00% 0 Refunded Contributions $0.00 0.00% 0 Office Supplies $26.74 0.90% 50 Nation Builder $719.00 24.25% 972 Internet $224.98 7.59% 500 Participation ? Meetings ? NC $0.00 0.00% 1000 Convention ? Food $519.44 17.52% 600 Convention ? Rent $100.00 3.37% 250 Convention ? Speaker $200.00 6.75% 500 Convention ? Supplies $10.04 0.34% 200 State Com ? Food $0.00 0.00% 300 State Com ? Rent $125.00 4.22% 500 Printing $150.88 5.09% 500 Ads $250.00 8.43% 500 Material (Bumper stickers, T-shirts, Poster, Buttons, etc.) $0.00 0.00% 500

$2,964.41 8642

Ending Balance 6/30/2016 $7,432.20


Prepaid Rent


Donations/Per Month for Goal 720.17

YTD Donation Target 4,321.00

Donations above YTD Target $2,659.37


Convention Net 419.01


Ian posted treasurer’s report to website for StateCom meeting.

He noted that funds available are not enough to run a state Party.

Funds were provided to delegates for travel expense to National Committee

Manny is the GRP Finance Director

Report includes May 2016 state convention expense.

The majority of fundraisers are conducted on line.


Danny - the Party received almost $7K in donations. 

Ian – there are many expenses for upcoming month.  GRP received re-occurring donations from a new monthly donor.

Danny – asked StateCom to remind chapter members about monthly giving

Merelice – Participation Meetings – where does it stand?

Ian – NationBuilder has list that shows donations

Nancy – what does percentages on report represent?

Ian – line item of total spending

Manny/Ian – a few expenses deducted from donations are mailing costs and PayPal percentage payments.

Daphne – is the total of state convention expenditures on report?

Ian – State convention expenses are listed near the end of the report.


Treasurer’s report approved by consensus.


Reports from Committees:


Candidate Development and Legal Com:

David S. – CDLC Committee list has been re-organized.  It still has some missing information, such s a few elected officials’ term ends which requires follow-up.  Tracking is a high priority.

Manny – who are candidates?

David – names are not published of people who have not announced candidacy.

Danny – re:  candidates are not endorsed until October.  If Charlene and he are not endorsed until October, do they have the ability to post events on social media? 

David S – both candidates have gone through the process to be candidates, they may proceed with events.  Only time there would be an issue is if there is a write-in candidate.

Merelice – would like to see a revision of nominating and endorsing in bylaws.  Both candidates are nominated rather than endorsed.  This information should be included in the bylaws.  The current guidelines do not consider these variations.  GRP must have the ability to recruit volunteers for both campaigns (no need for party approval).

Ian – questions resources for candidates and will follow-up with CDLC.


Communications & Media – Currently this committee has no chair.  Joyce sends email blasts for GRP.  Danny noted that AdCom assigned liaisons to committees.  Danny is liaison to Communications & Media.


Convention Planning Committee:

Roni reported that she sent an email to recruit members for the 2017 state convention planning committee.  Joyce was the only person to respond.  Roni will continue recruiting members for the Convention Committee.


Fundraising & Finance:

Manny – there is a list of members who have donated to GRP.  He recommends sending a note of appreciation for donations.  Roni reported that she is sending thank you letters.  Merelice suggested a format for thank you letters and referred to Jill’s letter as an excellent example of a thank you letter. John noted that Jill’s thank you letter was written by a professional writer.


Membership, Diversity & Volunteers:

Brian reported that there are PDF forms available for membership on line and to contact him for statistics on membership sign-ups, which do not reflect in volunteers.

Brian displayed a graph that showed a dip in membership from winter to spring (G, J. F registered voters).   The July 2016 report was created prior to Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton.  Voters who are un-enrolled will most likely remain un-enrolled

Charlene added that she attended the Socialist Alternative Party of Worcester.  There are five volunteers from Socialist Party willing to support GRP/GP campaigns.

In summary, Brian would welcome a member from each chapter to participate in Membership Committee teleconference meetings.  Danny, suggested co-chairs attend membership meetings. 



Bill Ashley reported that there are no co-chairs on the Platform Committee.

Danny is Adcom liaison and he is impressed with Platform progress thanks to Bill, Elie Yarden, and Jeff Stamas, who focus on growth and structure.


