2022 Green-Rainbow Party State Convention


Green-Rainbow Party Annual Convention: October 1st, 2022

Saturday, 11 AM to 3 PM

Now you can CLICK HERE to register for the convention.

CLICK HERE to see the agenda, speakers and panels. [PDF]

CLICK HERE to see biographies of candidates who have declared their candidacy for GRP Positions

To see a Chart and Spreadsheet of the Nomination Results, CLICK HERE

Please note that some of our usual convention procedures have been adapted to the requirements of a Zoom meeting.


  • Midnight, August 31st, 2022: Deadline for state voter registration (in Green-Rainbow political designation),donation, or dues waiver receipt for registration credentialing.
  • Midnight, September 9th, 2022: Deadline to register for convention.
  • Midnight, September 12th, 2022: Deadline to declare as a candidate for Director, Officer, GPUS Delegate or GPUS Alternate.
  • Midnight, September 16th, 2022: Deadline to nominate candidates.
  • GRP Convention: October 1st,  2022: 11am to 3pm


logo20.png Click here

    to see the positions up for election at the Convention, together with their responsibilities.

logo20.png To be eligible to run, candidates must have:

      [1] registered as a Green-Rainbow (J) voter with their election board by midnight, August 31, OR

      [2] be unenrolled in any political party or designation AND EITHER paid dues OR receive a dues waiver between Jan 1 and Aug 31, 2022, 

logo20.png Candidates must declare by emailing their registered name, and the position(s) they are running for, to [email protected].

      See list of offices and delegate positions here

logo20.png The list of declared candidates is available for Green-Rainbow Party member endorsements (nominations) from September 13 to September 16.  A minimum of 5 endorsements must be submitted for a candidate to appear on the convention ballot. Self-endorsements are accepted.

logo20.pngVotes cast at the Convention will be tallied using ranked-choice voting methodology.


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