2022 Convention Agenda

Green-Rainbow State Convention Agenda [pdf]

Saturday, October 1, 2022 – Zoom Platform





11:00--11:10 am Introductions and Announcements

Co-master of ceremonies/Facilitators – Lois Gagnon & Rick Purcell


11:11--11:20 am Welcome

Lois Gagnon & Rick Purcell – GRP Co-Chairs


11:20--11:40 am Guest Speaker – 1 keynote

Jill Stein, Keynote Speaker


11:40 am--12:15 pm Introduce Candidates Running for GRP Office and Floor Nominations

Co-Chairs; Treasurer; Secretary; Committee Directors; GPUS representatives


12:15--12:30 pm Rank Choice Voting (RCV) Introduction & Voting – 1 person introduce voting


12:30 -- 1:00 pm GRP State Candidates Running for Office (15 minutes each speaker)

Gloria Caballero Roca – State Auditor

Juan Sanchez – Secretary of the Commonwealth of MA


1:00 -- 1:15 pm Green-Rainbow State Representation Candidate - – 3rd Berkshire District

Michael Lavery – Becket, MA Town Select Board Member (15 minutes)


1:15 -- 2:35 pm Panel Discussion (recruit panelists) – coalition building

Co-Moderators: Gloria Caballero Roca & Brian Mulhearn

TBD - Water Specialist

Dr. Alan Meyers, MassCare – Medical (Lois)

Ayn Yeagle – Local Food/Agriculture (Dick)

Grace Ross – Housing/Anti-foreclosure/Infrastructure (Dick)


2:35 -- 2:40 pm Green-Rainbow Membership DuesBrian Cady


***Green-Rainbow Party Business Meeting – Guests are Welcome***

Tribute in Memory of Elie Yarden - Danny Factor


2:40 -- 2:50 pm Reports from Committees:

Membership, Diversity & Volunteer Recruitment – Communications & Media – Fundraising & Finance – Technical – Candidate Development & Legal (CDLC) - Convention Planning


2:50 -- 2:55 pm News from Local Chapters:

Central Mass Green-Rainbow (CMGR)

Western Mass Regional Chapter

Southeast Mass Regional Chapter


3:00 pm Convention Finale:

Co-facilitators thank everyone for attending convention.

If election results are complete by the end of the Green-Rainbow Party Business meeting, the newly elected Co-Chairs are welcome to make an acceptance speech.




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