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People, Planet & Peace Over Profits



Proposal approved by GRP State Committee, 2/8/21

The goals of the Green-Rainbow Party, together with fellow Greens nationwide, are ambitious and yet essential to the existence of people, planet, and peace. We will accomplish our goals by electing officials at all levels of government and by supporting those officials through coalitions of like-minded activists. Officials without movement support cannot implement radical change, nor can movements without elected representatives. A longer GRP "Party Agenda" (2015) appears at

Our 2021 actions will focus on social justice, planet justice, and peace. They will support the working class, the racially oppressed, and the poor via specific demands that lead to healing and progress. Importantly these demands include:

  • Enhanced ‘Medicare for All’ (universal single-payer coverage for physical health, mental health and dental) recognizing that healthcare is a human right.
  • Total Forgiveness of rent, mortgage and utility payments for those unable to make payments, and cancellation of all student debt.
  • An eco-socialist Green New Deal bold enough to halt climate change, end the climate emergency, and create a green sustainable and just economy.
  • Demanding racial justice and justice for immigrants, calling for community control of the police, citizenship/right to vote for undocumented immigrants, ending the incarceration epidemic, the school to prison pipeline and ending prisons as we know them, recognizing that Black and Brown Lives Matter.

Our goals will also include

  • Bold reform of the electoral system through instituting public financing of campaigns, lowered signature thresholds for ballot access, inclusion of all candidates in debates, Ranked Choice Voting and hand counted paper ballots.
  • Labor and family protection in the time of the COVID pandemic including the right to be paid a living wage to stay at home if the workplace is unsafe due to COVID.
  • Calling for a ban on all new fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts, bans on the production, sale and use of polystyrene and unnecessary uses of plastics and toxins, in order to protect our land, our waters and all living things.
  • Defeating the war machine by making the connection between the bloated military budget (which the Green Party calls to be cut by at least 50%) and lack of funding for domestic needs. We will demonstrate the moral implications of war by exposing the massive loss of life from illegal interventions as well as the enormous carbon footprint by the Military Industrial Complex. We will protest the massive influence of the weapons manufacturers in Massachusetts’ economy.

At this time in history, our party will stand as the real alternative to the destructive duopoly. We will let the reigning powers know that the status quo must go.

Organizational goals

  1. Increase active membership to 100 - 120.
    Active member is defined by the following together:
     a. registering to vote as Green
     b. membership in a chapter, or a willingness to maintain contact
     c. willingness to do work for building the party in accordance with needs
     d. willingness to participate in decision-making.
  2. Repair, augment, or replace the NationBuilder software.
  3. Develop an attractive, accessible website
  4. Set fundraising goal upward of $10,000.
  5. Improve effectiveness of working committees by testing new methods of work.

Political goals

  1. Increase the number of GRP holders of local government office by 10.This is meant to refer to both elective and appointed seats. Since many offices of local government are ’non-partisan.’ Some who dislike Dems, might be pleased to run as Green, and especially so, as Green-Rainbow,
  2. Develop and file a House Bill on Climate Change, possibly through a House member might be sought to submit.
  3. Support a bill that establishes health-care for all persons residing in Massachusetts as a legal right
  4. Develop webinars on the subject of Green politics.


Announcing the 2021 Green-Rainbow Party Membership Drive!

On January 25th the Green-Rainbow Party launched our membership drive for 2021. It is my pleasure to invite you to consider joining the party!

Our State Committee adopted a Membership Dues Policy, which we hope will achieve two basic goals. First, we want to secure our financial future by expanding our base of reliable donors. Second, we want to solidify our grassroots organizing model by inviting you to take greater responsibility for the welfare of our party.

You may already be aware that you can register to vote at

Be aware that you may have to write-in “Green-Rainbow Party” as your political designation, since our official recognition as a political party in Massachusetts depends on the results of the last election cycle.

We greatly appreciate our registered voters! They reflect the broad constituency our party has. By registering to vote you can participate in our primaries and contribute to sustaining our major party status. But registering to vote doesn’t automatically connect you with the party. Most of our communications go out through email blasts, social media, and local chapters. We want an engaged membership that can guide our priorities and hold us accountable. Becoming a dues paying member is one step toward building that relationship.

Last year we created the dues policy but didn’t have a fundraising director to ask for your participation. As a result, twenty-six people paid dues in 2020. This year it is my goal to double that number as quickly as possible.  Can you help us meet our first benchmark by being one of the first 52 individuals to pay dues in 2021?

