Pioneer Valley Chapter opposes 'Remedy' proposal

After conducting a democratic vote on 8/22/20, it is the unanimous opinion of the Pioneer Valley Chapter to oppose the “Proposal to Address and Remedy Actions Taken by GRP Leadership” sponsored by Danny Factor and multiple co-sponsors dated August 15, 2020. The PVGRP Chapter is compelled to oppose the proposal mentioned above for the following reasons:

• It proposes to censure multiple GRP governing bodies and officer positions including many representatives of marginalized communities in GRP leadership positions and silence their voices for three years, making accusations for which it offers neither specific evidence of alleged facts nor reference to bylaws allegedly violated. In effect, it is asking for State Convention to serve as a malformed trial, that could devolve quickly into something resembling a “witch trial”, without presentation of findings of fact or sufficient opportunity to properly hear evidence and defense of the accused. GRP Bylaws have always provided for careful due process in the taking of actions that remove member rights (See GRP Bylaws Section 4.3). This aspect of the proposal flagrantly violates the GRP traditional protections for the rights of the accused. Our chapter is deeply concerned that allowing this proposal to move forward would undermine many of our 10 key values and mission for Equality.

• In its final "remedy," mandating a small, single committee to change GRP bylaws, it clearly violates the basic rights of the Green-Rainbow Party membership, under which changes in the bylaws take place only after due deliberation (See GRP Bylaws Sections 8.8 and 15.1-15.3). Our chapter understands his would be an attempt to shift and centralize legislative power to the few in order to amend bylaws to conform exclusively to the ideals and demands of the sponsors of the proposal.

• It seeks to re-litigate or reverse, without good reason, previous policy and leadership bodies and committees' decisions made laboriously, democratically and in good faith.

• It proposes to rescind the existing requirements and procedures in which the GRP vets our candidates prior to GRP primaries because the sponsor and co-sponsors of the proposal think a vetting process is “unfair” or “bias”. Our Chapter believes it is the GRP''s obligation and responsibility to our constituents and members to thoroughly vet our candidates before the GRP and GP US primaries in order to ensure that our candidates adhere to our 10 Key values as well as the Democratic process. Failing to do so and placing every applicant on the primary ballot without a vetting process would be a disservice to GRP members, our constituency and the candidates themselves, and would allow those with a platform and/or personal agenda that does not align with the values and mission of the GRP to represent the Green Party and all its diverse members, constituents and candidates as a whole in a way dis-aligned with our foundational values and mission.

• Last but not least, the timing of this proposal adds a disruptive and divisive nature to our State Convention, and efforts to support RCV in MA and our Green Party Presidential Nominee as well as any MA local campaigns.

Elizabeth Humphrey and Brian Cady, Pioneer Valley Chapter Co-Chairs, and Lois Gagnon, Chapter State committee representative.

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  • Matthew Andrews
    commented 2020-09-01 00:32:01 -0400
    This is a strong response. Thank you for writing this. I’m sorry it had to take up your time when so much important positive work needs to get done. I hope we can put this to rest and move forward to fight against police brutality, for a people’s response to COVID19, Rank Choice Voting, and the Hawkins/Walker presidential ticket.
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