2021 Autumn Statecom New Proposals

Key Dates:

  • Oct 10th, (four weeks beforehand) - Proposal submissions due.
  • November 3th, 9 am Comments and Vetting Close.
  • November 4th, 9 am Amendments Close.
  • November 5th, 9 pm Rankings Close.

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  • FLOOR MANAGER: [List the name and contact information for one person who will manage the process for this proposal. This person will be the single point of contact for receiving comments on the proposal and providing decisions such as whether to accept a friendly amendment. They must be in attendance at the StateCom meeting when the proposal is under consideration.]
  • SHEPHERD: List one person who will serve as “shepherd” to monitor the implementation of the proposal after it is adopted.
  • SUMMARY: [Provide a short (40 word) summary of the purpose and implications of the proposal.]
  • BACKGROUND: [Provide the basic background on the proposal. What will it accomplish? Why is it written with these particular provisions? Is it critical that it be adopted?]
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  • FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: [Describe the impacts on GRP budgeting that are expected from this proposal. Estimate total expenses or income expected from adoption of the proposal. If this proposal will be funded through an item that it already in the GRP budget, so note. Note that any appropriation required by this proposal must be included in the TEXT OF PROPOSAL section.]
  • REFERENCES AND ATTACHMENTS: [Provide references (with hyperlinks if possible) that assist StateCom in understanding and evaluating the proposal. Attach any additional explanatory information here as numbered attachment sections.]

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Green-Rainbow Polling Group Proposal.

  • Proposal Last Modified November 19th, 2021(Some comments below will have been in response to earlier versions.)
  • CO-SPONSORS: Brian Cady & Elie Yarden
  • VETTING COMMITTEES: To Be TechCom, ComCom & Adcom
  • SUMMARY: Create an in-house telephone, online & etc. polling organization of volunteer active members to serve our campaigns and party regularly and consistently.
  • BACKGROUND: The lifeblood of politics is knowing our constituents’ wants, needs and understandings. Regular and consistent polling can provide us with both a better understanding of our immediate base as well as improved knowledge of those just beyond the party’s edge – the next to recruit as we grow. And it could be a great service for our candidates. We could, through polling, keep abreast of our constituents’ top issues in life, as well as learn the level of Green understanding of both our immediate base, our broader green supporters and the Massachusetts general population we intend to serve. In this way we can understand what to learn next, what to teach next, and how we should represent our base and constituency. I intend to use some random telephone polling to complement and inform online polling that may have self-selecting respondents, which would bias polling results. Telephone polling samples would be selected randomly from each of these; members, 'U' voters, and general public - as far as is possible, as limited by phone numbers available.
  • TechComm will co-ordinate the group, supplying one co-ordinator to build the monthly question bank, set up the software, answer questions and guide poll operation.
  • As co-ordinator, Brian Cady will build each month’s question bank in consultation with CDLC, MDVC and CommComm, to serve both our candidates and party, and Brian will analyze results.
  • Each chapter will nominate a team of members to poll their own region’s constituents, in collaboration with the other chapters’ teams polling their own constituents. In this way pollers will get to know their direct constituents and build local relationships. In addition, online polling may take place via email invitation, facebook, instagram, twitter,& etc.
  • Members of each chapter team would be invited to telephone poll together with the rest of the polling group once a month for overlapping six month intervals.
  • Once a month at a regular time, polling group members will meet via Zoom while telephoning either GRP members, ‘U’ voters or people in general in their chapter’s region of the state, as constrained by data availability.
  • Chapter team members will telephone poll about two hours per month.
  • Each respondent will only be asked six questions per month.
  • These six questions may be randomly selected each call, so that, through an evening’s polling, we may learn answers across the many topics selected for that month’s poll, (more than six topics), and record them, and so as not to annoy our respondents with unnecessarily long polls.
  • By examining answer correlations statistically, we will learn how different issues or understandings accompany each other in our constituents’ minds. Thus our communications committee and candidates will better understand which audiences know what, so that both can better inform and interest and activate their audience of the moment.
  • FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: Callhub / Hubdial subscription payments of ~$300/yr. Possible consultation and review with polling experts Grossman Solutions $2,500
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