2022 Fall Statecom Proposal Entry & Discussion Page

Key Dates:

  • Proposals submitted by October 13, 11:59 PM (four weeks beforehand)
  • Deadline for comments on proposals by November 10 at 9 AM (72 hours beforehand)
  • Request for ranking of proposals emailed to State Committee November 10.
  • Proposed amendments to proposals submitted by November 11, 9 AM (48 hours beforehand)
  • Rankings are emailed back to co-facilitators by  November 11, 10 PM (12 hours beforehand)
  • Concerns about proposals are posted to StateCom Proposal page by November 12, 10 PM (link)
  • Fall State Committee meeting convenes November 13, 10 AM 

Please enter your proposals below, including:


  • TITLE: [Provide a short, descriptive title for the proposal.]
  • SPONSORS: [List the sponsors of the proposal. Proposals must be sponsored by two StateCom members or a local chapter.]
  • VETTING COMMITTEES: [List the working committees that the sponsor feels are relevant to the vetting of this proposal.]
  • FLOOR MANAGER: [List the name and contact information for one person who will manage the process for this proposal. This person will be the single point of contact for receiving comments on the proposal and providing decisions such as whether to accept a friendly amendment. They must be in attendance at the StateCom meeting when the proposal is under consideration.]
  • SHEPHERD: List one person who will serve as “shepherd” to monitor the implementation of the proposal after it is adopted.
  • SUMMARY: [Provide a short (40 word) summary of the purpose and implications of the proposal.]
  • BACKGROUND: [Provide the basic background on the proposal. What will it accomplish? Why is it written with these particular provisions? Is it critical that it be adopted?]
  • TEXT OF PROPOSAL: [Provide the exact text that will be implemented if StateCom adopts the proposal. If funds are being appropriated, specify that here. Note that text that appears elsewhere in the proposal will NOT be officially adopted when StateCom votes on the proposal.]
  • IMPLEMENTATION: [List the persons or committees that must act to implement the proposal. What do they have to do and what are their deadlines for action? This helps StateCom assess whether the party has the staff and volunteer resources to implement the proposal. It also alerts those persons who will be asked to act if the proposal is adopted. ]]
  • FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: [Describe the impacts on GRP budgeting that are expected from this proposal. Estimate total expenses or income expected from adoption of the proposal. If this proposal will be funded through an item that it already in the GRP budget, so note. Note that any appropriation required by this proposal must be included in the TEXT OF PROPOSAL section.]
  • REFERENCES AND ATTACHMENTS: [Provide references (with hyperlinks if possible) that assist StateCom in understanding and evaluating the proposal. Attach any additional explanatory information here as numbered attachment sections.]

Enter the Proposal Header and Preamble here (then a second text box will appear for entry of the rest of the proposal):

Title: Developing a Position against the War in Ukraine, 2022

SPONSORS: BigMike, Maureen Doyle VETTING COMMITTEES: Communications FLOOR MANAGER: Bigmike SHEPHERD: Bigmike, Jack Swindlehurst SUMMARY: The war in Ukraine has been in an outbreak since the beginning of 2022, and it is only getting worse. Many have been hopeful that it will end soon, but it is unfortunate that the media keeps on piling us with heartbreaking updates. The terror needs to stop, but it is better to amplify our demands through making a position within the Party. BACKGROUND: The Ukranian War of 2022 is a acting as sequel to the Russian President's Vladimir Putin's annexation of the Crimea in 2014. Putin's intenttion is to grow his country, regardless of what other close national leaders have to say, and this notion has put these neighboring countries in jeopardy rather than into simple conspiracy. Ukraine had decided to respond in violently armed ways, and then the Russian Military started to get seriously involved, adding to the fights and violence. This war is tragic to the extent of affecting Green Rainow Party Members' families and personal lives. Given that the war is headed nowhere towards peace, it is time to end it. Families are sobbing, refugees are escaping with a 1 in 2 successful escape rate, sanctions are further crippling E. European economies. People are dying in combat everyday, for what? NATO must roll-back and allow deweaponization immediately before this war becomes WWIII. TEXT: 1) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts is taking a position to be sympathetic to any local anti-war efforts related to the Ukranian War. 2) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts will do their best to support any individual that has been affected personally, emotionally or tragically by this war. 3) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts is taking a strong position against NATO's involvement in the Ukranian War. 4) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts will do their best to communicate any new public/local events that are relevant to anti-war efforts in Ukraine. FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: NONE REFERENCES: -Personal remarks: by BigMike (or whoever else wanting to share), who was directly affected by the war (insert anything relevant and true about the Ukranian War 2022)

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Go Pro Proposal, Phase 1.: Let's hire a half-time fundraiser for two months and see how it goes.

• TITLE: Go Pro

• SPONSORS: Brian Cady, Roni Beal,



• SHEPHERD: Brian Cady

• SUMMARY: Green-Rainbow party has tried being all-volunteer-run, lets try hiring working-class activists who’ve trained and practiced this work.

• BACKGROUND: Each year we wither away to less and less registered voters. Yet the need for the Green-Rainbow party has never been more stark. We can grow to include more working people with the work and guidance of working people. If we pay wages, we can be guided by working people’s voices that we do not otherwise hear from. Also, the GRP can use the training, expertise and professionalism of professional fundraisers and activists. We’ve tried the rest - let’s try hiring the best. When Joe Hill said ‘Don’t Mourn – Organize’, didn’t he mean each of us getting really good at complementary roles, in a cohesive whole? This effort could put pros on the job in central positions in the GRP.

• TEXT OF PROPOSAL: Briefly: 1) Phase 1: Hire a professional fundraiser half-time for two months as contractor @$500/wk = ~$4K 2) See if they raise 10$K,

Details: 1A) Compose hiring committee of co-chairs (& perhaps Tim Enman, professional fundraiser & GRP volunteer),

1B) Draft two month duration job listing, job posting strategy.

1C) Post listing

1D) collect and rate resumes.

1E) Interview top applicants

1F) Hire

2) After two months(1/2 mo training/orientation, & 1.5 mo. work), evaluate: How much raised? Extrapolate to a year ( 8 times 1.5 months = 12 months of 1/2 time fundraiser work. 3) Raised ~$10K?

IMPLEMENTATION: Hiring committee executes, supervises.


• Cost ~$4K. Net Benefit: Unknown, could be $6K beyond raising the $4K cost.

• REFERENCES AND ATTACHMENTS: re:Salary expectations of full-time fundraiser: https://www.salary.com/research/salary/hiring/professional-fundraiser-salary/ma

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