As of January 25th, 14 dues payers have already helped us raise $605.  Thank you!

Click here to become a dues paying member!

Our dues are sliding scale from $10 to $50. As always, you may contact us to request a waiver if you cannot pay for any reason.

We cannot legally accept your contribution if you are not a citizen or permanent resident, but we still welcome your membership application and participation outside of voting in our primaries.

It is our policy to not accept contributions from state or federal registered lobbyists, no matter what the issue.



Matthew Andrews, Fundraising Director


Members of the Green-Rainbow Party Pioneer Valley chapter took part in marking the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entering into force at the entrance to weapons contractor L3 Harris in Northampton, MA.


January 17, 2021

Green-Rainbow Party Co-Sponsors
Inauguration Day Demonstration

The Green-Rainbow Party of MA endorses the demonstration being held at the Boston Common Parkman Bandstand, on January 20, 2021, from 4-6 PM. On that day, a new President, Joseph Biden, and a new Vice-President, Kamala Harris, will take their oath of office and join the new 116th Congress. 

GRP Secretary, John Andrews, said, “We are relieved to see President Trump leave office since he is one of the most incompetent and corrupt presidents in our history. However, we must now join with many other progressive organizations and individuals to say that there must be no honeymoon for Biden. Biden’s history stands in opposition to core principles of progressive values. He and his party support an overblown military budget, denial of ballot access to undermine democracy, corrupting levels of private money in elections, avoidance of effective action against climate change, and continuation of a failing profit-driven health care system.  Our party is speaking up for new priorities that truly promote People, Planet, and Peace. The needs are urgent and we cannot afford to slide further behind as we watch President Biden lead us backward.

Lois Gagnon, Co-Chair of the Green-Rainbow Party said, “We support this demonstration because it is essential the progressive community demand a positive agenda that addresses the multiple crises facing our Commonwealth, Country, and Planet. The incoming Biden administration has already shown us through its cabinet picks that it intends to continue the same destructive policies that gave rise to Trump and will not relieve the suffering of the people of the US or the victims of US foreign policy. Nor will it enact the bold policies needed to deal with the climate emergency as long as dirty energy companies fund political campaigns and are allowed to influence energy policy. Life on Earth can not afford a honeymoon for Biden.”

Specifically, the Green-Rainbow Party urges the following policy priorities:

·      An immediate economic relief bill to restore economic security to working people and the oppressed without wasting billions on corporate welfare.

·      A REAL Green New Deal that would employ millions of good-paying jobs in building a safe and clean energy system to replace our dirty fossil-fuel infrastructure.

·      Urgent action by the Federal Government to provide universal free healthcare for all who reside in the US, regardless of immigration status.

·      Immediate and effective action to eliminate racial disparities in America and end police brutality.

·      The closing of the hundreds of U.S. military bases all over the world and major cuts to our overblown war budget so our tax dollars can be used to provide for our unmet needs here at home.

·      The cancellation of all student debt, medical debt, and back rent owed by pandemic-affected renters.

The Green-Rainbow Party was founded in 2002 through the merger of the Massachusetts Green Party and the Rainbow Coalition.  The GRP will join other progressive organizations on Boston Common to honor the swearing-in of Joseph Biden as President and call on his administration to adopt a truly progressive agenda for the nation and all its people.


Green-Rainbow Party

Green-Rainbow Party · 50 Atherton St, Boston, MA 02119-3143, United States


A Holiday message from the Co-chairs of the Green/Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

The Holidays are the traditional time for us to join together with family, friends and community to celebrate our many blessings and the coming of a new year.  This time of new birth and renewal brings a stirring hope for a future of peace and improving lives.  Hope requires this as a commitment!  As Greens, we are committed to working to build an ecologically sound economy, an egalitarian living place, and an authentically representative politics in pursuit of better lives for All.  Please join us in this celebration and commitment during the Holiday Season!

Lois Gagnon
Maha Visnu Gray

Thanks to our Candidates and Volunteers & Our Green Vision

Many thanks to our candidates this year for running campaigns that truly, truly reflected our 10 Key Values. In an election year where the two corporate parties proved, as always, they are determined to silence progressive voices, our candidates stood strong in defense of the marginalized and disenfranchised, locally, nationally, and globally.  They also stood up for a robust Green New Deal which was first introduced by Howie Hawkins a decade ago. 

