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Proposal header ‘Dear Adcom: Find directors and officers’
Proposal preamble: Frustration with GRP lack of performance has led to calls to change our structure, yet with communications and fundraising directorships open for most of many years, we haven’t really tried fully using the structure we’ve got. Large groups are best at deliberating and setting laws, small ones at getting things done. So let’s instruct the small group of adcom to nominate candidates for the three empty GRP director and officer positions; Secretary, Fundraising Director and Communications Director.
Proposal short title: ‘Officers’
Proposer/Floor Manager: Brian Cady, 617-943-2853 [email protected]
Co-sponsor sought:
Vetting committee: MDVRComm
Explanatory background: The Fall 2017 Statecom discussion’s attempted ‘proposal from the floor’ on Adcom pursuing candidates for these three open positions was not in accord with our laws, namely Standing Rules section 1.
    ”...No proposals will be accepted at the meeting, except by any StateCom
    delegates which are elected within 4 weeks of an upcoming scheduled StateCom
Hence this proposal, which merely seeks to properly pass what was attempted at the Fall 2017 Statecom meeting.
Proposal summary: Adcom will nominate, to Statecom, people to temporarily staff these vacant officer and director roles through until the 2018 convention, when convention elections for these roles can be held. Statecom will elect interim Secretary, Fundraising director and Communications director at the 2018 Winter/Spring joint adcom-statecom teleconference, in accord with our bylaws.
Financial Impact: Forecasting this is difficult, as a Fundraising Dir. might well collect dues from many of our 5,000+ members, yet filling these positions may well require hiring people. If $25 dues was collected from only 2/5ths of the approximately 5,000 members, this would yield $50,000.
Implementation:  Adcom will pursue getting these director and officer positions temporarily filled.

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