2012 Spring Meeting Proposals

Scroll down to review or submit proposals for the April 15th meeting. Please use the following format (you can cut and paste): 

Proposal Header and Preamble

  • proposal title: short version
  • proposal sponsors (2 required, 1st serves as floor manager)
  • contact info for floor manager
  • committees to which proposal has been sent for review and feedback
  • explanatory background 
  • proposal summary
  • financial impact
  • implementation: who will do what, when, where and how? 

Proposal Language

Confirmation of Party By-Laws

Proposal Name and Sponsors

  • short title: GRP Bylaws
  • proposal sponsors: Anthony Barrows, Claribel Santiago (co-chairs), Merelice (for subcommittee)
  • floor manager: Merelice
  • committees to which proposal has been sent for review and feedback: ad-com, state committee

Proposal Preamble


On instruction from state committee, a subcommittee was formed to

  1. compile all known updates, modifications and additions (such as section 12 and Appendix A) to the bylaws made by state committee since the last publication of the bylaws as a whole
  2. to distribute updated copies of the bylaws in their entirety for confirmation by StateCom
  3. State commitee also voted to not consider any new changes to the bylaws until after this task was completed, and the updated copy of the full bylaws was confirmed. 
Proposal Summary:
This proposal puts forward the updated copy of the full bylaws for confirmation by state committee at this meeting.  No new ammendments have been proposed. Rather, it complies changes that have already been approved, and asks the state committee to vote to confirm these bylaws as such by a 2/3 margin.  
Financial Impact:

Ad-com will arrange for the fully updated bylaws to be posted in their entirety on the party website. 


Proposal Language

Click here to read and review the updated bylaws awaiting confirmation by State Committee on 4/15/2012 

Official response from planned

For convenience of state committee members (and to draw it to their attention), the work of the bylaw subcommittee has been posted as a proposal, but it fact it is the final step in the implementation of an already adopted proposal, and will actually be taken up as urgent business. 

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