People, Planet & Peace Over Profits

From our inspirational organizer, Jeannette Mathy:  @channel Strike on the 24th! Get to DC or a local event, host  a film screening, flyer and put up posters, dont purchase anything this day - get creative!

Jill Stein for President

The empire is pulling out all the stops to derail our campaign. 

After Biden’s disastrous debate, millions of voters saw that the emperor has no clothes, and started looking for a campaign that shares their vision of a just and livable future.

Nothing scares the political elites more - so it’s no surprise that they’re trying to knock out the leading anti-war, pro-worker, climate action campaign that’s already on the ballot for the majority of voters across the country.

Here’s the empire’s latest assault on democracy:

On Thursday June 27th, the FEC informed us that our campaign had qualified for primary matching funds. Then minutes later, FEC told us the Treasury department will withhold our payments to give priority to general election funding - just in case the Democratic and Republican candidates decide they want it.

Let me explain why that’s so outrageous:

  • In 2022, there was over $420 million available for public funding in the Presidential Election Campaign, thanks to taxpayers who check the box on their income tax forms to contribute $3 to the cause.

  • On March 22, 2024, Congress raided the Presidential Election Campaign Fund for $375m. This was well after we posted that “qualifying for public matching funds will be a game-changer for our campaign.” According to the FEC, there is now about $17 million left in the fund.

  • Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen - a Biden appointee - is now using this manufactured shortfall to withhold matching funds for qualified primary election candidates to “prioritize” hypothetical general election candidates.

  • The only candidates who could claim general election funds under the rules are the Democrat - Biden - and the Republican - Trump. But claiming public funds would limit these billion-dollar campaigns to spending the $17m in available public funding, and foregoing all private donations.

  • In other words: there’s no way in Hell that Biden or Trump will use public funds, and everyone knows it, but the Biden administration is using that “possibility” to withhold the matching funds we qualified for - until two weeks after the Democratic nominating convention, long after we need the money for our ballot drives. 

It’s a huge tribute to our campaign that the Democrats are declaring all-out war on democracy to stop us, with their army of lawyers to sue us off the ballot, their job postings for campaign infiltrators and spies, and now their assault on public funding.

They are terrified that we're on a roll to challenge empire, oligarchy, and genocide in this election.

So I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to give whatever you can today to keep our campaign going full speed ahead. 

The empire is doubling down, so we need to do the same to stay in the fight. This is their last-ditch effort to stop us. If we can get through this together, we’ll be unstoppable.


In solidarity and gratitude,




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image.png    STEP ON THE GAS!      image.png     
 Please join our MA Ballot Access Zoom
Wednesday July 10 @ 7PM - JOIN HERE
~~  training, tips, networking, campaign updates, camaraderie, solidarity, support, sanity  ~~


Click here to download the petition form but please do NOT collect signatures without first contacting Cheryl.


Jill Stein's LGBTQIA+ Platform

The last few years there has been a dark cloud hanging over Pride Month as we’ve seen an alarming escalation of legislative attacks against hard-won 2SLGBTQIA+ rights.

The full scope of this assault is difficult to measure. The ACLU is currently tracking 515 pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation across the country, yet Trans Legislation Tracker has clocked nearly 600 bills attacking the trans community alone.

The vast majority of these bills fail, but that isn’t the point. The constant drumbeat of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric is fueling a toxic environment that openly encourages physical violence and social isolation of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

As a result we’ve seen increasing rates of self harm and suicidal ideation, particularly among young people. According to the Trevor Project, as many as 70% of LGBTQ+ teens reported symptoms of anxiety within the past year, and 57% symptoms of depression.

They are aching for mental health support but the majority of them can’t get it – whether it’s too expensive or their state has literally banned the gender affirming care they need.

This is a national public health crisis, and as your president, I would treat it accordingly.

My administration will leverage the full powers of the executive branch to guarantee the human rights of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

I will pressure Congress to pass the Equality Act, the PRIDE Act, the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, and other bills to instill ironclad protections for LGBTQ+ rights at the federal level – effectively ending the vast majority of the attacks from these radical, right-wing lawmakers and their weak liberal enablers.

We will support legislation that expands healthcare access for vulnerable populations and continue the push for universal healthcare – which is a top priority for my administration.

We will develop and implement a broad scale public education program to counter the extremist, right-wing rhetoric fueling many of these bills, and direct the Department of Education to develop curriculum and support school programs to protect LGBTQ kids.