Thanks to our candidate for state representative Charlene DiCologero for running an excellent campaign receiving 4% of the vote. We all wish her well with her recovery from her recent health setback. 

Our national ticket of Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker represented the policies most Americans say they want. They built a coalition of groups aligned with our values that we can continue to collaborate within the coming years. Unfortunately, they ran into the usual media blackout and a multi-state campaign by the Democratic Party to kick the Green Party off the ballot. We are up against a well-financed machine that is determined to crush independently financed campaigns. 

Looking forward, those of us who are committed to a government of  People, Planet, and Peace over profit will continue to work hard in pursuit of that goal and appeal to those who share that vision to join us in our work. Life on our beautiful planet depends on it. 

Lois Gagnon 

Co-Chair, Green-Rainbow Party

November 15, 2020

GRP Responses to the Covid Pandemic

Statement by the Green-Rainbow Party State Committee, November 11, 2020


The Green-Rainbow Party must stand with teachers and with health workers for public-health measures to counter the Covid pandemic. The pandemic is real.


The Trump administration and various other misinformation sources have campaigned against public-health measures. Teachers and other workers are fighting for their health, the health of school children, and of the public. False claims that the pandemic is a hoax have entered the public space in a dangerous way.

The GRP supports children and their families who may be subjected to unsafe environments. The GRP also supports teachers, other “front line” and essential workers who have the human right to demand safe working conditions and cautious re openings during this Covid pandemic. We support safety regulations such as mask wearing and social distancing and following the advice of nationally and globally recognized health and science experts.

We demand the government take action and provide a moratorium on evictions and on rent and mortgages until at least 6 months after a safe reopening of the country can happen.

We demand a bailout for the people for the accumulated debt from unpaid rent, mortgages and healthcare due to testing positive for Covid 19.

We demand assistance and a bailout to small and local businesses and farms. The GRP recognizes the importance of small & local businesses and farms in resisting corporate and big money control and deem them essential in community economic independence, autonomy and the hard work ahead to adapt and insulate our communities from the worsening climate crisis that only increases the threat from the Covid 19 pandemic.

We condemn the financial blackmail from the White House against public school systems. The POTUS has threatened to defund federal monetary investment in public schools that do not reopen upon his demand.

We condemn misinformation campaigns that deny the existence and danger of this pandemic and that oppose basic science and public-health measures. We urge investigation of Big Corporate and unfettered Capitalist ties to these efforts of putting profit before people to massive increases of wealth at the expense of the health and well-being of our U.S. and global citizenry.

Determination of public-health policy needs to rely on verifiable scientific evidence and expertise as embodied in our brave and indispensable health-care workers and our nationally and globally recognized scientific community.

We condemn corporate and billionaire sponsored reopening actions that included armed intimidation of state authorities (

The harm of the pandemic falls most heavily on the most oppressed and disenfranchised communities and people of color. Our work should include public information, in at least English and Spanish, such as the following:


Publication of public-health information and exposure of misinformation.

Publish how the Green New Deal and the 10 key values will contribute to strengthening our health and our communities that ultimately are essential to overcome the setbacks to public health and safety due to the lack of a comprehensive and responsible response from the oligarchic duopoly, bought and paid for by big money and big pharma.

Seek out movements, unions, and other organizations that are already aligned and working towards the implementation of the goals in this proposal and offer our help.


The Green-Rainbow Party Endorses Charlene DiCalogero
for State Representative in Massachusetts’ 12
th Worcester District


Charlene DiCalogero

On October 1, 2020, the GRP endorsed Charlene DiCalogero's historic run for State Representative for the towns Clinton, Berlin, Boylston, Lancaster, Northborough and Sterling. If she wins this open-seat race, she'll be the first woman to serve from this district, and the first Green-Rainbow state legislator in MA.

Charlene, a Berlin resident and the only candidate in the race with an unblemished record in public office, has received multiple endorsements from public officials and candidates inside and outside the district. Here are just a few quotes:

"Charlene is a passionate and tireless advocate for the 99% in our district and beyond. With Charlene in the state house we would get a powerful and effective voice on a multitude of issues vital to our community, and particularly to its most vulnerable members. She brings a wealth of public and private sector experience with her and will have no trouble hitting the ground running at the state house. We can no longer afford to rely on trickle-down progressivism from moderate parties entrenched there. We need someone on Beacon Hill who will push for progressive solutions. We need Charlene." MJ Stades, Chair, Cultural Council, Berlin, MA.

