2023 Fall Minutes

Draft Agenda – Fall State Committee 12/9/23

Cofacilitators:  Mike Pascucci and Eileen Wheeler Sheehan


10:00 AM Take Attendance, Determine Quorum, Seat Alternates

10:10 AM  Nominate and Vote for any New StateCom members

10:20 AM  Confirm Notetaker, Vibes Watcher, and Parliamentarian

10:25 AM  Approve Agenda

10:30 AM  Co-Chair Report

10:40 AM  Nominate and Vote for Vacancies of GRP Officers, Directors, and GPUS Delegates/Alternates

10:50 AM  Approve Date for GRP Annual Meeting

10:55 AM  Approve StateCom Minutes

11:00 AM  Consider Proposal “Green-Rainbow Party Statement on the Crisis in Gaza”

–Sponsors:  Lois Gagnon and Dan Kontoff

11:20 AM  Consider Proposal “Establish 2024 Presidential Campaign Working Group” and Pres Election Plan

–Sponsors:  John Andrews, David Spanagel, and Jamie Guerin

11:40 AM Treasurer,  Committee, and Chapter Reports

11:55 AM  Meeting Evaluation

Noon       Meeting Adjourns

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