How to vote in 2024 in the GRP presidential candidates poll

Please help us select the Green-Rainbow presidential candidate name for the MA 2024 election ballot that is most likely to win the GPUS nomination. Please see Details, below, for why to not just vote for your favorite.

On January 20th, 2024 the Green-Rainbow Party hosted a Green presidential candidate 'meet and greet' featuring 5 of 6 of the candidates below. Please consult the presidential candidates' websites below:

A. Jorge Zavala

B. Davi

C. Jill Stein

D. Randy Toler

E. Jasmine Sherman

F. Robert Cooke

Also, check out this 'Meet & Greet' highlights video here, from our January 20th event.

You can vote before the February 16 noon deadline, if you are registered to vote with the Green-Rainbow Party and have an email address and web access.

To vote, give permission for our polling service to email you by going to: and following instructions. This is a spam control measure, and let us now so we can confirm your registration. Then you can vote.


This poll uses Ranked Choice Voting and includes all of the presidential candidates invited to our Meet and Greet event last Saturday, January 20 in Worcester. We are including all registered Green-Rainbow voters we can afford to reach out to in this poll. If we have missed anyone, we asked that you refer them to [email protected] so we can include them. We look forward to building the alternative to this destructive duopoly; building the Green alternative for people, planet, and peace. Our goal is to be the voice of the Massachusetts people.

Massachusetts Elections rules require that, in order to get a presidential candidate on the November ballot, the Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) must get 10,000 signatures of Massachusetts registered voters submitted to towns by July 30, 2024 and certified by those towns. To assure 10,000 are certified, the party needs about 20,000 raw signatures submitted to towns by July 30th. This law applies to us since GRP got less than 3% in all 2022 statewide races, and has less than 1% of registered voters registered as Green-Rainbow voters.

But our national Green Party of the US will not decide on the national presidential and vice presidential nominees until the Annual National Meeting July 11-14. Waiting until then would leave Massachusetts just sixteen days to collect enough signatures – not enough time.

So here in Massachusetts, the Green-Rainbow Party has decided to choose, as best we can, a presidential candidate early enough to allow sufficient signature gathering. To do that, we are conducting this poll of all Green-Rainbow registered voters. Our state committee will then place the best presidential and vice-presidential candidates’ names on the nomination petitions. These will be obtained right after our February 17th state committee meeting. If by chance the GPUS ANM chooses different candidate as nominees, GRP will start a write-in campaign for those nominees.


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