We will declare trans murder and suicide rates a national public health emergency – which they are – and instruct the DOJ to track and investigate hate crimes against the LGBTQ community at the federal level. This will help us better identify trends and spot early warning signs of new attacks BEFORE they can escalate to the levels we currently see.

These are just a few of the solutions our administration will pursue. You can read my full platform on LGBTQIA+ rights here (you’ll find it under “People”).

Ours is the only campaign that will be on the ballot across the country this November that is fighting for people, planet, and peace – and the only credible challenge to empire, genocide, and hate.

Jasmine Sherman, a multi-party candidate for President is also a strong supporter of LGBTQIA+

The United States government, under the Sherman administration, is committed to ensuring equal rights, protections, and opportunities for all individuals; including transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. This federal policy seeks to promote equity, eliminate discrimination, and protect the rights of transgender people in various aspects of public life, including education, employment, healthcare, and public accommodations.

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Lawmakers Invite Benjamin Netanyahu to Address Congress July 24th

The Green Party US Stands for a One-Party State in Israel-Palestine

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Our Green values oblige us to stand against oppression, against settler colonialism, and against the International crime of apartheid.

  1. We recognize that Jewish insecurity and fear of non-Jews is understandable in light of the history of horrific oppression and extermination of Jews in Europe. However, we oppose as both discriminatory and ultimately self-defeating the position that Jews would be fundamentally threatened by the implementation of full rights for Palestinians. We also reject the Zionist concept of an exclusive Jewish homeland at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian population.

  2. As U.S. Greens, we refuse to impose our views on the people of the region. Still, we would turn the U.S. government towards a new policy, one that recognizes the equality, the inherent humanity, and the equal civil and human rights of Jews, Muslims, Christians, and all who live in the region.

  3. We recognize that the prevailing Palestinian view is that the two-state solution is neither democratic nor viable in the face of international law, material conditions, and "facts on the ground" that now exist in historic Palestine. We recognize that a growing number of Palestinians now support a one-state solution that guarantees equal rights for all its citizens. Given these realities, the U.S. Greens recognize and reaffirm the right of self-determination for both Palestinians and Israelis, and their right to live in a single undivided secular and democratic state where all residents have full and equal rights, and freedoms

What a Momentous Afternoon in Worcester!

5 of our 6 Presidential Candidates laid out plans to challenge the economic elites

Greens are the alternative to the parties of war and economic decline

 Massachusetts election rules are deeply biased in favor of major parties.  We will need to put national and state candidates on the November ballot by write-in petitions.  The race starts now!

The Green-Rainbow Party hosted active Green presidential candidates who presented their platforms at an open meeting.  One of these candidates will be elected at the Green Presidential Convention in July to lead the nation to a healthier future.

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Visit our Meet & Greet page for more information about the event and our six candidates.

If you believe a change in American leadership is necessary, join these candidates to help make history.

for more information, contact [email protected]  text or call (978) 440-1244

 01 favicon transparent 400If I Must Die                     

Tribute to Refaat Alareer, Poet Killed in an Israeli bombing on Dec 6, 2023

If I must die,
you must live
to tell my story
to sell my things
to buy a piece of cloth
and some strings,
(make it white with a long tail)
so that a child, somewhere in Gaza
while looking heaven in the eye
awaiting his dad who left in a blaze —
and bid no one farewell
not even to his flesh
not even to himself —
sees the kite, my kite you made, flying up above,
and thinks for a moment an angel is there
bringing back love.
If I must die
let it bring hope,
let it be a story.


What do Ayanna Pressley, Jim McGovern, and Elizabeth Warren have in common?These are the ONLY Representatives or Senators in Massachusetts who dared to call for a ceasefire or cessation of hostilities in Israel and occupied Palestine as of December 18th.