GPUS National Committee:

Elie reported that GPUS Platform is ready and posting on website.  There are three openings on the Steering Committee.  He requested direction in from StateCom.  GPUS is affected by media nonsense.  A large portion of GPUS representatives are supporting the Stein campaign.

David S. noted that Darlene has been invited to be a delegate to Steering Committee.  

Elie added that Massachusetts will most likely have representative on the GPUS Steering Committee.


Action Committee:

Manny reported that Darlene organized a rally in Holyoke.  Angel Ayala participated.  Jill Stein, who attended the rally, spoke about Black Lives Matter and police actions.

Ian announced that videos of the rally may be viewed.

Elie inquired about Springfield chapter status.

Manny reported that they collected names of people interested in GRP.

Danny inquired what should one or two interested people do to help with events, but not be considered a committee?  Answer:  Contact Brian Cady for assistance.  There is a list of Action Committee tasks on the GRP website from January 20, 2015 meeting.

Merelice reported that a Spectra pipeline rally will be held in Boston.  She inquired about GRP taking a position and sending a press release in opposition to pipeline.  She volunteered to write press release and forward to co-chairs for approval. There were no concerns in sending press release.

David Rolde voiced a concern about no responses in regard to a Black Lives Matter press release.

Ian responded that resources are limited and that the Party needs a Communications director.

Manny announced a Puerto Rico event on July 20.


Legislative Committee:

Ian thanked Charlene for MAAPL action.  He recommended writing about issues that relate to GRP.  Ian found a law about imminent domain.

Merelice suggested tracking legislation and making recommendations to the Legislative Committee.

Charlene advised being strategic about legislation.  She noted that it is time consuming and there are many pitfalls.  She suggested finding a sponsor in the House and to also to look at national focus.

Elie reported that the State House offers a course in state legislature, which is published on the government website.   Both Charlene D. and Bryan Moss (Nashua River chapter members) have attended the state legislative workshop.



David S. - one delegate was not responsive.  PCWG replaced Thomas Dalton with Samuel Fishman as an Alternate to GP National Convention.


Ian – Ballot Access Committee of the National Party need help with gathering signatures in CT, NH, VT, RI.   In addition, help is needed with Jill’s rally in Philadelphia. 

John – noted that the Dem and GOP kept GP off the ballot.  Judges are beginning to speak out that third Party’s have a right to be on the ballot.


Presidential Election Plan

It is fiction that electors are chosen on the popular vote.  In order for the GP candidate to appear on the ballot, 11 people must agree to vote in the nominee.  Ian received the signature form for signatures and addresses to insure the GP candidate is on ballot.  AdCom approved a back-up list of 14 names, which includes diversity.  People on back-up list should be nominated.


New list of nominations

Merelice – nominate Mel King – new                              Ian Jackson – second

Merelice – nominated all women on the back-up list   David Spanagel – second

Roni Beal

Darlene Elias

MK Merelice

Joyce Palmer Fortune

Daphne Stevens


Danny Factor– nominated Charlene DiCalogero         Greg Williams – second

Danny Factor – insure nominees are J voters


Bill Ashley nominated Danny Factor and Ian Jackson             Daphne Stevens– second


Daphne Stevens nominated Manny Pintado                 Joyce Palmer Fortune– second


Ian Jackson nominated Greg Williams, Angel Ayala and Mike Heichman

 Joyce Palmer Fortune - second


Thirteen nominees – 6 men, 5 women


Joyce volunteered to step down

Ian volunteered to step-down


Ian Jackson – MA law require signatures for back-up list.

Danny Factor – proposed that Joyce be added back on list and he will step aside.

Elie Yarden – nominator may withdraw nomination if need be.

Ian Jackson – stated that he will withdraw Mike Heichman.


Joyce – Can we vote by acclamation?

 20 = Yes

1 = No

0 = Abstain


Nominees are:

Angel Ayala

Roni Beal

Charlene DiCalogero

Darlene Elias

Daniel Factor

Melvin King

MK Merelice

Joyce Palmer Fortune

Manuel Pintado

Daphne Stevens

Gregory Williams




2016 Ballot Questions:

Bill Ashley received four recommendations on the ballot questions.  Yes, no or take no position on proposed questions.  There has been a great deal of on line discussion regarding questions.

David Rolde – noted that he is unclear about the Charter School plan.

