I grew up in a small town in Western Massachusetts and now live in Northampton. I come from a multi-generational working-class family and I’m presently raising my children in the Pioneer Valley. I have been a lifelong activist for peace, economic, social, and environmental justice, ignited by the struggle and guided by the movement to create a healthy and more just world for our children and future generations.

I believe we need to end the corporate stranglehold over the state of Massachusetts and break free of the duopoly that is beholden to big money, the fossil fuel industry, and the war machine. Establishing a community-based state bank is the first step towards ending Wall Street influence and building healthy, green communities. I support healthcare for all, affordable housing, free tuition at public universities and a bold transition to safe, clean renewable energy that will halt climate change and create green jobs.

I pledge to work tirelessly to shift power into the hands of the people and their communities – not the 1% that currently dictate our futures.  Vote Green-Rainbow in 2018!