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Introductory Remarks

Kevin Peterson, New Democracy Coalition

Keynote: Communications and Media in Community Organizing

Jose Berriga

After a 10 year career as a network TV producer, Jose arrived in Boston from Los Angeles in 2001 to work for ACORN, a community based organization.  He is a social psychologist by training and specializes in Latino media in the U.S.  He has worked in Los Angeles and Boston with Telemundo, Fox Latin America, La Opinion newspaper and Enigma Entertainment in different senior management positions in marketing and for the US Latino national TV industry.  In his spare time he is a marketing and video production consultant that specializes in the US Latino market at Viceversa Communications (www.latinoad.com)

The Role of Cooperatives in Social Change

Lynn Benander, President and CEO, Coop Power
Wayne Clark, Cooperative Consultant

Wayne has been working to create and sustain cooperatives for over 40 years.  He is currently a member of GBFC, Mission Hill Food Co-op, Harvest Co-op Markets (Membership & Social Concerns Committee), Honest Weight Food Co-op (Albany, NY), Co-op Power, and several others.  He is also the lead organizer for the Mass Bay Co-op Faire held the first Saturday in July on the International Day for Co-operatives.

Community Supported Agriculture, Relocalization, and "Buy Local" campaigns

Joan Squeri, Program Manager, Cambridge Farmers Markets

After a life-long hobby of cultural exploration through food, Joan volunteered at her first farmers market. Sheís been hooked on building better farmers markets ever since. She now manages several growing markets in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while working with others to build a regionally based food system.

Better Government Budgets: Follow the Money!

Michael Kane, Executive Director, Mass Alliance of HUD Tenant

Michael is life long community organizer whose dedication to promoting affordable housing is unsurpassed.

How to Run a Better Meeting

Andrew McLeod, Community Organizer

Andrew has a twenty year community organizing background ranging from areas related to the environment, labor unions, affordable housing, and independent media.   He has produced hundreds of hours of community access television programming as a talk show host in Boston and surrounding communities and completed a documentary on Mel King titled, "The Power of Love" that has been screened locally and will be part of a university collaboration at MIT.  See http://disobedience.mit.edu/?m=201111  In addition to his own research, he has participated in community organizing training classes through various programs such as the Campaign Institute and Democracy for America.  Andrew also has worked on political campaigns and provides consulting to non profit organizations and political candidates.  He has spent the last few years researching and writing about sustainable development, urban coalition models, and maximizing the power and potential of the communication revolution.

and many more!

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