Title: Strengthening our Understanding of Feminism within the Ten Key Values

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Title: Strengthening our Understanding of Feminism within the Ten Key Values 

Sponsor:Jamie Guerin; Lisa Anne Richards

Co-sponsors:Elizabeth Humphrey; Carole Oyler; Mike Heichman; Juan Sanchez; Danny Factor; Richard Vaillette; Jordan Hodges (AKA – J. Stewart); Roni Beal; Lois Gagnon; Richard Purcell; Manny Pintado; Dan Kontoff; Tom Grzybowski

Vetting Committees: AdCom; StateCom; Policy & ProcedureCom

Floor Manager: Sean Connell

Shepherd: Carole Oyler



The first wave of feminism in the US (after the suffrage movement) created a framework to address the patriarchy that mostly accounted for affluent white women shaking traditional gender roles.

The second and third waves of feminism focused on intersectionality; it brought people of color and global feminist movements into the fold while also understanding gender as more of a spectrum. Creating these connections between gender and race strengthened the legitimacy of both movements. 

The fourth wave of feminism, that is being spearheaded by young people, is not only intersectional but also cross generational. This new wave of feminism is intertwined and identifies with the struggle that our trans siblings are facing; the same heteronormative patriarchy that the first few waves addressed. Bringing trans women and trans men into traditionally “male” and “female” spaces strengthens the feminist movements of our past and the 4th wave feminist movement as it has evolved with society's understanding of Human Rights and Feminism. 

In no way does our affirmation of the more inclusive and broad reaching 4th wave of the feminist movement, diminish cis women's hard won rights in our historical feminist movements. 



The Green Rainbow Party has been in a tough place with trans rights recently.  There exists a minority of members who still defer to the less evolved historical waves of the feminist movement &/or right wing talking points when speaking about trans rights issues in sports, bathroom access, and transitioning.  Example- Instead of calling trans women ‘women’, they are referred to as “men with female gender identity” 

Young people are absolutely leading the way on this issue. The GRP stands to lose youth, LGBTQIA+ and other diverse, marginalized &/or oppressed identity memberships without addressing this core value and affirming in absolute terms that trans rights are human rights and our evolved understanding of the feminist movement.


Text of Proposal:


The GRP understands Human Rights extend to ALL human beings; ESPECIALLY to marginalized and oppressed identity groups.

The GRP affirms our Human Rights position is not up for debate or discussion, unless it is to discuss future evolved feminists waves to include newly recognized marginalized or oppressed identity groups, with the discussion for the purposes of advancing the GRP's understanding & affirmation of a future evolved feminist movement that is inclusive of newly recognized marginalized or oppressed identity groups.

We understand that the feminist movement of the 1960s and 70s is not the same or as broad reaching and inclusive as the coalition-based 4th wave feminism we see today.

The GRP recognizes that gender identity is, and should be, a protected class along with sex; that trans men are men and that trans women are women.



The GRP will use text within this document to create a trans affirmative platform item and add the language affirming 4th wave feminism as an amendment or addendum to our 10 Key Values  which will ensure the GRP maintains a safe space for young and upcoming trans and LGBTQIA+ youth and adults.  Without implementing this proposal, youth and more diverse new membership outreach will continue to be hampered as well as diminish current youth, diverse and LGBTQIA+ membership. 


Financial Implications:  None

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