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Team Green-Rainbow 2018

[Adopted by consensus of State Committee,  4/7/18 ]

TITLE: Team Green-Rainbow 2018

SPONSORS: John Andrews, Josh Gerloff



SHEPHERD: Josh Gerloff

SUMMARY: This proposal establishes a new working group, Team Green-Rainbow, to ensure success of the slate effort that is running three 2018 statewide candidates.

BACKGROUND: On January 20 of this year, StateCom established the Statewide Candidate Recruitment Working Group (SCRWG) to recruit GRP candidates for statewide office in 2018.  On March 7, StateCom approved a petitioning effort on behalf of a slate of three candidates recruited by SCRWG.  StateCom also asked SCRWG to plan and launch the petitioning effort and to report back on April 7.  Because the recruitment phase of the 2018 effort is completed, this proposal dissolves SCRWG and establishes a successor working group to complete the petitioning effort and to support the slate campaign.


 1) StateCom thanks the SCRWG for their successful recruiting effort and hereby dissolves the SCRWG. 

 2) StateCom hereby establishes the Team Green-Rainbow Working Group ( “TG” or “TGWG”).    StateCom asks that TG be supervised by the Candidate Development and Legal Committee (CDLC), subject to the provisions of this proposal.

 3) The charter of the TGWG shall be as follows:

 a) To manage and coordinate the 2018 slate effort for the GRP.  Slate candidates are asked to work through the TGWG whenever possible rather than independently setting up lines of communication with the various party entities.  This is intended to ensure fair treatment of candidates, to promote coordination, and to allow proper reporting.

 b) To manage and coordinate the petitioning effort required to ensure that the names of the slate candidates appear on the ballot in November 2018.  The TGWG shall hire and manage any staff recruited to coordinate the petitioning effort or to collect signatures.

 c) To manage disbursements from the GRP Candidate’s Fund to the slate candidates or to the petitioning effort.  This shall be done in consultation with CDLC to ensure compliance with campaign finance laws and to ensure that only funds designated for the slate campaign are disbursed for slate purposes.

 d) To coordinate the use of GRP resources by the three campaigns, including the GRP website, GRP mailing lists, support from GRP working committees, and support from local GRP chapters.  To coordinate slate efforts with local GRP candidates.

e) To develop and communicate a common slate campaign message that builds positive awareness of the Green-Rainbow Party among the voters of the Commonwealth.  Each candidate may have their own unique message elements, but the candidates are urged to take advantage of the synergism of having a consistent GRP message underlying their campaigns 

f) To work with the candidates to develop a common set of fundraising criteria so that it is clear that the slate upholds a clean money standard that contrasts with our opponents.

 g) To build the electoral strength of the slate candidates with the objective of having at least one of the candidates receive more than 3% of the statewide vote, thus restoring party status to the Green-Rainbow Party.  To this end the TG may work with the candidates in several ways, such as assisting in message development, fundraising, press, social media, and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.

h) To ensure post-campaign integration of campaign databases into the GRP databases.

i) To provide a post-campaign assessment of the slate races to State Committee. 

4) All members of the SCRWG who wish to serve on the TG are hereby appointed to that working group.  In addition, the three slate candidates -Juan Sanchez, Jamie Guerin, and Jed Stamas -  are appointed.  Additional members may be appointed by a 2/3 vote of TG members in any meeting that has quorum or by appointment of the Administrative Committee.  Members may be removed with a 2/3 vote and concurrence by the Administrative Committee.

 5)  The TGWG shall become inactive on the day after the winter 2019 StateCom meeting and shall be reactivated by decision of either StateCom or CDLC. 


The approved text shall be implemented by the TGWG with assistance as required by other party entities.



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