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Review and Update Main GRP Brochure


Title: Review and Update Main GRP Brochure


Sponsors: Joanna Herlihy and Dru Tarr


Shepherd & main sponsor: Joanna Herlihy


Committees to be sent to for feedback: Communications, Membership, Platform, CDLC


Background: The current main GRP brochure has been used for several years with no changes except in formatting and contact address. Meanwhile, the Green-Rainbow Party has continued to refine its approach to changing circumstances and has adopted a “Party Agenda” as a general guideline. Recently, those working on a document to compare GRP with other parties have formulated some excellent text.


Summary: Much of the current brochure should remain intact. The title column, Join the Party, and Yes, I want to support the Party sections are needed. In the other three columns, there might be more concentration on what the Green-Rainbow Party stands for. The existing text describes very well what is dysfunctional about our state government. However, that text might be condensed into less space to leave room for more of what GRP promotes and to suggest applications at the municipal level.


Financial Impact: None beyond what is periodically expended in printing brochures.


Implementation: The Communications director should invite participation in a working group to review and revise GRP main brochure which represents perspectives of Communications, Membership, Platform, and CDLC committees. This group should review the current brochure and sources which can serve to enrich it, bearing in mind the purposes for which the GRP main brochure is generally used.


Proposal: That the GRP Communications Director be requested to invite participation in a working group to review and revise the main GRP brochure,  including representation from communication, membership, platform, and CDLC. This working group should consult several times in the next three months, reviewing pertinent materials, and make recommendations for revisions to be submitted to AdCom for approval by April, 2014.


Further, the new approved text of the main GRP brochure should be posted on the green-rainbow.org website in a form that is accessible by member groups such as locals to be printed (in black and white, if need be) for distribution at local occasions.

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