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Establish New Chapter Subcommitee for Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR)

Co-sponsors: Charlene DiCalogero, Central District Rep, and Brian Cady, Greater Boston District Rep

PROPOSAL: The state committe fully supports  the Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR) Committee's decision to form a “New Chapter Subcommittee”, which will focus on supporting new chapters-in-formation to become active in their regions. This subcommittee will work in collaboration with the Membership Director and the chair(s) of the MDVR Committee.

We will recruit members from the State Committee and from current chapters to help in this work.


As a member of a long-time regional chapter, I am grateful for the knowledge, camaraderie and support of the Central Mass Green-Rainbow chapter. As a chapter we have encouraged and supported candidates for local, district, and federal office. We currently have 3 electeds at the local level. We meet monthly and have or had members also active on StateCom and at the national level.

Our sense is that it is much easier to activate people to come out for candidates, issues and legislation through an organized local chapter, rather than attempt to engage people who are registered GRP or who are interested in running for office by asking them to jump directly to the State Committee or Annual State Convention.

We have registered members in many parts of the state who do not have chapters near them. If nearby chapters existed, it would make it easier for more people to volunteer for the GRP by creating their own agendas in harmony with the Key Values.

Thus, we would like to see a working subcommittee of the Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR) Committee focus on getting new chapters past the hurdles of initial organization. Some hurdles are a matter of technical/legal issues, while others are a matter of learning how to be the kind of party organization that is welcoming and productive. With both kinds of assistance, we can help more chapters form to become thriving hubs of activity for the GRP and the GPUS.


While it would be helpful to have some funds to support travel expenses of subcommittee members, and perhaps distribution and mailing of materials, we have no specific budget request at this time.


The co-sponsors will work with the Membership Director and chair(s) of the MDVR to recruit 3 – 5 GRP members currently in a chapter to this subcommittee. The members, in consultation with the Membership Director and chair(s) of MDVR will write a subcommittee mission statement and goals for the coming 3 years, and will be provided with a list of current chapters and their leadership to contact, as well as contacts for chapters in formation.

The subcommittee will publicize its availability to contacts and on the GRP website.

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Uniting Forces to Challenge the Migration Crisis' Root Causes and Build Toward a Global Strike.

Here's the link to the evolving google drive proposal document:


Snapshot of document at 2017/6/14 beneath:


Uniting Forces to Challenge the Root Causes of the Migration Crisis and Build the Capacity for a Global Strike.


“Stand with the Statue of Liberty - We Are Mostly Immigrant Families - Let’s Fix Today’s Migration Crisis’ Root Causes: War, Environmental and Cultural Destruction, Uber-Capitalism and Colonialism. First they come for migrants, then they come for the rest of us. Don’t let them pick us off one-by-one. Stand Together For The Good Green Future We Deserve.” Brian Cady


Sponsors: Dan Kontoff and Brian Cady

Floor Manager: Matt Andrews


Background: The proposal below was adopted by the Greater Boston Chapter on 5/09/17. At our 6/13 meeting, we decided to request support for the state party for this proposal.


Motivation: Wars, environmental devastation, and economic crises around the world are creating refugees and migrants. Rather than addressing the roots causes of migration, the United States and many other governments are scapegoating migrants, attacking people of color, and dismantling protections for all working people and the environment.

From the Global Greens Conference to the People’s Climate March and the Cosecha movement in the United States, a new resistance movement is growing. Working and oppressed people are increasingly seeing our common interests and the urgency for direct action.

Even as the Trump administration backs out of the Paris Climate Accords, scientists predict that fulfilling the promises of that agreement would be insufficient to prevent a 2 degree Celsius increase in global temperatures by 2050. The only way to turn the tide is to build a political party that understands the connections between climate crisis, war in place of diplomacy, and colonialism and migration; That can upset the political system that keeps us locked out. We must be a catalyst for the unified, independent, and bold movement that we need.

On May Day 2017, we hosted a meet up for movement unity with over 40 attendees to hear from representatives from movements against pipelines, mass incarceration, and for migrant justice. We must follow up on the new relationships we began that night to build momentum for new organizing.



Proposal: To build a coalition of movement leaders and activists that are

(1) committed to thoroughly addressing the root causes of the migration crisis: war, racism, violence against women, economic exploitation, and climate change;

(2) committed to political independence from the Democratic and Republican Parties; and

(3) will commit to the grassroots organizing and infrastructure necessary to draw millions of people into strike action, and escalate non-violent mobilizations until our demands are met.

Our immediate next steps will be to create a working group of GBC volunteers to:

(1) Reach out to an exhaustive list movement organizers who are potential coalition allies on a one-on-one basis.

(2) Take feedback from these allies to develop proposals that can be presented at a kick-off organizing meeting.

(3) Fundraise to produce GBC educational materials and host volunteer trainings.

(4) Host a participatory public meeting to continue the discussion that began at the May Day Meet Up for Movement Unity.



a. The State Party will provide organizational support for this proposal. Examples: Information on the website, use of nationbulder, etc.


b. The State Party will inform local chapters and other local formations about this proposal and encourage them to consider supporting this proposal in their areas.


Budget Impact: none at this time


Implementation: The Greater Boston Chapter will lead on this proposal,.

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