The GRP Stands for Respect for the Palestinians. The State Committee of the Green-Rainbow Party has issued the following statement:The Green-Rainbow Party abhors violence in all its forms. The ongoing assault on Gaza must cease immediately if there is to be a just resolution to this conflict. The US veto of the UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire was a grave error and will only lead to more bloodshed for all involved. The US has used its veto power in the Security Council to allow Israel to violate SC resolutions for decades. We see now the result of that policy. We call on the Biden administration to respect international law, demand an immediate ceasefire, and respect the human rights of civilians.We reject the results of the US House vote that equates criticism of Israel’s policies with anti-Semitism. This is the new McCarthyism that is attempting to stifle free speech in America in order to serve a misguided foreign policy objective of the Biden administration. If we don’t fight this, then they will have an easier way to silence us. We appreciate the many Jewish people who are speaking out against Netanyahu and his disregard for human life.The Green-Rainbow Party stands firmly for upholding the human rights of all people and is in solidarity with oppressed peoples everywhere. We are the party of People, Planet, and Peace. It is time for all people of goodwill towards their fellow humans and our beautiful earth to come together to end the scourge of war and the greed and lust for power that drive it.To build the mass movement against Washington’s participation in this genocide, officers and bodies of the GRP are urged to join action coalitions and to build protest actions in Massachusetts. We also ask that all members and allies of the Green-Rainbow Party focus their energies on the recruitment and election of Green local, state, and federal candidates to enact this systemic change in US foreign policy.


Censorship Rules! 

The US House of Representatives

 voted (311-14) that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. 

On December 5th, 95 Democrats helped the Republicans pass this censorship rule, including MA Jake Auchincloss.  92 Democrats voted Present.  Seven of these noncommitals were from our Commonwealth.  The lone MA representative who opposed HR resolution 984, was Ayanna Pressley.  Thank you, Ayanna.  

The resolution suggests that all anti-Zionism—it states—is antisemitism. That’s either intellectually disingenuous or just factually wrong,” said New York Representative Jerry Nadler, who voted present.

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Hey Bill Keating!

On January 28, 2024, and on December 10, 2023, at 1 PM,  Greens and other activists marched to Representative Bill Keating's Office demanding he stop spending our tax dollars on Israel's war crimes!!

  Our message: We will not support our elected officials who condemn those who stand up to Israel's genocidal assault on Gaza.  We are not Anti-Semites.  We stand for Peace and Social Justice.



 01 favicon transparent 400Genocide Joe was at the Shubert Theater in Boston on Tuesday, Dec 5th asking for $$ for his Reelection Campaign.  So were Green-Rainbow protesters

Guests were told to arrive at the Shubert Theater, 265 Tremont St, between 4:30 and 6:30, approaching from either Stuart St or Oak St.

Picketers rallied outside the Shubert Theater and then at 6:30 PM rallied for Ceasefire Now


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Jill Stein denounces Israel’s attack on Al-Shifa Hospital,

demands accountability for Israeli and US leaders for war crimes

On November 15, 2023, Dr. Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, denounced the Israeli military’s assault on Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza as a war crime and called for an investigation of the Netanyahu administration for war crimes as well as bipartisan US leadership for aiding and abetting such crimes.

 “Israel’s attack on Al-Shifa hospital is a horrifying and brazen war crime before our very eyes,” said Dr. Stein. “Attacking a hospital with bombs and snipers, shooting doctors and patients, cutting off power and blocking supplies keeping patients alive, including premature babies - these are not acts of war, they are acts of genocide.”

 “We call for an investigation of the Netanyahu regime’s war crimes, as well as the role of Biden and US leaders in aiding and abetting them,” said Dr. Stein. “And above all, these crimes must stop now.”

 “These crimes are catastrophic not only for Palestinians. They also spell disaster for Israel, as the brutality of the assault makes Israel a pariah among nations. Countries from Chile to Colombia, Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey, Chad and South Africa are recalling their ambassadors, and Bolivia has cut diplomatic ties altogether.”

 Dr. Stein blasted Democratic and Republican party leaders including Mike Johnson, Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries for standing together at a rally on Tuesday where speakers including Johnson denounced calls for a ceasefire while the crowd approvingly chanted “no ceasefire”.

“‘No ceasefire’ is a call for ‘More dead children’.” posted Dr. Stein on X (formerly Twitter). “I stand against the Democratic and Republican allies of war profiteers and AIPAC. And with 66% of Americans - and the world - demanding #CeasefireInGazaNOW.”

 “As a doctor and as a human being, I’m disgusted and outraged by Israel’s attack on a hospital while Democratic and Republican politicians cheer and send billions to slaughter more children and innocent people,” said Dr. Stein. “I’m running for President to offer a real choice to the majority of Americans who support diplomacy and peace, not endless war.”

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McDonald's Gives Free Meals to Israeli Soldiers

Join the boycott of McDonald's?

Let us know if your chapter has organized a boycott of this corporate anti-ceasefire sympathizer.

