2019 Winter Statecom Proposals

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Key Dates

  • Dec 29  Proposals Deadline (four weeks before meeting).
  • Jan 23  09:00 AM: Comments and Vetting close 
  • Jan 24  09:00 AM: Amendments Due
  • Jan 25  09:00 PM: Rankings Close

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Proposal Header and Preamble:

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Active Member Structure Enumerating Proposal:

Whereas: We, the few of us who are active members, have struggled for too long to do the monumental tasks before us as a party, while being unsure of what to ask for help from prospective active members, or realizing how thinly we are stretched at the state level. Meanwhile, newly active members do not know what they are signing up for, or what needs to be done.

Short title: ‘Active Member Proposal’

Sponsor: Brian Cady 617-943-2853 [email protected]

Co-sponsor: Roni Beal

Committees that Vetted: MDVC(Supported), YGUMB, No. Shore Chapter, So Coast, CMGR, PVC.

Explanatory background:

1. Why Sketch Out How More Newly Active Members Would Join Us, Now?

- Because then we can be more specific about where and how to join us, when we ask others to join our efforts. This could make it a very concrete question; instead of the vague ‘we want you to join us’, we can ask ‘Would you serve as local chapter-to-communications committee liaison for the next year, doing the needed work in the communications committee (for example, as the job is described at the below-mentioned spreadsheet’s job descriptions), while keeping the chapter abreast of important developments?’.

- Because then we can see just how thin our current ranks are, compared to what we need, to accomplish our goals. We're operating with just a skeleton crew; a ghost of what’s needed for the job before us, but we do not appear to recognize this lack of human resources.

- Because then I can go to local chapters and ask specific members to fill a specific empty role associated with their chapter - a very concrete ‘ask’ which is easier to think about, and commit to.

- Because then we can see how things could work, and we can think about how to make them work better.

- Because the structure sketched out would empower all chapters equally, rely on all chapters equally, and specifies personal job responsibility. This way we can have a state level group that is well-connected to our local chapters in each working committee, so there’s less alienation and more interconnection. Also we will know who does what, to encourage quality of work.

- Because when a prospective active member considers joining us, they can see the job description for the role they are considering, as well as past job holders. Perhaps their name could be entered for a role; a public commitment to their new role, letting others know who to talk to about this job.

- Because the job descriptions help us all, especially prospective and newly active members, understand job roles.

2. A vision of a more fully staffed crew of active members, with rough job descriptions, and some current and previous folks doing those jobs is available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNEs12wqT0cyXeKL0KVR51elLp7tecxyBhwtKztb6Tk/edit?usp=sharing

- It basically has each chapter helping with each committee via a specific liaison. There are about one hundred and fifty odd liaison roles listed here. While completely filling these 150+ roles may be difficult to reach, major steps toward that goal would make a more completely functional party. Proposal summary: Each working committee will aspire and plan to have a liaison from each chapter.

Who will do what when:

- The Member Activator / Integrator will keep track of which of these roles are filled, and strive to fill vacant roles, and will work with local chapters to do so, by video or telephone conferencing with or visiting local chapter meetings.

- Local Chapter Co-Chairs will co-operate with the Member Activator / Integrator, and local chapters will help, too, during regularly scheduled chapter meetings, think about who locally could fill empty liaison roles.

Financial Impact: None.

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