Agenda for Jan. 19 2013 Statecom meeting

A. Arrival and Registration, 9-9:30. Register, pick up name tags and documents, coffee tea and awesome pumpkin muffins courtesy of the Nashua river folks and the facilitators:
B .Opening Business 9:30-10:10


  1. Selection of minutes taker, stacker, timekeeper, vibes-watcher, and parliamentarian for the meeting
  2. Quorum (Seat Alternates as appropriate)
  3. Introductions (Name, County, Representative, Alternate or Guest, member of local chapter, member of Adcom, Working Committee(s), GPUS, etc.
  4. Appointment of New StateCom Representatives and Alternatives
  5. Approval of the Agenda for the Meeting
  6. Approval of minutes of past StateComm meeting  - Draft of minutes are posted at, Look under 2012 Fall Meeting: Sunday, September 23 for the link titled “draft Minutes”.
  7. Setting time, place, and select co-facilitators for next meeting
C. Presentation and ranking of proposals 10:10-10:30
5 proposals get total of 2 min each – no questions then go to ranking
D. Working Committee Meetings 10:30-12:00
1.     Sign up for working committee (new Statecom members) 10:30-10:40
2.     Communications committee will conduct a short workshop on how to post pertinent, informative blog posts on the GRP website and then “face-tweet”.  If time allows, we will also review how to manage a mailing list on c-panel.   **Workshop is not restricted to communications committee members.  If you want to get the most out of this, please bring a laptop with wireless internet connectivity and a short, informative paragraph relevant to one of the topic areas we have on so you can actually do, not just watch!  Topics include: Candidates and Elections, Healthcare, Civil Rights/Civil Liberties, Honest and Open government, Economy & Labor, Taxes and Spending, Education, War and Peace, Energy & Environment.  10:40-11:10
3.     Other working committees have this time slot to meet or conduct any business or planning or brainstorming they may wish.  10:40-12:00
E. Lunch: 12:00-12:45
Arranged by Nashua River Greens, thank you very much!  Delicious and Vegan food from Belmont Vegetarian.
F. Reports 12:45-1:45  (3 min each)

1.     Co-Chairs (2)
2.     Treasurer(1)
3.     Secretary(1)
4.     Local Chapters
·       Berkshire
·       Pioneer
·       Nashua River
·       Assabet River
·       Greater Boston
·       Quinapoag (I’m sorry about the spelling)
5.     Directors  and Co-Chairs of Working Committees
·       Candidate
·       Fundraising
·       Membership
·       Communications
·       Platform

G. Urgent Business 1:45-2:15
1.     Election of diversity and confirmation of local chapter representative to Adcom.     
2.     Campaign school discussion and sign up for participants
H. Election of Vacancies (Nomination, Brief Speech, Election, Gratitude) 2:15-2:30
1.     Female delegate to National Green Party committee
I. Consideration of Proposals: 2:30-4:00  (This list is the order posted on the website – the actual order in which we take them up will be determined by the outcome of the ranking in item C earlier.)

·       Bylaws Revision for Chapters and Caucuses, John Andrews

·       Talk Less Accomplish More Nat Fortune

·       Improving the regional convention election process Merilice

·       A Green-Rainbow Party Agenda for Massachusetts Brian Cady

·       Short Term Attainable Goals for the GRP Mike Heichman

J. End of Meeting 4:00-4:30

1.     Round Robin Evaluation
2.     Announcements
3.        Cleanup

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