Protocol for annual goal-setting, plan-setting, and budget-setting process.

Sponsor/Shephard/Floor Manager: Brian Cady [email protected] 617-943-2853

Co-Sponsor: Elie Yarden

Vetting Committees: To be: Finance and Fundraising Comm. Adcom

Summary: Annual budgeting should be guided by, and fundraising informed by, an annual plan of action, which should pursue agreed-upon, stated goals. Goals -> Plan -> Budget & Fundraising. Below are sketched a schedule of steps to annually build goals, a plan and a budget, and to guide fundraising.

1. Background: Proposed Process: Overview:

A. The elected Co-chairs select potential goals, and propose a plan to get there – They have been elected by the annual convention. and represent it, which gives them authority.
B. Fall Statecomm agrees to, or modifies, those goals.
C. Working committees and Chapters review the plan, in light of the goals, and suggest plan changes.
D. Then Adcom collects and assembles a revised plan, and return these to chapters and working committees.
E. Working Committees and Chapters use goals and plan to make working committee and Chapter budget proposals.
F. Then FinFundComm assembles the various budget proposals into an annual budget,
G. Adcom sequences budget-line items by priority into a prioritized proposed budget.
H. Winter Statecom addresses this proposed budget and passes a budget.

2. Text of proposal & Implementation: Protocol for Annual Goals, Plan, Fundraising and Budget – Proposed Schedule:

Early-Sept: Co-chairs proposes next year’s goals, & plan; prepare goals for Fall Statecom.
Mid-Sept: Statecom selects & approves annual goals. **Goals Done**.
Early-Oct: Adcom asks Working committees, local chapters to review, & comment on annual plan.
Late-Oct: Adcom revises, plan, returns to working committees. **Plan Done**.
Early-Nov: Working Comittees respond to revised goals & plan with Committee budgets.
Mid-Nov: Adcom receives plan and committee budgets, conveys budgets to FinFundComm.
Early Dec: FinFundcomm assembles, from Committee budgets, the next year’s budget.
Late-Dec: Adcom receives and reviews plan and budget, & sequences budget items by priority.
Early-Jan: 1st Statecom meeting of the year addresses the year’s plan and the year’s budget. **Budget Done**.
Mid-Jan: FinFundComm begins Spring Fundraising, with mailing/dialing.
Early-Feb: Donors receive Spring Fundraising Appeal mailing.
March: Donations/Pledges received. **Fundraising Done**.

Financial Implications: Vary by year, goals, plan, budget & fundraising success.



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