Welcome To The Green-Rainbow Party

The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts provides a clear alternative to the two large corporate-dominated parties in the United States. In Massachusetts we're aiming to become the second party, supplanting one-party rule by promoting sensible policies that serve the public's interests—not the narrow interests of the wealthy and well-connected few.

In 2003, the Rainbow Coalition Party joined with the Massachusetts Green Party to form the Green-Rainbow Party (GRP). We are the Massachusetts affiliate of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). The GPUS is a federation of state Green Parties, committed to environmentalism, non-violence, social justice, and grassroots organizing. Whether the issue is universal health care, corporate globalization, alternative energy, election reform, or decent, living wages for workers, Greens have the courage and independence necessary to take on the powerful corporate interests.

By refusing corporate money, and supporting the democratic empowerment of communities as an antidote to lobbyist-run government, the GRP is uniting concerned citizens across the Commonwealth to advance justice and sustainability as two sides of the same coin. The destructive policies adopted by our governments have been ravaging our communities and the planet -- funding war, honoring corporate greed over human needs and destroying the social, economic, and ecological systems upon which we depend. We seek a saner, fairer, and more just society in which a sustainable economy and open, accessible government lead to a better life for all.

What's in a name?

Structure of the Green-Rainbow Party