2021-May-27 Adcom meeting DRAFT minutes.


Members Present: Carole Oyler, Lois Gagnon, Maha Visnu, John Andrews, Eileen W Sheehan, Brian Cady,

Observers present: John Blumenstiel,


Topics Discussed:

Agenda minus: Officer, Awards, Conflict Resolution, UN Disarmament Statement. As below:

1) Assign meeting roles and approve agenda - 5 minutes Maha co-facilitates, Brian takes notes, Carole times/co-facilitates.

2) Approve minutes from previous meetings - 10 minutes

3) AdCom Meeting Resolutions Proposal (Maha) 10 minutes

4) Committee Reports along with: Discussions of David Keil & Matt Andrews RE: ComCom and FunCom/Ongoing Committee Oversight/Direction for ComCom on News Alerts - 30 minutes

5) GRP Statement in Support of St. Vincent Nurses (John B.) – 10 Minutes

7) Coalition with Single Payer Health Care organization & Report by Lois on Mass Care Meeting (Eileen/Lois) - 10 minutes - Discussion addressed distinction between simply endorsing a bill or position versus joining a coalition, to be undertaken thoughtfully, as coalition-joining implies support for coalition beyond single issue – Needs coalition-by-coalition assessment of other coalition-joiners, and coalition itself, in John A.’s perspective.

11) Round Robin - 5 Minutes


Decisions Made:


Quorum TBD – Meeting held as though quorum met.

[AR521-1] – Adcom Resolution: May 13th minutes by David Keil approved by consensus.

[AR521-2] – April 22nd Adcom minutes accepted with one correction: Danny and Eileen, not Lois, co-facilitated Spring Statecom. - approved by consensus

[AR521-3] – April 8th minutes approved by consensus

[AR521-4] – Adcom resolutions will be logged and numbered as they are here for the next two weeks – approved by consensus.

Note: Maha will pursue Emergency Statecom meeting to fill vacant director positions temporarily until annual convention.

5 minutes added to clock on Committee reports / vacant directors.

[AR521-5] – Approved by consensus, (with concerns expressed by Eileen that important roles like directors need to be filled rapidly and in an fully official capacity, when vacancies arise):

‘Adcom urges working committees to fill any vacant co-chair positions and to ensure that the functioning of the committees continue uninterrupted despite any temporary vacancies in directorships.’

[AR521-6] – John B and Eileen WS will form statement on St. Vincent Nurses strike, to be approved by co-chairs Maha and Lois – approved by consensus.

[AR521-7] – regarding news alerts - Commcomm IDs newsworthy items, and writes about them, with co-chairs approval required before distribution. BC: ?Approved by consensus?


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