2013 Fall Meeting Proposals

Submit your proposals for the 2013 Fall Statecom Meeting below this guiding Sample Proposal:

[Short] Title: Sample Proposal

Shepherd/Floor Manager/Sponsor: Name, ([email protected])

Co-sponsors: Other Name, Second Other Name,

Vetting Committees: SomethingComm, OtherComm.

Explanatory Background: blah, blah, blah,

Summary: Blah.

Financial Impact: $$XX.00(cost or benefit)

Implementation: Who will do What, When, Where & How.

Proposal: Ten Regions Mapping

Title: Ten State GRP Regions Proposal – Recommend to State Convention?


Shepherd: Merelice ([email protected])


Co-Sponsors: Brian Cady([email protected]), ….


Committees before which this will have gone: CDLC, Membership (approved),



The proposal is a change in the bylaws – specifically the section on how and when proportional representatives are elected to the state committee. The proposal would include changing the basis from counties to the ten proposed state senatorial regions mapped and described at: http://hopefulvision.blogspot.com/2013/06/proposed-green-rainbow-party-regions.html

It would also include what state com has already approved in concept but not yet changed in the bylaws, that is, regional conventions would be every four years instead of two and the terms of current proportional reps would be extended to 2016.



Summary: Instead of from counties, State Comm. Members will be elected from within ten GRP regions, which would meet every four, instead of two, years. Current StateComm rep.s would stay on 'til 2016.


Financial Inpact: Unknown


Implementation: tbd. (Merelice will help out with this as soon as she gets back settled from globetrotting, around Sept 24th.)


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Outreach Roleplay Continued

Title: Outreach RolePlay Continued.


Shepherd: Brian Cady ([email protected])


Co-sponsors: Michael Heichman, and Elie Yarden,


Committees to Vet: Membership, CommComm?, Adcam


Background: We have, as a group, advocated that each of us, as individuals, reach out to new members. What happens when we do reach out? What are we likely to have to deal with? What works well?

We've seen two role-plays now before the last StateComm., are we ready to try role-playing ourselves?

Perhaps we're still a little uneasy as individuals with the task we have, as a group, set before each of us individuals. Let's again familiarize ourselves with it through watching, then, this time, doing, role-plays with each other, to become more comfortable and familiar with the whole concept of inviting our friends, family and acquaintances to the GRP, and to improve our skill. Also, let's consider each leading role-plays such as this within our local chapters, to inspire members to reach out to non-members.


I'll introduce this. - 2 minutes

Two of us will act out, first, approaching an easy prospect, then a 'difficult' one. – 5 minutes

Then we'll break into pairs or threesomes to role-play ourselves. – 10 minutes

The we'll re-convene and share lessons learned, and thoughts on next steps, like leading role-plays in locals. – 10 minutes


I hope to have and use rough drafts of the new literature within the role-playing.



1) Introduction to prospective member outreach.

2) Demonstration of role-playing with easy, then resistant prospects

3) Break up into pairs/threesomes to roleplay approaching new prospects

4) Group discussion of new member invitations, & chapter-level roleplays.



Budgetary Impact: none.
Time: 30 minutes



Implementation: To occur within the Membership break-out group of the GRP StateComm meeting on Oct. 20th.

Brian Cady will reach out to an unspecified volunteer, who will act as though the GRP is new and interesting to them. Then we'll repeat while the volunteer acts uninterested and surly, for laughs.

Then we'll break op into pairs or threesomes to roleplay, hopefully with the new comparison literature in hand.

Then we'll reconvene briefly to share lessons learned, and consider that local chapter might lead outreach roleplay sessions, to inspire GRP local members to reach out to non-members.


Brian Cady


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