2012 Winter State Com Proposals

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I propose that we create a field organization for door-knocking and leafleting.

Whether for the Presidential race or for state party-buidling, we need to get out and talk to people outside our clubhouse.  We need to go and meet people on their turf, and that means door-knocking.  Then they'll know we care about them and want to listen to their needs.  We need to take city/town maps and start somewhere strategic and pick up recruits along the way to increase the field organization. 

Green-Rainbow Party T-shirts

I propose that we design a T-shirt for sale on our website and at events, one that GRP supporters/members can wear to public events to identify ourselves as supporters or protesters. This is a way to show our presence where we cannot officially table or proseletyze or carry a banner due to 501c3 or other issues.  If there are a half-dozen (and hopefully more!) GRP'ers wearing a bright green shirt in the crowd with our plataform printed on it, people will start to notice.  We should sell them for a low price to cover the cost and to encourage people to buy them.  We should use them when we go door-knocking, have house events, join in parades, etc.  Buttons are invisible; T-shirts are easy to spot in a crowd.

Review AdCom structure

Title:  Review AdCom structureSponsors: Merelice, requested co-sponsor has not yet respondedContact info: [email protected] be vetted by: AdCom, Procedures CommitteeBackground: For many years, the Administrative Committee consisted of the four officers, the three directors, and five diversity representatives. In 2008, this was changed. AdCom now consists of the four officers and two or three diversity representatives. The directors (membership, fundraising, and communications) are welcome to participate in adcom meetings to the extent of their ability.Supporters of the change anticipated three key benefits: (1) The directors would be able to focus on developing their working committees without the added demands of serving on adcom. (2) With more robust working committees, decisions and actions would be carried out by a larger number of people, thus fulfilling the key value of decentralization. (3) AdCom would not be as diverted by work that should be done by working committees and would thus be able to attend to its administrative and other responsibilities.This restructuring was to be reviewed after it had been tested. Recently, because AdCom has not had a full complement of membership, directors attended many AdCom meetings instead of being able to focus on developing their working committee. At times, director slots have also been empty, once again placing the burden on AdCom to carry out those responsibilities.Summary: With the election of a new Administrative Committee, this is an appropriate time to re-evaluate the structure and activities of this important committee.Proposal: The State Committee requests that the Administrative Committee, along with the three directors (membership, fundraising, and communications) evaluate the practicality and benefits, or lack thereof, of the current structure of the Administrative Committee, including the number and makeup of its membership.Budget impact: NoneImplementation: The new Administrative Committee will determine the period of time it needs to function before it can make this evaluation and whether it can do so by either the April or July State Committee meeting.

Identify one or two functions and actions

Title: Identify one or two functions and actionsSponsors:  Merelice, Claribel Santiago, Andrew McLeod, Isabel EspinalContact info: [email protected] be vetted by: strategy working committeeBackground: The GRP has had more success asking for volunteers for a specific function or a specific action than for joining a working committee or an initiative committee. Yet, without active working and initiative committees, needed functions and actions are either neglected or implemented by adcom.Summary: If each Working Committee and Initiative Committee identified one or two specific functions or actions and recruited volunteers accordingly, the committees might be more successful in gradually growing their numbers.Proposal: Each Working Committee and Initiative Committee is asked to identify one or two specific functions and actions, and prepare volunteer recruitment announcements accordingly. One goal will be to broaden committee volunteers significantly beyond State Committee members.Implementation: The Administrative Committee will identify a State Committee member who has volunteered for a working committee or initiative committee to coordinate this effort in each committee. Assuming the Strategy Plan Working Group continues, that group will help AdCom set priorities consistent with the volunteer resources available. The Communications Committee will advise on ways to best distribute volunteer recruitment announcements and the Membership Committee will prepare to respond in a timely way by assigning volunteers to their indicated interest.Budget impact: None

2012 Presidential Campaign in Massachusetts

Title: 2012 Presidential Campaign in Massachusetts Sponsors: John Andrews (manager),  Isabel Espinal, Shirley Kressel, Mike Heichman Contact info:  [email protected], Tel. 781-862-6498 Working Committee or Committees: Sent to CDLC, Membership. Background: 1) Urgent national and international issues will be driving the political dialogue in America in 2012, and our party will be judged by whether it is engaged in this dialogue.  The Presidential campaign is one of the most visible and clear ways in which we can engage with these issues. 2) The voice of our party is badly needed in the debate over the critical issues that the people of America will be deciding when they vote for President in 2012. 3)  The presidential nominee of our party is likely to be Jill Stein,  a candidate with extensive connections with the Green-Rainbow Party and Massachusetts.  This presents a unique opportunity for activating Massachusetts GRP voters that was not present in prior presidential campaigns. Summary: This proposal encourages GRP members to make good use of the 2012 presidential campaign to advance the party. Proposal: The Green-Rainbow Party encourages its members to use the 2012 presidential campaign to recruit party volunteers, increase GRP voter enrollment,  increase our donor database,  strengthen support for local GRP candidates, recruit new local candidates, and preserve our party's ballot status.  Unenrolled voters should be encouraged to take a Green-Rainbow ballot in the March 6 presidential primary. Budget Impact: No funding is required.  In the long run, donors recruited by the presidential campaign should strengthen our fundraising and have a positive impact on the budget. Implementation: The actions that may be taken in support of this proposal may involve any member of the party, depending upon their motivations and willingness to get involved. 

