Anti Fracking Bills for 2013

state houseJanuary 12, 2013: There are at least three anti-fracking bills poised for filing in the Massachusetts Legislature.Two have the backing of the Massachusetts Sierra Club: (1) the bill to ban fracking in Massachusetts; and (2) the bill requiring electricity companies that use natural gas to certify that the extraction process didn’t poison any drinking water. Representative Sean Garballey will be lead sponsor for both bills and several legislators have already agreed to sign on as co-sponsors.

The third bill, which Representative Denise Provost intends to file, would impose a moratorium on fracking in Massachusetts.


What these Bills will do

The bill to ban fracking would clarify and tighten up the law regarding Class II wells. At present, these wells are subject to a somewhat ambiguous DEP regulation, not a statute.

The bill requiring electricity companies to certify that their natural gas did not come to the surface via a process that poisoned any drinking water is a re-file: Representative Garballey first filed that bill in the last legislative session. As well as enjoying GRP support, it won the endorsement of the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s annual state convention.

As soon as the filing deadline has passed you will be able to find the list of legislative sponsors on this site. In the meantime, please feel free to call/email me with questions or comments: (413) 549 9933/[email protected].

– Peter Vickery, Co-Chair Pioneer Valley GRP

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