Explanation:  Charter schools are presented as a new way to educate children.  Recommendation is to try new techniques rather than build more schools.  Currently, there are 101 Charter schools in MA.  Public funds have been given to the Charter school system.  If one student attends a Charter school, town money is given to the school.

Ian Jackson – how do we as a Party make a recommendation and meet GRP values?


Act to Prevent Cruelty to Animals

Nancy Slator – there are no factory farms in MA.

Joyce Palmer Fortune – we should value family farms and non-cruelty to animals.  State regulations possibly cause hardship for family farms.

Danny Factor – right of people as living things includes animals.  His understanding is that Massachusetts lags in protecting animals.

Daphne Stevens – spoke about violence of treatment to animals.

Elie Yarden– this is a good opportunity for ideological stand.

John Andrews – the Green Party values the way we treat other species overall.  Food raised outside of MA using cruel methods should be banned in MA. 

Owen Broadhurst – who supports and provides funding this initiative?

David Rolde – expressed more concern with human treatment than animal treatment.

Dan Kontoff – we support small business.

Ian – the initiative is funded by US Humane Society. 

Merelice – communicate to public that the GRP advocacy is to help small farms with animal cruelty prevention.

John Andrews – California law protects big factory farms that put small farms out of business.  Small farms are more likely to treat animals well.

Nancy Slator – 18 x 12 cages provides room, but chickens unable to flap wings.  This law affects the small farmers.

Greg William – StateCom may want to vote no opinion on this ballot issue.


Joyce Palmer Fortune – take a straw vote

Straw vote:

Yes – 12

No – 6

Opposed – 0


Charlene – commented that legislation questions can be manipulated.  The title of this proposal does not match legislation and promises more than it can deliver. 

Elie Yarden– this will be a problem because legislators stand for interests.

Amendment is to take no position.



Take no position – 13

Against taking no position – 6

2/3 vote


Darlene Elias expressed a concern with taking no position on the ballot question.   We need an explanation on why we are not taking a position.

Bill Ashley agreed that it is important to explain why we are not taking a position.


Vote on taking No Position

Yes – 11

Opposed – 8

Abstain – 2


No action – the vote did not pass.  StateCom still in deliberation.


Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana

Ballot question is regulated by someone who does not believe in regulation.  At the last minute, the title was changed to Legalization which has been added to the title.

Darlene Elias is opposed to regulation and taxation that businesses support based on benefiting financially.

Manny Pintado – is opposed to taxation.

Elie Yarden – regulation is subject to interests.

Dan Kontoff  – control over medical marijuana apt to cause corruption.  Incarceration issue has already been reduced.

Greg Williams – say “yes” to government oversight.

Merelice – for who would marijuana be illegal?

Ralph Walton – expressed discomfort voting for this particular ballot question that includes text that has not been researched.

Angel Ayala – agrees with medical marijuana to relieve pain and suffering.  He referenced the monetary section of the ballot question that requires research.



Consensus vote to approve ballot question.


Charter schools

Bill Ashley – Charter schools take funds from public schools.  There is a need for leadership and more privatization.

Danny Factor – supports a no vote.  Charter schools are not public and public schools need our support.

Merelice – some Charter schools are run by towns and families.  There are differences in Charter schools.

Charlene DiCalogero – 82% public schools lose funds because of support to Charter schools.

The poorest Charter schools are mostly impacted.

David Rolde – public schools need public support.

Darlene Elias – there are no unions in Charter schools and there is poor management and oversight.  Charter schools use the lottery system.  Charter schools defer children with problems back to public schools.



Co-facilitator asked if anyone had a concern with taking a “no” position.

There were no concerns.  A no vote was approved by consensus.


Act Relative to Expanded Gambling

Co-facilitator asked if there were any concerns with taking a no stance.

There were no concerns.  No vote was approved by consensus.


Taking positions on 2016 Ballot Questions


It was recommended that publicizing GRP positions should be conveyed by email and press releases.

Danny Factor – co-sponsored Taking Positions on 2016 Ballot proposal.  He noted that it was less controversial, depending on that Proposal One be addressed first. 

Ian Jackson – it is less controversial to use free media first, and then revisit printing costs.


Co-facilitator asked if there are any concerns with addressing Proposal One first?

Charlene requested that title be changed on Proposal Two.


There were no concerns.   The proposal was approved by consensus.


