2021 GRP Candidate Statements


Candidate Statements will be added as they are received

Brian Cady: Treasurer

I’d like to continue to be your treasurer. It is important to me to help the Green-Rainbow Party, as I see it as essential to our survival on this earth. Difficult at first, serving as treasurer has gotten easier as I’ve learned. It goes smoothly for me now. I have the time to do this. I think I do a good enough job, even though I am not an expert at bookkeeping. I have done agricultural entrepreneurship coursework, which touched briefly on bookkeeping basics. Doing this job allows other GRPers to concentrate on other tasks.

Eileen Wheeler Sheehan:  Communications Director

In 1968, I was a press aide to Eugene McCarthy’s presidential campaign starting in Massachusetts (where we won!)  The need for a progressive third party has been a priority to me ever since.  Our GRP Communications Committee has started some important initiatives in the past year, including newsletters, website updates, Facebook and Twitter messages.  I would be honored to continue with our multi-talented team to expand the reach of our progressive green message to Massachusetts voters.

Michael Vaglica: Treasurer or Fundraising Director
Hello friends 
Everyone knows me as Bigmike. I have Asperger’s syndrome and am one of the youngest active volunteers in the states GRP. 
I run a small business and do 75% of the day to day accounting on excel sheets and quick books switching between using Lennox and controller on boarding softwares. We are running on a path to success in my professional life, and I’d like to bring that to us in the state party to grow stronger to succeed our 3%. 
I am running for both treasurer or fundraising director, and currently am the interim fundraising director. 
I will appreciate any votes, thank you
Big Mike
Rick Purcell:  Male/Non-binary  Cochair
Good Day, Comrades,
I am running for male Co Chair to strengthen, unite, and expand our membership. 
I started voting Green when Ralph Nader ran in 1996 and have voted that way ever since.
I have run for Holyoke City Council 3 times declaring I was running as a progressive Green. In 2010 I was Jill Stein's running mate for Lt. Governor.
I am former membership director of the GRP, I have co facilitated Statecom meetings, I was on Adcom, Statecom, I am currently the Co Chair of Western Mass Chapter and will be Co Facilitator of this years State Convention.
I humbly ask for your vote to be male co-chair, to strengthen, unite, and expand the Green Rainbow Party. I live by the ten key values.
Peace and love is the answer,
Rick Purcell 
Jamie Guerin:  Female National Committee Delegate
I am a coalition-building, working-class, single mother who served the GRP as State Coordinator for Stein/Baraka, Western Mass Coordinator for Hawkins/Walker, Membership Director, Secretary and Outreach Director for the PV Local, and goes 'sneakers to the streets' for our GRP candidates.

In 2018 I ran for Massachusetts State Treasurer, surpassed the vote threshold and gained us major party status securing ballot access for 2020. For the past year, I have been learning the ropes while serving as alternate delegate, and would be honored to serve as your National Delegate. I will represent the GRP with integrity and transparency.
Elizabeth Humphrey:  Female National Committee Delegate

Since March 2020, I have served the Pioneer Valley Local well as co-chair and by representing the chapter on the GRP StateCom with dedication to the democratic process, transparency and integrity.

I have learned much over the past year serving within the GRP and by championing Green and grassroots causes, and I will continue my dedication serving in representation of the GRP as National Alternate Delegate.

Vote for me and I will hold the responsibility of representing the GRP with great care and dedication to GRP values, transparency, the democratic process and the GRP name and reputation.

Tom Grzybowski:  Communications Director

 If I become Communications Director for the Green-Rainbow Party, I will start with an open mind.  We will, of course, continue to deliver the quality work we are doing, but I will also encourage a radical rethinking of the means by which we shine forth the Green light.   I wish to take a cue from the concept of  intersectionality, and encourage new ways to engage with people whose interests overlap or intersect with our own - but who have not yet realized this.

Juan Sanchez:  Membership Director
My name is Juan G. Sanchez and I am proud to be a nominee for GRP Membership Director. I've been a candidate for this party and currently serve on the National GP Latinx Committee. My background is in grassroots community organizing and political campaigning. I look forward to working with all of you and bringing my energy, passion, and time to help the party grow and support the current membership in this capacity.  No more complicity with being a  third party because truth is we are a party of many firsts and I think messaging is going to be key in our growth and hopefully you'll have enough faith in me to lead this task.
Carole Oyler:  Female National Committee Delegate
My name is Carole and I'm running to represent you, the GRP members, as a NC delegate.  I have officially been a registered member of the Green Party for over 7 years, specifically the GRP for two of these years, while an activist since my teens.   I will bring transparency, cohesiveness amongst the delegates and most importantly, represent YOUR vote and needs at the national level.  I look forward to listening to and serving you and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the national level.
Lois Gagnon:  Female National Committee Delegate
I am running for female delegate to the National Committee because I believe our relationship with that body is important to our work. Despite the policy of decentralization, there still needs to be some cohesion between states and national if we are to run strong national campaigns. I will do my best to report transparently on the activities of the NC and represent GRP interests as directed by party membership.
My intent was to run as alternate as co-chair duties are time consuming, but as that is not an option, I am running as a full delegate.
Lois Gagnon:  Female Co-Chair
I am running for a second term for Female Co-Chair because I want to ensure we get back on track with the worthy goals we set out for ourselves at the beginning of 2021. I also want us to recruit candidates for state-wide office and run successful campaigns to regain our party status. I intend to be laser focused on these two goals. We can only accomplish these things through cooperation and hard work. I know we are up to the task.
Elie Yarden:  Male/Non-binary National Committee Delegate