Call Ocean State Job Lot Corporate Headquarters:  401-295-2672

Report your call to [email protected]

To remain neutral in a situation of injustice is to be complicit in that injustice." Desmond Tutu

"The measure of a man's character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out." Thomas B Macaulay

Ceasefire Now in Gaza

The Green-Rainbow Party announced Thursday its unwavering support for a cease-fire to end the genocide in Gaza.  

Greens protest in Springfield on 11/9/2023

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 DR Gloria Caballero Roca won a seat on the Holyoke School Committee with

                 86.29% of the vote.

                 Felicidades, Gloria


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Greens across Massachusetts held standouts to demand a ceasefire now in Washington DC, Springfield, Dorchester, Fall River, and others.  Many more standouts to come!

                                                   No more aid to Israel!

These marches are multiplying as our Administration continues to support genocide in Gaza. Join Green Party members in cities and campuses around Massachusetts, in New York City, and, of course, Washington DC.

Check here for updates.

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Join us!

Connecticut River Defenders and Green-RainbowParty 

                Saturday, November 18th

in Great Falls MA to challenge Northfield Mountain's Pumped Storage Station


Please note that Turner Falls is the settlers' name for Great Falls.  If you plan to attend, your GPUS will know only Turner Falls.

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Support our local Green in the November 7th Election

Contribute to Gloria Caballero Roca's campaign for Holyoke School Board.

  • Holyoke is one of three MA school systems in Receivership
  • Gloria is a recognized expert in improving schools
  • She will get the Holyoke out of receivership with your financial help
  • Local elected Greens are the foundation of a strong party
  • Send a check right away to 

Gloria 4 School Committee
279 Suffolk St.
Holyoke, Ma. 01040

Greens in Auburn Plan From the Ground Up

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The Pakachoag Center in Auburn, MA resonated on Saturday, October 14th with songs and strategies for empowering people across Massachusetts

Tom Neilson, a well-known performer/activist, led the group in his songs and poems of protest.  He said he was sad he had to replay a song written in 2014, entitled GAZA.

Green-Rainbow activists met Saturday to focus on improving government at the local level and to raise funds for the coming election season.  Co-Chair Mike Pascucci interviewed two municipal leaders, Gloria Caballero Roca of Holyoke and Michael (Mike) Lavery of Becket to describe how their backgrounds and experience gave them a reason to fun for office--each in very different ways.

Gloria is running for School Committee in a city where the schools have languished in receivership for almost eight years. She described her school days in Cuba where students were taught self-reliance and respect for the land through farm programs (escuelas al campo) for 45 days a year and boarding schools in the countryside where they worked the land while doing their junior and high school studies. She used these insights as she emigrated to the United States, learned several languages, and acquired two PhDs on the way.

Mike came from a politically active family and became very aware of the mounting injustices, not only to citizens but also to the environment.  As a Selectman in Becket, he worked to ban plastic shopping bags, to place 3 electric vehicle charging stations at town hall, and to create a public trail named Esau’s Heel.  Last year he ran for State Representative against a long-term incumbent and, with an impressive showing, is planning his next campaign to give the region a more effective vote in state government.

The audience thanked Green-Rainbow volunteers who produced the pleasant afternoon, including Brian Cady, Treasurer, and Chief Organizer, Jack Swindlehurst, who opened the event with songs of life and love, as well as Maureen Doyle, who offered locally sourced soups presented in real pumpkins. 

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Green Party condemns attacks on civilians in Israel and Gaza; calls for immediate ceasefire

The Green Party of the United States condemns the targeted attacks on civilians in the recent wave of violence in Gaza and Israel. We call for an immediate ceasefire, an immediate end to the invasion and occupation of Gaza, and a halt to all military and foreign aid to Israel. We urge our government to join with the U.N. to secure Israel's complete withdrawal to, at least, the 1967 boundaries in compliance with international law.

Happy Voter Registration Day!

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Registering to vote is one of the most powerful rights we have as American citizens.  Especially if you want to make your voice heard above the two-party duopoly. Please make sure that you are properly registered with the Green-Rainbow Party in the MA Elections Division.  Then tell your friends and family to get their voices heard as well.

Check Your Voter Registration

 01 favicon transparent 400Henry Rose of Dalton has it Right when his Letter was Printed in the Berkshire Eagle on 7/21/23From the Berkshire Eagle, Why I left the Democratic Party

To the editor: I just unenrolled from the Democratic Party.

They drove me away. I won't keep voting for the same cabal that got us into the current mess.

For many years as a Democratic activist, I've gone along, voted and even campaigned in New Hampshire for "the lesser of the two evils." I believed the progressive wing could push Democratic leadership to walk their talk of fair taxation, increasing the minimum wage, reducing student debt, true universal health care, better immigration policy and addressing climate disruption.

I thought working within the party I could make a difference, but I was wrong. I've come to realize the corporate-funded Democratic establishment just won't allow progressive voices to influence decisions, and they have the tools and the will to squelch any possibility of change. They pretend to care about democracy, but they don't practice it. Not allowing debates among 2024 presidential candidates is just the latest example.

The leadership of both parties rob the bottom to feed the insatiable greed at the top. Democrats have kept Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, ended the child tax credit, made disingenuous efforts to increase minimum wage and reduce student debt, given more of our health care dollars to the for-profit insurance companies, kept the cages and the wall and opened more federal lands for drilling. They vote for obscene amounts of money for war and bank bailouts, but can't find more than crumbs to help people in this country who are suffering. The sad truth is that when it comes to economics and war, both major parties have similar policies. And we're currently on track for a nuclear disaster.

Democrats will say I'm a spoiler for voting third party, but they won't allow ranked choice voting that would eliminate any spoiler effect. They ask me to "unify" and call me "divisive" but never look inward to consider their own divisiveness and many broken promises.

It's time to say "no" to the tyranny of the duopoly. Dr. Cornel West, who has led a life of fighting for social and economic justice and peace, is running for the Green Party nomination for president. He will not capitulate to the corporate establishment. I encourage everyone to learn about who he is and what he would do as president ( I think you'll find he's a candidate worthy of your support.

Henry Rose, Dalton

Welcome, Henry Rose, to our world and to a chance to save the future world. 


 01 favicon transparent 400Mike Pascucci, Co-Chair of the Green-Rainbow Party, Demands, "Stop Sending Cluster Munitions to Ukraine Now."

The Green-Rainbow Party strongly opposes the United States' contribution of more cluster bombs to Ukraine.  We support the Massachusetts Peace Action standout on July 14th challenging President Biden's irresponsible and deadly decision to ramp up cluster bombing of citizens.
The Green-Rainbow Party stands for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine.                           
 01 favicon transparent 400 Congratulations!

In April 2023, Zach Kontra, our GRP Membership Director,  was elected to the Holbrook Representative Town Meeting for a three-year term.  He has pledged to help move Holbrook to more eco-friendly actions.Zach has also been appointed to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of Holbrook.Best wishes, Zach

          Great conversation last night with a very engaged and diverse audience.Single Payer WebinarThe Green-Rainbow Party proudly supports a timely webinar on reducing healthcare costs and saving lives across the United States.   Just as the GRP and other members of Mass-Care urge Beacon Hill to establish a Massachusetts Health Care Trust in this session, we take a look at the national crisis which makes our country's healthcare rank below other developed countries.   Join our own Jill Stein, MD, as she moderates this diverse panel of experts on July 5th.Register for the webinar HERE: or copy the link into your browser.

 01 favicon transparent 400     Eli Yarden's  100th Birthday

This Generous and Committed Green-Rainbow Party Member died at 99 on September 5, 2022 01 favicon transparent 400

Show your colors in June!
Support Gay Pride Month. Franklin Park in Boston on June 2nd                 David Barkley Wears his Green-Rainbow Pin on his heart at the Boston Gay Pride Event****************************************Berkshire Pride is a Blast at Common Park in Pittsfield on June 3rd                                                                   Mike Lavery greets visitors at the Festival! Great turnout in Pittsfield************************************Fall River Pride Festival Greets Hundreds at Gates of the City on June 4thTodd Rego and Eileen Wheeler Sheehan Share Green 10-Key Values

 01 favicon transparent 400Congratulations, Jamie Guerin! You won the Co-chair of the Lumberyard Tenants Association with 20 of 20 votes cast!  Now the real fun begins! 


 01 favicon transparent 400Great 2023 Annual Convention 

Report from David Spanagel

  • Welcome our newly elected officers!
  • We still need a few dedicated volunteers to fill our leadership roles
  • A total of 23 ballots were cast by eligible voters for party leadership offices and GPUS national delegate positions. 
  • Ranked Choice Voting was used to determine who could fill each of the elected positions.  This meant that a minimum of 12 votes formed a majority that was required to seat anyone in a position.

Check out the live-streamed events at the Convention:

rainbow-line_605x6.jpg 01 favicon transparent 400Solar Installations Can Be Deadly

Jill Stein and her Lexington neighbors testify against a large solar project in a wooded area on May 4th.
The 1 megawatt solar project, proposed by private developer Tracer Lane II Realty, LLC, would be located in a forested area in Lexington adjacent to the Cambridge Reservoir and a residential neighborhood in Waltham. Opponents say the project would require cutting down approximately 800 trees and could endanger the drinking water supply for 120,000 residents of Cambridge if toxins including lead and cadmium from the panels leach into the groundwater or spread in smoke plumes in the case of a fire.

We Can Save Billions of Dollars and Improve Lives Medicare for All Lobby Day held on May 4th An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts!Lobby Day again has been a great chance to participate in democracy at the state level by organizing Medicare for All supporters from around the Commonwealth. Mass-Care helped at least 20 teams to meet with state legislators from logistics to the details of the bill.  Lead legislators shared inspiring stories at the preliminary assembly before the supporters dispersed to the office of individual legislators.  GRP Co-Chair Lois Gagnon led a team to meet with her legislator, as other Greens meet with their legislators.  P.S. Learn More about Medicare for All at the May 6th GRP Annual Convention

DR Pat Berger, of the Physicians for National Healthcare Program (PNHP), will review the compelling need for a just healthcare program in Massachusetts, while Lois Gagnon and others will report back on the May 4th Lobby Day.

 01 favicon transparent 400Workers Uniting for Peace on May Day

David Barkley of the Green-Rainbow Party was among the other speakersMay Day, May 1st, at the Parkman Bandstand on Boston Common 4:30 PM Music & 5:00 PM Rally
We will celebrated May Day 2023, to honor workers worldwide. Our participants stood up for workers' resistance to employment injustice and for government attacks on our rights and interests.  Stand up for an end to the war machine that steals our resources and kills our people.

Current cosponsors for Downtown Boston event:
Boston May Day Coalition, 
Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts,
Cambridge City Growers, 
New Democracy Coalition,
United American Indians of New England, Refuse Fascism,
Boston Education Justice Alliance, 
Jewish Voice for Peace, and many others


 01 favicon transparent 400 Save our Earth on Earth Day 2023 and Every Day.  We have only one earth.  Step out and speak up.  Greens joined others across Massachusetts to stand out and to write letters to their representatives.  Check out the Green Party's EcoAction page. Demand Demilitarization for People, Planet and PeaceFriday, April 21st at 3:30 PM in Boston City Hall PlazaEarth Day: In Love and RageNo New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in MassachusettsRally, March, and Party sponsored by Extinction Rebellion, Boston May Day Coalition, and othersrainbow-line_605x6.jpgSaturday, April 22nd at Boston's Park Street Station, We Cannot End Climate Change without Ending WarWar is Not GreenRally sponsored by Code Pink, Green-Rainbow Party, and othersrainbow-line_605x6.jpgCelebrate Earth Day/Arbor Day at Wells State Park, Sturbridge MAApril 22, 11 AM - 4 PMsponsored by Grassroots Central MASSMaureen_at_Earthday.jpgVisit with Maureen Doyle, GRP Secretary & Wetlands Fairyrainbow-line_605x6.jpg



 01 favicon transparent 400It's Official!Green-Rainbow Party member Gloria Caballero Roca will appear on the ballot in Holyoke's Ward 4 for School Committee


DR Caballero Roca is running for the School Board of Holyoke, MA in the November election for many reasons:

  • She is an educator by degree and by experience. Having a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics and Literature with a double major in Latin American, Caribbean, and Portuguese studies, and a second Ph.D. in Gender and Diversity, majoring in Autoethnography, along with two Master's degrees in Latin American Studies and in Women's and Gender Studies, plus a BA in English Language Translation and Interpretation makes her a very well rounded candidate. With experience teaching at high school and college levels both public and private, in national and international contexts, She has experience working with diverse communities, designing curricula, and collaborating interdisciplinarily.
  • She is running because she wants to make sure that we talk about and take action on the social determinants of our children's underperforming in school, including housing disasters, polluted water, lack of quality of life, working and struggling families, and depression associated with returning to school after two years of Zooming and lockdown.

RIP Mel King 01 favicon transparent 400

Mel King, a co-founder of the Green-Rainbow Party, died on March 28, 2023, at the age of 94.  He was a respected and renowned politician in the Boston area for over 70 years.

Mel KingIn 2002, Mel King and members of the Massachusetts branch of the Rainbow Coalition merged with the Green Party of Massachusetts to form the Green-Rainbow Party. "A giant tree has fallen in the forest of humanity," said David Barkley, who continues Mel King's community breakfasts.  The current members of the GRP party remain grateful for the commitment and grace that Mel King brought to civil rights and diversity throughout his life.


 01 favicon transparent 400178 Years for Telling the TruthOn March 22nd, Jill Stein introduced Ithaka, at the Somerville Theater.

A moving and intimate portrayal of one father’s fight to save his son, the movie, Ithaka, exposes the brutal realities of Julian Assange's incarceration and of the fight to challenge the United States' threat of 178 years behind bars. The film follows the behind-the-scenes campaign to free the WikiLeaks founder.  To many, Julian Assange has become an emblem of freedom of the press, government corruption and unpunished war crimes.


John and Gabriel Shipton accompany this heavily acclaimed film to be shown in movie theaters around the United States.

 01 favicon transparent 400

Save Cape Cod Bay! 

Halt Holtec!!

Learn the Status of Status of 1.1 Million Gallons of Holtec Nuclear Waste Water Dumping

Monday, March 27, 2023
5:30 PM Save Our Bay rally on Town Hall front lawn [weather permitting]
6:30 PM NDCAP meeting Great Hall, Plymouth Town Hall
26 Court Street, Plymouth, MA
State laws prohibit the discharge of radionuclides into our waters.  Nevertheless, Holtec plans to discharge 1.1 million gallons of water from those sources into the bay, claiming to be applying for an amended permit and asserting with confidence that an amended permit will allow them legally to discharge water into the bay.  Lois Gagnon and Mike Pascucci, co-chairs of the Green-Rainbow Party urge our members and supporters to join the Save Our Bay rally and Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel meeting in Plymouth Town Hall.

 01 favicon transparent 400The Willow Project
Joe Biden's Carbon Bomb

The Co-Chairs of the Green-Rainbow Party condemn Biden's Approval of the Willow Project, especially in light of the Final Warning Report from the IPCC.
On March 13, 2023, President Joe Biden approved the largest oil extraction on federal lands known as the Willow Project in northern Alaska.  Lois Gagnon and Mike Pascucci have issued an eloquent rebuke to this highly destructive decision.  Their statement is included in the April issue of Green Voices.  An extract follows:  
"The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s “Final Warning” report on the climate was released just days after the world’s second-largest polluter, the US, authorized new drilling in Alaska. The Willow Project, over its expected lifespan, will add 278 million metric tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, the equivalent of 70 new coal plants per year, according to the EPA’s greenhouse gas calculator. The Willow Project expects to be drilling through at least 2050, the same year the world should be at net-zero emissions."
Read their full statement and let your representative know that you oppose President Joe Biden's decision.


 01 favicon transparent 400Think Global, Act Local

3 Municipal Officials Explain How They won Elections as Greens

 Joyce Palmer Fortune, Chair of the Whately (MA) Select Board described winning in Massachusetts

The vast majority of Green Party candidates run for local office as opposed to state and national offices. Thirty-five percent of them win. This live webinar on February 22 introduced three Green candidates who were recently elected to city/town council positions. Hear the stories they told about their successful campaigns and contributions to their communities as elected officials. Be inspired by their determination and example. We were.

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 01 favicon transparent 400They Raged Against the War Machine February 19th

Watch Jill Stein, Cynthia McKinney, Tulsi Gabbard, Chris Hedges, Dennis Kucinich, and many others from both the progressive and the

 conservative wings of the American activists who are deeply united on at least one point:  They speak out powerfully against the war machine and its proxy war in Europe.  Listen here.

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The Future is Green

Just released!  Video by John Blumenstiel.  Watch it here.

The Green Progressive Alternative


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Doomsday Clock Reset to 90 Seconds to Midnight on Jan 24th!

