Bristol Community College Presidential Forum


PARKING:  Park in Lot 12 which is at the back end of the campus off the main road. L Building is just across the main road.

MEDIA COVERAGE:  The forum will air live on Fall River Community Media (FRCMedia), Channel 95 on the Fall River Comcast cable television system.  It will also be live streamed on the Bristol Community College Facebook page.  Replays will be available on FRCMedia and online.

MODERATOR: Donald Kilguss, Professor of History and Government at Bristol Community College.


Clinton Campaign: State Senator Marc Pacheco

Johnson Campaign: Daniel Fishman

Stein Campaign: Ian Jackson

Trump Campaign: Kenneth P. Nasif



The forum will start promptly at 11:00am.  The President of BCC, Dr. John J. Sbrega, will provide a few welcoming remarks.  Keith Thibault will then introduce the participants and moderator Donald Kilguss. Professor Kilguss then will guide the event to its completion.

Professor Kilguss will ask a question based on the topics below.  Sample questions on those topics are attached.  All participants will answer each question.  Each participant will have 90 seconds to answer every question on behalf of his/her candidate.  The order of response to the first question will be determined by a draw.  Subsequent questions will be answered first on a rotating basis by a different participant. 

After a few rounds of questioning Professor Kilguss will invite questions from the audience.  Participants will continue to have 90 seconds to answer each question and we will continue in the same order at which we left off as to which participant answers the question first.  We would like to stay with audience questions for as long as possible. If there are no questions from the audience, Professor Kilguss will continue to ask questions of the panel.

As we approach the end of the forum, we will set aside 90 seconds for each participant to provide closing remarks in support of his/her candidate.

Here is a list of topics, in no particular order, from which Professor Kilguss will likely base his questions.  Not all topics may be covered based on the time allotted:

  • Immigration Reform
  • Homeland Security/Terrorism at Home
  •  Creating Jobs
  •  Tax Policy
  •  Trade
  •  Education in General, Higher Education priorities in particular
  •  Foreign Policy- Role of the US in the world
  •  Race Relations
  • Gun Violence

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