Seeking nomination as a nonbinary/male delegate to the National Committee I cannot promise that I at the age of 98 can be the same person a year hence as I am today, any more than state that who I was in 2016 was me in 1970. And this is good. For one thing, fear of one's own death seems comical. And identity ceases to matter. What does matter is that successor selves be prepared to assume responsibility for the actions of the antecedent ones. I seek one more opportunity to do this fully and with deep regard for the views and needs of the plenum represented by those choosing to attend our convention and also other delegates elected,

Participation in the deliberations if the NC is onerous; discussion frequently repetitious and unrewarding. But because one cannot be sure of when or from whom an action or suggestion will effectively define problems in a way that makes clear the needed course of action, cynicism has no place. Further information is in public media. Composer of music. Teacher at Bard College, writer for The Candle. Activist and candidate for Cambridge City Council refer to the complex continuity. I remain public and answerable.

Maha Visnu Gray:  Male/Non-binary National Committee Delegate

My name is Maha Visnu Gray.  I have served two terms as GRP Co-chair and am now seeking to serve as NC delegate. As Co-chair I drafted a game-changing proposal, now before StateCom, creating GRP iChapters that will both facilitate and accelerate the growth and reach of the GRP throughout the state of Massachusetts. As an NC delegate I will ensure that the united voice of Massachusetts’ Greens is heard loud and clear on the national stage. To do this I will:

1)      Regularly survey GRP members regarding their position on national issues.

2)      Ensure the position and voice of Massachusetts Greens is heard loud and clear regarding those issues. 

Maureen Doyle:  Female National Committee Delegate

Hi! I have been a full delegate for the GPUS National Committee for the past two years. In that time, I have learned a lot about how the National Committee (NC) runs. I have attended many Steering Committee (SC) meetings to hear about the proposals and what is going on that might affect the Green Party (GP). I have taken my delegate position very seriously and have learned to record the dates of the discussion and of the votes in an attempt not to miss them. 

I wish to continue being on the NC (in rotation as an alternate) because I want to maintain my knowledge and my working relationships within the NC. I think it is great that there is a rotation so newer members can join the NC to see how it works- this is direct democracy and it is exciting to be a part of it! There needs to be more connection of the actions of the NC to the state committee; being on both can help foster that. Working with the Communications Committee of the GRP, I can assist with informing the GRP of the concerns and activities of the GPUS. Being on a national subcommittee, Ecoaction, also lends itself to connecting to state issues (as well as connecting state members to the national).
I do feel that there needs to be a more definite method of determining when the alternate gets to vote ,as I have witnessed the alternate voting before the other delegates and, i believe, the alternate needs to wait until the full delegates have voted. (When i began my delegate term, I had the experience of Johana Herlihy and Eli Yarden to help me figure out the voting schedule. I am very grateful to them.)I plan on proposing a method of determining when the alternate votes so as not to interfere with the full delegates voting.
Please consider me for a term as alternate National Committee member. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Peace, Maureen E. Doyle 

Michael Pascucci:  Male/Non-Binary National Committee Delegate

As a candidate for delegate to the GPUS National Committee (male/non-binary), I am focused on ensuring that our Green-Rainbow Party will be represented with compassion, integrity, intelligence, and a strong commitment to the oppressed and marginalized.

I joined the GRP after the 2016 election to help grow a progressive party committed to putting people over profit. I since served as male co-chair of the Greater Boston Chapter from 2018 until 2020, have been an alternate StateCom member, and co-facilitated the 2020 State Convention.
I am an electrical engineer by trade, and if elected, I will bring my fact-based problem solving skills to the work of the National Committee. Thank you for your vote!

Sean Connell:  Secretary

Hello Fellow Comrades!! My name is Sean Connell and I am running to be Secretary of the GRP! I have been a Green Party voter and active member for over 15 years now; beginning with voting Green as a first time voter at just 18 years old. Now into my 30s, I work mainly with non profits doing various educational programming for at risk youth and the Fall River community at large. Additionally, I work with LGBTQ youth as a mentor, I work with adults to get their HiSET/GED, and I work a program for homeless students. I manage multiple grants to do this work, and I would like to bring some of my organizational talents to the office of Secretary. I believe that Green values are needed to define and create a sustainable future for all. Overseeing our lists of volunteers, reimagining our databases, and working with our committees are things I look forward to. I want to see this party soar & become a serious threat to the one party rule we see in Massachusetts. 

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