2016 Presidential and State Legislative Candidates


Ian Jackson– elected to be the Shepherd of this proposal.

Danny Factor – described the proposal as an opportunity to grow the Party and share values.  What will GRP do to accomplish its goals?  One way is to implement by adopting a multi-faceted strategy.  There are suggestions on communication, fundraising, action, etc.   Committees can accomplish with working committees and delegating work.  There are financial benefits to the Party in succeeding with these action items.


Elie Yarden – read John’s list.  Where do we get people to do work, such as communication?  It is essential to reach out to other people to accomplish goals.

John Andrews – there is no central person or committee to contact.  This is an issue that must be addressed.  The Green Party’s on- line fundraising raised over 300K, media inquiries are overwhelming, and editorial boards requesting interviews.

The presidential campaign objective is to raise more funds and resources.  It is up to us to collaborate.  John requested two text changes.

Merelice – recommended separating the proposal and implementation.  This would be a voted amendment.  The implementation should not be part of the proposal.  It is a contradiction to show fundraising of $5,000 and a list of expenses in the proposal.

David Rolde – the proposal supports three candidates, Jill, Charlene and Danny. 

David Spanagel – Seconds Elie’s earlier comments about workload.

Darlene Elias – we must be realistic.  We need people who are action oriented.  One of the first things to address is how many MA citizens uplifted Jill and helped get her nominated.  Create a statewide meeting in central location to draw people in to volunteers to help.  Offer ways to get involved.  Have a pre-planning meeting.

Ian Jackson – the goal of $5,000 is unrealistic.  People say what they are willing to do.  For example, Ian offered to have a house party.  On August 6 Jill will be the nominee.  Assabet chapter offered to help get Jill on the ballot.

Danny Factor – part one is related to NationBuilder.  Until funds are raised we have a set of existing funds to use. 

Greg Williams – suggested that the Action Committee conduct meetings in more than one part of the state.

Merelice – suggested that John write an amendment to the proposal to present to StateCom.

New wording:  The State Committee adopts, in coordination with the campaigns, multi-faceted strategy to promote the presidential ticket and state legislative candidates. 

Darlene Elias – hold a rally and plan possible dates for a central meeting to draw volunteers.

John Andrews – the GRP will get funds.  He suggested that GRP ask for funds once plans are made to hold a meeting, a debate inclusion, etc.  This requires a quick reaction.  The challenge is to activate supporters.  The GPUS Steering Committee will respond to requests.

Darlene Elias - there is no debate.  What can I do to make an event happen?  Merging two proposals causes confusion.  We should move forward with Steering Committee.

Ian Jackson – first we need to create steering committees to work and plan activities to support candidates, in writing.  Presidential steering and support for state legislative candidates.  The two categories must be separate for financial purposes.  $5,000 for party building and enrollment should appear on literature.

Brian Cady – suggested a counter proposal whereby Darlene take the lead on the Stein campaign and David Spanagel lead the State Campaign.

Elie Yarden– the National Committee is not equipped to handle the entire workload.  The amount of work varies from state to state. The GRP is the chief opposition to Democratic Party.

Charlene DiCalogero – the heart of this proposal features all three candidates.  Perhaps the ballot questions should point to the state candidates.  They will benefit from Stein campaign.  Is there a way for GRP support two candidates? 

David Spanagel – first, the Steering Committee already has three members.  Second, this is half a parallel group.  The GRP supports the State Campaign Working Group.  David does not want to be the Czar of the new SCWG.


New wording for Implementation:

Create a steering committee of 3-5 individuals to do election work for the State campaigns analogous to the role that the PCWG has for the presidential campaign.



The intent is to have a set of leaders who can react quickly to the pace of a campaign and effectively make things happen.  Charlene, Greg and Manny volunteered to help.


We aspire that:

The communications committee prioritizes…


Vote to adopt the proposal.  Co-facilitator inquired about any concerns to make changes

Vote on amendment in bold italic.

John Andrews noted a concern about fragmenting to have a single coordinated function.  The presidential campaign is well staffed.  He votes against amendment.

Danny Factor requested the addition of one line that the SCWG will work in collaboration with PCWG.  SCWG will coordinate with PCWG when ever that might be fruitful.


20 – Yes

Opposed –0

Abstain – 1

David Rolde not will to stand aside.