"Progressive legislators in the Massachusetts State House need a colleague like Charlene, someone who is courageous, intelligent, and incorruptibly committed to the Green key values which prioritize a healthy planet and healthy people over profits." David Spanagel, Thayer Memorial Library Library Trustee; Town Meeting Moderator (past), Lancaster, MA.

“Charlene is the one of the most practical, smart, thorough, and dedicated people I know.  The people of the 12th Worcester District will be in extremely good hands with Charlene DiCalogero representing them at the State House." Joyce Palmer Fortune, Select Board member, Whately, MA.

Charlene sounds like someone who knows what people need and how to cooperate with others. Go Charlene go!” Lisa Savage, 2020 candidate for U.S. Senate, Maine

Much of Charlene’s professional career has been dedicated to education, from early childhood through adult basic and advanced education. She is currently a Board member of 350 Central Mass, a co-founder of the Worcester Climate Strike Coalition, and a past Board member and activist with the MA Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL), as well as a long-time active Green Party member.


For more information, and to help get a candidate with courage, experience and integrity into the State House:
Facebook: @charleneisgreen


Here are the 2020 Green-Rainbow convention election results as decided by our ranked choice voting implementation:

    Female Co-Chair: Lois Gagnon
    Male Co-Chair: Maha Visnu Gray
GRP Secretary: John Andrews
GRP Treasurer: Brian Cady
GRP Membership Director: John Blumensteil
GRP Communications Director: David Keil
GRP Fundraising Director: Matthew Andrews
Female GPUS National Committee Delegate: Linda Jeanne Thompson Lancz
Male GPUS National Committee Delegate: David Kenneth Gerry, David Keil
    Female GPUS National Committee Alternate Delegate: Jamie Guerin
Male GPUS National Committee Alternate Delegate: Elie Yarden, Joshua Gerloff

Remembering George Floyd

The Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts is both aggrieved and appalled that such horrific acts by law enforcement, which amount to murder, are still a daily reality for Black Americans. The Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts will redouble its efforts to both engage and serve the Black and Brown communities of the Commonwealth. Discussions have already begun on developing clear strategies and specific initiatives in this regard.

We hold in our hearts the family of George Floyd and all families who have been touched by such preventable tragedies. Guided by our Ten Key Values the Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts will do everything in its power to effect change and transformation in the realm of social justice and law enforcement. 

We support the statement and demands below from the Green Party of the U.S. National Black Caucus. Please join us in acting to fulfill these demands in Massachusetts, and to support the Green Platform on Social Justice, including reparations for people of African descent.

Maha Gray and Charlene DiCalogero
Co-chairs, Green-Rainbow Party of MA

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COVID19: Real Solutions for Our Current Crisis, New Possibilities for Our Future

Green-Rainbow Party Co-Chairs’ Statement
April 26, 2020

We are living in a time of escalating crisis: pandemic, environmental collapse, perpetual wars, and an economic and political system incapable of meeting the needs of the people. This shocking reality has been decades in the making.
The Democratic and Republican Parties long ago abandoned working people to serve the wealthy 1%. They cannot lead us to a better future.
We urgently need a government that leads by listening to those who are suffering the most, and understands we are all connected. For this to happen, local, state, and national officials must be independent of the corporate parties and oceans of ‘dark money,’ that continue to block positive system change.



GRP calls for a moratorium on 5G


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What We Stand For: The Four Pillars of the GRP Movement

Green parties recognize four fundamental principles or pillars which support our 10 key values: Ecological Wisdom, Democratic Governance, Social Justice, and Non-Violence

  • Ecological Wisdom - understanding that humans are part of nature, not separate from nature, and are limited by the resources of our communities and the planet--that everything is inter-connected.
  • Grassroots Democracy - managing our common affairs with the participation of all in the community in accordance with the nature of each, while working to assure the effectiveness of our institutions and to build the capacity of each person to play appropriate roles in the community.
  • Social Justice and Equal Opportunity - working for a society in which all persons, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, religion, or physical or mental ability, will have the opportunity to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment.
  • Non-violence - promoting non-violent methods to oppose policies and practices with which we disagree and seeking to eliminate weapons and behaviors which can cause destruction of life on Earth.

If you share these values, please join us!


Want to make a difference? There are so many ways to get involved:





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