2022 Statecom Agenda Emergency Meeting


10 AM  Call to order/take attendance/establish a quorum

10:10 AM  Seat alternate delegates

10:15 AM  Announce/confirm meeting roles: stacker, notetaker, vibes watcher, and parliamentarian.

10:20 AM. Approve agenda

10:25 AM  Change from website agenda. There are no proposals for emergency StateCom meetings.
           Invite GRP candidates to present their positions on the Fair Share Amendment for 2 minutes each.
           Discuss whether the GRP should or should not endorse the amendment. Should we endorse with a briefly worded list of qualifiers of our concerns? 2 minutes per speaker.

10:45 AM  Invite a motion for consensus. If no consensus, call for a vote on the motion.

10:55 AM  Determine the main points of a public statement should we choose to make one and who will author the statement as per StateCom’s instructions.

11:10 AM  Announcement of a fundraising idea for candidates from Linda Lancz.

11:15 AM  Adjourn

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  • David Keil
    commented 2022-08-25 10:48:52 -0400
    I don’t see Maureen Doyle’s proposal here, so I’m posting it below. Based on what Maureen reports , I’d support it — for casting a ‘yes’ vote on this referendum as a step toward progressive taxation and more adequate funding of human needs. Our position should be given in a statement that also points out the inadequacies of the referendum’s content.

    David Keil, West Metro region
    Forwarded message -———

    From: Maureen Doyle via StateCom-Discuss
    Date: Wed, Aug 24, 2022 at 2:20 PM
    Subject: [Statecom-discuss] This is my proposal for sunday’s SPECIAL meeting

    Hi! For some reason, i cannot post on the website. I don’t know why. So i am sending this this way. I apologize for the delay.

    “The Green-Rainbow Party of MA should endorse the Fair Share MA ballot question in 2022 for several reasons. Of the 10 Key Values , which guide us, creating a fair share for everyday people (as opposed to corporations), will address community based economics and respect for diversity creating a more equitable and level playing field. This will help with social justice (provided the funds are appropriated equitably; we will need our to push for that!) .
    For the past 60 years (at least) people have taken a back seat to business . Our environment as well as those of us in the environment have suffered and it is about time that spending focuses on education, mass transit, and infrastructure -from which we would all benefit.( For example, think of how climate change could be better addressed by relying more on mass transit than individual cars all dependent on fossil fuels!)(The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This proposed tax on incomes over 1 million dollars may help balance those inequities.

    The tax proposed in Q1 will NOT be a one time tax: hiring new teachers , proposing bridges and roads requires more than a one year municipal budget cycle. Because this will be part of the MA Constitution, it will be an annual pool of money to draw from- a “sustainable, long-term revenue that doesn’t require low- and middle-income families to pay more.” just targeting the folks who can pay more.

    “Every business in Massachusetts will benefit when our communities have better schools and colleges that prepare a well-educated workforce, and a more reliable transportation system that gets employees to work and goods to market. “ This statement from Fair Share literature focuses mainly on the economic benefits but, the Green Party can see the benefits extended to the larger community and environment that we live in. We could substitute these words in place of busi ness in that statement: ecosystem, community, neighborhood, etc.

    This is from their literature and is a good synopsis:

    “The Fair Share Amendment would amend the state constitution (something that has been done 120 times over the years) to create a single additional tax of four percentage points on the portion of a person’s annual income above $1 million-just 4¢ per $1 over their first $1 million.

    This ensures that we can improve our transportation and public education systems without asking the middle class or low-income taxpayers to pay a penny

    thanks. peace, maureen