Title: Developing a Position against the War in Ukraine, 2022

SPONSORS: BigMike, Maureen Doyle VETTING COMMITTEES: Communications FLOOR MANAGER: Bigmike SHEPHERD: Bigmike, Jack Swindlehurst SUMMARY: The war in Ukraine has been in an outbreak since the beginning of 2022, and it is only getting worse. Many have been hopeful that it will end soon, but it is unfortunate that the media keeps on piling us with heartbreaking updates. The terror needs to stop, but it is better to amplify our demands through making a position within the Party. BACKGROUND: The Ukranian War of 2022 is a acting as sequel to the Russian President's Vladimir Putin's annexation of the Crimea in 2014. Putin's intenttion is to grow his country, regardless of what other close national leaders have to say, and this notion has put these neighboring countries in jeopardy rather than into simple conspiracy. Ukraine had decided to respond in violently armed ways, and then the Russian Military started to get seriously involved, adding to the fights and violence. This war is tragic to the extent of affecting Green Rainow Party Members' families and personal lives. Given that the war is headed nowhere towards peace, it is time to end it. Families are sobbing, refugees are escaping with a 1 in 2 successful escape rate, sanctions are further crippling E. European economies. People are dying in combat everyday, for what? NATO must roll-back and allow deweaponization immediately before this war becomes WWIII. TEXT: 1) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts is taking a position to be sympathetic to any local anti-war efforts related to the Ukranian War. 2) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts will do their best to support any individual that has been affected personally, emotionally or tragically by this war. 3) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts is taking a strong position against NATO's involvement in the Ukranian War. 4) The Green Rainbow Party of Masschusetts will do their best to communicate any new public/local events that are relevant to anti-war efforts in Ukraine. FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: NONE REFERENCES: -Personal remarks: by BigMike (or whoever else wanting to share), who was directly affected by the war (insert anything relevant and true about the Ukranian War 2022)

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  • David Keil
    commented 2022-11-13 09:51:06 -0500
    Reaffirming my concerns. Apparently not one member of StateCom, including those making the proposal, saw reason to comment on the listserve for the benefit of subscribers; and not one member of StateCom who, unlike me, checks the site daily, saw the proposal as being of enough interest to comment on it at the site.
  • Brian Cady
    commented 2022-11-13 07:46:20 -0500
    To David Keil: This proposal was posted a month in advance of our meeting today, as is required. As statecom members, we are responsible for keeping up with these posted proposals by checking the statecom meeting webpage.
  • David Keil
    commented 2022-11-12 18:41:58 -0500
    Subscribers to the StateCom listserv did not receive notice of this proposal until November 12. I’m requesting that we table its text for discussion on the StateCom list and that we vote to approve its four action points, below, as well as the GPAX proposal adopted by the National Committee of the GP of the US (text below).

    1) The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts is taking a position to be sympathetic to any local anti-war efforts related to the Ukrainian War.
    2) The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts will do its best to support any individual that has been affected personally, emotionally, or tragically by this war.
    3) The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts is taking a strong position against NATO’s involvement in the Ukrainian War.
    4) The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts will do its best to communicate any new public/local events that are relevant to anti-war efforts in Ukraine

    GRP Male co-chair Mike Pascucci sent the following message 10/22/22 toother officers and members:

    Lois and I agree with endorsing this event [the antiwar action in Boston 10/22/22] with the following GRP co-chair statement: “The Green-Rainbow Party says NATO wars and sanctions are causing more and more misery and death across the globe while denying its own population economic and ecological sustainability at home. No to NATO.”

    The GPUS NC adopted the following proposal by the Green Peace Action Committee (GPAX), 10/9/22 (see https://secure.gpus.org/cgi-bin/vote/propdetail?pid=1113):

    Because the United States is fighting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, it is important that the Green Party of the United States have an official statement regarding its position on the war in Ukraine. It is especially important because of the grave danger of nuclear war in which the government has placed our country and the rest of the world. Because one of the Green Party pillars is Peace, we should have a position that is likely to end the hostilities and resolve the differences between Russia and Ukraine in a peaceful manner.

    The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) endorse the following statement as the official position of GPUS regarding the war in Ukraine:

    GPAX/GPUS Statement On War In Ukraine

    The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) views the war in Ukraine with great concern. As the US party of peace, we emphatically oppose the recourse to war as a means of inter-state dispute resolution and, accordingly, condemn the present violence in Ukraine by all sides. With respect to the US and Western response, we express specific concerns regarding:

    1. The militaristic approach of indefinitely arming Ukraine. This strategy is demonstrably flawed. Ukraine is losing the war (despite heavy Western military assistance) and protracting the conflict through further armament will only lead to more death and destruction in Ukraine – not to a Ukrainian victory. This approach does not reflect a sincere interest in the well-being of the Ukrainian people, but rather the geopolitical and financial interests of Western elites.

    2. The misbegotten approach of imposing inefficacious and self-destructive sanctions on Russia. This strategy is empirically flawed. In keeping with the long track record of previous failures of punitive sanctions regimes, the current sanctions on Russia have not altered its behavior in Ukraine. Instead, they have increased its energy revenues and strengthened the Ruble, while damaging the Western European economy and undermining confidence in the US financial system. Aggravating international tensions through economic warfare will not bring peace to Ukraine.

    3. The unwillingness to engage in diplomacy. A ceasefire, and subsequent negotiated peace, is the only realistic way to end the war shy of the utter ruination of Ukraine. Adoption of a realistic negotiating position and willingness to make concessions is essential to the initiation of genuine peace talks, but the U.S. has failed to pursue a diplomatic solution.

    4. The dishonest portrayal of developments in Ukraine. Russian aggression is rightfully covered and denounced. However, sole attribution of blame to Russia whitewashes an extended history of inimical US interference in Ukraine, contributing to current hostilities. Additionally, depiction of the Zelensky Government as a democratic force representative of the Ukrainian people and selective coverage of Ukrainian military successes deceitfully engender popular support for the failing strategy of continued military aid. The West proudly lauds its freedom of speech and press. We encourage Western media to make use of this right in accurately and critically covering events in Ukraine.

    GPUS calls for cessation of unconditional military aid to Ukraine, lifting of counter-productive sanctions regimes, and initiation of genuine negotiations toward a ceasefire and sustainable peace framework! We implore the Biden Administration to use its position of influence to facilitate peace by encouraging peace talks and engaging with Russia to de-escalate tensions – not to fuel war by further arming Ukraine and prolonging a terrible conflict.

    This will require a commitment of minimal hours for our website administrators to publish the statement, the Coordinated Campaign Committee to publicize the statement to our candidates, and occasional work by our Media Coordinators to publicize the statement and make reference to it in further publications. It is anticipated that our candidates, campaign teams and peace activists in the party will further publicize the statement and use it for campaign purposes.








  • Michael Vaglica
    published this page in 2022 Fall Statecom Proposal Entry & Discussion Page 2022-10-13 18:45:27 -0400