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Establish New Chapter Subcommitee for Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR)

Co-sponsors: Charlene DiCalogero, Central District Rep, and Brian Cady, Greater Boston District Rep

PROPOSAL: The state committe fully supports  the Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR) Committee's decision to form a “New Chapter Subcommittee”, which will focus on supporting new chapters-in-formation to become active in their regions. This subcommittee will work in collaboration with the Membership Director and the chair(s) of the MDVR Committee.

We will recruit members from the State Committee and from current chapters to help in this work.


As a member of a long-time regional chapter, I am grateful for the knowledge, camaraderie and support of the Central Mass Green-Rainbow chapter. As a chapter we have encouraged and supported candidates for local, district, and federal office. We currently have 3 electeds at the local level. We meet monthly and have or had members also active on StateCom and at the national level.

Our sense is that it is much easier to activate people to come out for candidates, issues and legislation through an organized local chapter, rather than attempt to engage people who are registered GRP or who are interested in running for office by asking them to jump directly to the State Committee or Annual State Convention.

We have registered members in many parts of the state who do not have chapters near them. If nearby chapters existed, it would make it easier for more people to volunteer for the GRP by creating their own agendas in harmony with the Key Values.

Thus, we would like to see a working subcommittee of the Membership, Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment (MDVR) Committee focus on getting new chapters past the hurdles of initial organization. Some hurdles are a matter of technical/legal issues, while others are a matter of learning how to be the kind of party organization that is welcoming and productive. With both kinds of assistance, we can help more chapters form to become thriving hubs of activity for the GRP and the GPUS.


While it would be helpful to have some funds to support travel expenses of subcommittee members, and perhaps distribution and mailing of materials, we have no specific budget request at this time.


The co-sponsors will work with the Membership Director and chair(s) of the MDVR to recruit 3 – 5 GRP members currently in a chapter to this subcommittee. The members, in consultation with the Membership Director and chair(s) of MDVR will write a subcommittee mission statement and goals for the coming 3 years, and will be provided with a list of current chapters and their leadership to contact, as well as contacts for chapters in formation.

The subcommittee will publicize its availability to contacts and on the GRP website.

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