Vote – 18

Opposed – 1

Abstain – 1


Chapter Reports:


Nashua River

Met 4 times

Average 10 members each meeting

Chapter worked on Charlene’ campaign

Also worked with Clark University students


Pioneer Valley

Met 2 or 3 times

Chapter meets on third Tuesday every month

Three new members – all in involved in communications, including college instructors.


Assabet River Valley

Numbers stable – 3 to 7 people

Chapter involved in Danny’s campaign

Chapter members collected all signatures on Danny’s petition

Work with disabilities, Black Lives Matter issues, funding for anti-bias education in Acton and Boxboro area.

Danny spoke at Black Lives Matter rally in Lowell


Greater Boston

Meeting regularly every month

Bernie supporters are attending meetings

Chapter is planning a collaborative effort with Socialist group to address upcoming presidential election.

Greg is conducting workshop on campaign

Mass Brookline Group– meets once a month – Arthur Conquest pointed out they are an in-group and referred to 10 key values. 

Dan Kontoff – working on building chapters


Round Robin:

David Spanagel –Greg Williams is best vibes watcher ever

Ian Jackson – hope for love in the room

John Andrews – still waiting for sign-ups

Joyce Palmer Fortune – encouraged members to visit agenda and make comments rather than raise items at the StateCom meeting

Darlene Elias – Jill’s campaign trending – we need to do what we can now.


John Andrews – August 6th GP party for the revolution in Houston.  See information sheet about holding house parties, either host or help.  Live stream activities in Houston, some entertainment.  Need people to sign up.  Have 100 house parties so far.  Instructions are posted on line – do soon.  Ballot access is high, check in with Ian.  (See handout for website)

July 25th – there will be a power rally outside Dem convention in Philadelphia.  Camp will be set up across the street; Jill will speak at the rally.  Information is on line.


Bill Ashley – good meeting

Manny Pintado – learned more about ballot questions, spoke with Greg about event in Boston.

Elie Yarden – good meeting.  He advised communication via email where protocols must be followed.  StateCom is not a place for private grievances.

Nancy Slator – Good meeting

Charlene DiCalogero – appreciate good will, also Darlene’s explanation between a summit and rally.

Danny Factor – great things occurring nationally – good things happening locally.

Dan Kontoff – learning to grow as a result of Party – growing process, he will do his part

David Rolde – will better prepare for upcoming meetings.

Merelice – we agree on GRP values and see the Party grow and appreciate what we have in common. 

Daphne Stevens – thanked Charlene for meeting site.  Praised Darlene for her pro-active participation in Holyoke rally.

Greg Williams – here to make a revolution happen and they can be difficult.  We need to be united.

Roni Beal – took round robin time to ask list of nominees to sign Election form when meeting adjourns.

Angel Ayala – honored to be green.  Dedicate time to promote Jill and continue working with StateCom members. 

Darlene Elias – participated in Valley Free Radio interview and to promote GRP.  Take time to increase visibility of the Party.  Be kind and gentle, we all believe in the same values.


Meeting adjourned 4:51 pm


Next State Committee Meeting, Saturday, October 1, 2016 in Holyoke area.





































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Excerpts from the Round Robin comments shouldn’t be in the minutes. Round robin is a time for people to comment off the record. Except it is ok for John Andrews’ announcements to be in the minutes. They are announcements not round robin comments.

In general things that people say or ask in discussions don’t need to be in the minutes. Decisions and concerns and things that people ask to be put into the minutes are what should be in the minutes. I know it is hard work taking minutes, and I appreciate it. But trying to summarize each comment that each person makes during the meeting into one sentence leads to the situation that I find the minutes annoying as most of my comments are mis-summarized by the one sentence, and I assume that is the case for others as well. I don’t want to go through the minutes and rewrite each comment I was said to have made and or question I asked. It doesn’t matter that much.
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On the 2016 Presidential and State Legislative Candidates proposal, it does say that I would not stand aside on my concerns, but even though my concerns have subsequently been addressed, my concerns should be stated in the minutes. My concerns were about state rep candidate Danny Factor’s positions on repression of people labelled as “mentally ill”, and on Palestine and Zionism and Jewish supremacism. Therefore since the proposal implied GRP support for Danny Factor’s campaign, I would not stand aside during the meeting. In general the point of not standing aside on concerns is so that the concerns will be in the minutes.
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As I recall that stood aside on my concern that Tax/Regulation was different than stated platform position on Marijuana for “Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana”