A Message from Mel King

As a founder of the Green-Rainbow Party, I am proud to endorse three special Green-Rainbow candidates who are running for statewide office!

Jamie Guerin, a mother of five, is running for Massachusetts Treasurer. She is a long-time peace and environmental activist. She is a passionate advocate for economic justice policies that benefit the 99%. She will establish a state bank that would keep Massachusetts money in Massachusetts, and benefit municipalities with lower interest rates for infrastructure improvement borrowing. She will ensure that the growing cannabis industry is open to participation by lower income people and people of color.

Juan Sanchez is running for Secretary of the Commonwealth. He ran last year for Ward 1 Selectman for Holyoke, MA.  Now he is the first candidate of Puerto Rican heritage to be nominated for statewide office. When elected, he will ensure that underprivileged and underrepresented have a voice on Beacon Hill. He will champion progressive electoral reform and he will improve voter education by delivering information in multiple languages. He wants to make sure immigrants and low income citizens are full participants in the political life of Massachusetts that is often dominated by moneyed interests.

Jed Stamas is running for State Auditor. He is committed to making sure that our tax money is spent to benefit people and not to do favors for the well-connected.  He would audit every state agency at least once every three years.

These three candidates have earned my endorsement by their commitment to economic justice and building a society that works for us all. On November 6, please remember to vote for Jamie Guerin for State Treasurer, Juan Sanchez for Secretary of the Commonwealth and Jed Stamas for State Auditor!

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