GRP Strategic Growth Plan

Title: GRP Strategic Growth Plan 2012 Sponsors: Darlene Baisley, Patrick Burke, Elie Yarden   Contact Info: [email protected]   To be vetted by: Membership & Diversity Committee, ComCom   Background: At the State Committee meeting on October 22, 2011, a Strategic Planning Working Group was created to collaborate, deliberate, and generate preliminary findings. Here is a summary of what that proposal did:   1) It encouraged us to review our history, present situation, and future possibilities 2) It included drafting specific goals within specific timelines 3) It forced us to think long term and better prepare for the 2012 State House elections 4) It helped us identify tasks, roles, and clarify responsibilities 5) It identified the pieces that will help us to improve fundraising and promotion of the party   The following requests were made of those willing to join this working group:   1) Commit to giving at least five hours per week for one month. 2) Complete a preliminary finding by 11/23/11. 3) Review strategic planning materials and familiarize oneself with the subject of strategic planning. 4) Identify GRP problems, weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats. 5) Suggest improvements in how we organize and communicate and move forward. 6) Propose specific goals by certain timelines in regard to volunteers activated, new voter registrations, fundraising, new chapters, recruitment of GRP candidates, communication campaigns/publicity, etc. 7) Draft Action Items that the State Committee could consider as important next steps. 8) Provide a framework for continuing and improving this process to develop a long term Strategic Plan if the working group finds merit in this exercise. If the working group finds there is not sufficient merit for continuing this process, an explanation will be forwarded addressing the reasons for that conclusion. In either event, the project members commit to completing the process to this point by 11/23/11. 9)Members of the State Committee, in supporting this proposal, agree to read and consider the preliminary finding and make an individual effort to address the contents of such a report within two weeks of it's release.     Summary: The Strategic Planning Working Group has completed the above tasks and goals. Specifically, it has generated Action Items as suggested priority next steps for the State Committee and the GRP. This current proposal for the January, 2012 StateCom meeting requests the State Committee to formally adopt the preliminary findings and suggested next steps.   Proposal: It is proposed that the State Committee formally endorse the preliminary findings and Action Items presented. The Strategic Planning Findings include goals for 2012. While we may or may not achieve all of these goals, setting some goals is an important component to measuring success and achieving the purposes of the GRP. The findings provide a framework for continuing and improving this process to develop a long term Strategic Plan. Endorsement of support for the preliminary findings does not indicate complete consensus. However, this current proposal requests general support for the spirit of this document and the additional documents presented, as well as encouragement of continued deliberation and discussion regarding the current content and future additional materials. Lastly, this proposal specifically requests that the State Committee accept the Action Items below as priority next steps for the GRP.   Those Action Items are the following:   A) Adopt a Strategic Plan with specific goals that are measurable within a timeline--ONGOING   B) Prioritize data management with system and volunteers in place--COMPLETED   C) Incorporate best practices regarding internal communication in regard to: 1) online 2) meetings 3) conference calls 4) person to person--NEXT PRIORITY STEP   D) Implement self evaluation procedures wherever possible--NEXT PRIORITY STEP     E) Strengthen organizational structure that includes clear roles and responsibilities. Write a Membership Manual for volunteers, leaders, and various positions.--NEXT PRIORITY STEP   F) Begin recruiting 40 women and 40 men elected to the State Committee who serve with competence and commitment to the party and the ten key values.--ONGOING   G) Build teams, but prioritize a Communications Team that is effective, innovative, and creative, with 2/15/12 Suggested Deadline: Recruit Volunteers for Communications Team, One Volunteer Coordinator-15+ Members)   H) Develop stronger GRP candidate standards and begin strategically recruiting by mid February the best candidates possible for StateHouse elections 2/14/12 nomination papers open; 5/1/12 nomination Signatures papers due   Budget Impact: None, or positive   Implementation: A list of tasks based on each Action Item will be generated and acted upon by StateCom and AdCom as well as any other pertinent committee.      

GRP Involvement In 2012 Ballot Question Campaigns

Sponsors: Mike Heichman, Suffolk County (manager) and Nat Fortune, Franklin County   Contact Info: [email protected]       617-265-8143   Vetting: Platform, ComCom and Membership & Diversity Committees   Background: I addition to candidates being on the ballot on November 6, 2012, there will be up to 4 statewide ballot initiative petitions that will be on the ballot.   Ballot questions are opportunities to create, build or strengthen ties with allied organizations, and to communicate with our members and the public about important public policy questions that the voters will decide on Election Day.   Continue reading