Go Pro Proposal, Phase 1.: Let's hire a half-time fundraiser for two months and see how it goes.

• TITLE: Go Pro

• SPONSORS: Brian Cady, Roni Beal,



• SHEPHERD: Brian Cady

• SUMMARY: Green-Rainbow party has tried being all-volunteer-run, lets try hiring working-class activists who’ve trained and practiced this work.

• BACKGROUND: Each year we wither away to less and less registered voters. Yet the need for the Green-Rainbow party has never been more stark. We can grow to include more working people with the work and guidance of working people. If we pay wages, we can be guided by working people’s voices that we do not otherwise hear from. Also, the GRP can use the training, expertise and professionalism of professional fundraisers and activists. We’ve tried the rest - let’s try hiring the best. When Joe Hill said ‘Don’t Mourn – Organize’, didn’t he mean each of us getting really good at complementary roles, in a cohesive whole? This effort could put pros on the job in central positions in the GRP.

• TEXT OF PROPOSAL: Briefly: 1) Phase 1: Hire a professional fundraiser half-time for two months as contractor @$500/wk = ~$4K 2) See if they raise 10$K,

Details: 1A) Compose hiring committee of co-chairs (& perhaps Tim Enman, professional fundraiser & GRP volunteer),

1B) Draft two month duration job listing, job posting strategy.

1C) Post listing

1D) collect and rate resumes.

1E) Interview top applicants

1F) Hire

2) After two months(1/2 mo training/orientation, & 1.5 mo. work), evaluate: How much raised? Extrapolate to a year ( 8 times 1.5 months = 12 months of 1/2 time fundraiser work. 3) Raised ~$10K?

IMPLEMENTATION: Hiring committee executes, supervises.


• Cost ~$4K. Net Benefit: Unknown, could be $6K beyond raising the $4K cost.

• REFERENCES AND ATTACHMENTS: re:Salary expectations of full-time fundraiser: https://www.salary.com/research/salary/hiring/professional-fundraiser-salary/ma

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