Our world inched 10 seconds closer to total annihilation in the past year according to the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists which set the Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight.  Our leading peace activist, Jill Stein, offers the following perspective:"Russia appears to be countering US nuclear threats on its borders by moving Russian missiles towards our borders.
Specifically, the Russian warship, Admiral Gorshkov, is heading towards the US coast, in apparent response to NATO's expansion - including nuclear-capable missiles - right up to Russia's borders. This follows the US moves to:

1) dismantle nuclear treaties that would have made nuclear conflict impossible
2) declare a first-strike policy on the use of nuclear weapons,
3) ignore Russia's offers to negotiate, dismantle a tentative agreement brokered by Turkey, and disregard the Minsk accords.
Admiral Gorshkov may well be equipped with Russia's hypersonic missiles that are unstoppable by any technology the US is in possession of. If so, Russian nukes can be here in 10 minutes.
Clearly, it's time to end the game of nuclear brinkmanship that's put all our lives in the crosshairs.
We need an immediate ceasefire, negotiations to ensure security for all parties, and an end to nuclear weapons via the ban treaty.
Tell Biden to sign on to the nuclear ban treaty -- while we still have a world to save. Check out the forum on the nuclear danger that's going off the rails, and see the resources below, including Scott Ritter's latest.
Peace and Solidarity!"
Jill Stein

 01 favicon transparent 400Celebrate Ranked Choice Voting Day in 2023Voter Choice Massachusetts is celebrating RCV Day by showing folks that RCV really is as easy as 1-2-3. If you haven't already, you can join in on the fun with our multi-winner RCV poll! Your ballot is ready, no sign-up is required. 

 01 favicon transparent 400On Sunday, January 22, 2023, a coalition, hosted by the Green Party, held a Zoom meeting on the Nuclear Ban Treaty's Second Anniversary Stay tuned for actions everyone in the United States can--indeed, must-- take to demand that their president sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).  The power to initiate a global apocalypse lies in the hands of the leaders of nine nations, yet their citizens and citizens across the world do have the mass power to create the political will to ban this possibility. As 122 nations of the world indicated when they adopted the TPNW in July 2017, it is unacceptable that these few leaders of  Nuclear Weapon States should hold such destructive power. We must jointly act to avert catastrophe.Greens, including Jill Stein, former US presidential candidate and co-chairs of the Green Party Peace Action Committee, joined with prominent national leaders, including allies from across the nation Vicki Elson of Nuclear Ban US, and Helen Jaccard of the Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project, recommended three actions that anyone concerned with the American delinquency on nuclear weapons prohibition can take.

Bigger Than RoeGreens at the Women's March in Boston

On January 22, 2023, the 50th anniversary of Roe V Wade, and the 7th month since these constitutional protections were erased, Greens helped to send another clear message in front of the Boston State House.  Speakers from the Women's March, NARAL Choice, Planned Parenthood, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and RiseUp4Abortion Rights all joined in the strong message:   We are putting all politicians at every level of government on notice: "If you come for our families, our freedoms, or our future, we are coming for your seat. Our movement is strong. Our movement is growing. Our movement is Bigger than Roe."


 01 favicon transparent 400Are you ready to speak out against rising gun violence?Join Ajamu Baraka, the former Green Party Vice-Presidential Candidate, Green-Rainbow members, and other Greens around the nation.


 01 favicon transparent 400The Green-Rainbow Party made a difference across Massachusetts

in 2022 and 2023.  

Here are a few ways:

  • Joined the picket lines to support the successful nurses' strike in Worcester.
  • Broadened the Pioneer Valley Chapter to extend throughout Western Massachusetts.
  • Sponsored an experienced advocate for the underserved, Gloria Caballero-Roca, in her race for State Auditor, despite the virtual press blackout on third-party candidates.  Also managed the campaign of skilled Green leader, Juan Sanchez, who ran against the incumbent Secretary of the Commonwealth.
  • Interviewed the Boston organizer of mRNA4all, Harvard Medical School student Brendan Eappen, who demanded that Moderna's publicly-supported vaccine be used for public health, not just for private profit.
  • Supported the Green challenger and Town Selectman, Michael Lavery, in his bid to unseat three-term State Representative, Smitty Pignatelli.
  • Joined with Save the Pine Barrens and Extinction Rebellion in challenging AD Makespeace's plan to convert environmentally easensitive cranberry bogs into large industrial solar projects.
  • Welcomed the report of our Central Mass member, Brian Mulhearn, who attended the Annual Conference of the Latin American Global Greens held in the Dominican Republic.
We are energized!  In 2023, we look forward to joining with all who refuse to let the duopoly and Joe Biden greenwash our future and risk climate extinction.  Let us know how you want to help!
Lois Gagnon and Mike Pascucci, Co-chairs


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