2020 Outreach Event Funding Proposal.

Sponsor: John Blumenstiel

Vetting Committees: To Be: Membership/MDVC, Adcom

Floor Manager: John Blumenstiel

Shephard: John Blumenstiel

Summary: -The purpose of this line item is to provide funds to support local chapter participation in larger, major regional rallies/demonstrations/speak outs or teach-ins/concerts, etc.( to be determined by the local chapters involved). for informing the public about our party.

Background: Proposal text: Implementation: The following is a request from MDVR. It was inadvertently left out of the original MDEEVC request filed with StateCom. These funds are to be utilized at the local chapter's discretion and for the purpose of increasing statewide exposure to the MASS GRP. The notion would be to support 3 major events ( eastern Ma, central Ma and western Ma.) . In addition to the regional event(s) supported by these funds, it would be hoped that with sufficient advance planning and awareness throughout the state, that statewide members would plan to support the chosen events with their attendance and volunteer support for the local chapters.

-By state-level funding for local chapters, we act to reinforce the statewide nature of the party, hopefully to build increased communication among the chapters and statewide membership.

-By including these funds in a statewide, annual budget we enhance advanced planning for events and thus increase the potential of increased effectiveness. Financial Implications: $1,000 cost to be evenly distributed statewide. References and Attachments:

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