Up for Election: Green in 2015!

The GRP is honored to endorse our three Green-friendly candidates, Darlene, Plinio, and Sean.

Thank you for running.

Empowering our candidates, in turn, empowers YOU.

To supporters and voters thank you.

The Green Party of the United States has identified ten candidates to watch in the 2015 general election on Tuesday, November 3.


Darlene Elias

Holyoke City Council At Large

Plinio DeGoes

Cambridge City Council

Sean T. Connell

Fall River School Committee

 Still considering to vote D or R? A vote for the "lesser of two evils" is an endorsement of... well, you know, and a mistake made time and time again.  A Green-Rainbow Party vote moves us towards a new agenda, a REAL progressive move.  If you really want a secure, green future, just vote for it!

                               WHEN YOU VOTE FOR THE GRP TEAM,


• An Economic Bill of Rights that says that every human being deserves to live a life of dignity and respect,  and to be treated with love.

• A Community Uplift Initiative to end poverty and unemployment - breaking from the current Beacon Hill approach of spending on corporate welfare, enriching the wealthy, and leaving the poor and middle class struggling with rising cost of living and stagnating wages.

• A minimum wage of $15 per hour and ultimately a living wage for every worker.

Ending the patronage system on Beacon Hill by imposing a Fair Hiring Code that ensures that jobs are no longer just given away to the politically-connected.

• Tuition-free higher education to end the student debt crisis - with forgiveness provision for existing student debt.

Universal single-payer health care that includes everyone and excludes no one.

• Getting big money out of politics through public campaign financing, beginning now with refusal to accept lobbyist money.

• A progressive state income tax to fund government services rather than gambling casinos that exploit the unwary.

• Establishing a public bank of the Commonwealth that will honestly serve the banking needs of the people and help us downsize Wall Street.

• An action plan to lead Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy by 2030.  This would make it unnecessary to spend billions on more fossil fuel infrastructure - like gas pipelines - which will make it impossible for us to address climate change. Time is running out.

For more information on the GRP candidates,  follow the links below.

For campaign position statements and press releases, ... stay posted. 


Darlene Elias

Candidate for Holyoke City Council At Large

Unofficial Election Results


Date of election: November 3, 2015

Darlene, an unenrolled voter and dedicated probation officer of 20 years, is a longtime resident of Holyoke, MA. If elected, she would be the only Latina/o to hold the position of Holyoke City Council At Large. Currently, Latinos in Holyoke lack voting power, leaving this population the most underrepresented group in city government and the least involved civically. Holyoke workers have been experiencing a significant loss of manufacturing and agricultural jobs. Lower wards of Holyoke have transformed into the most impoverished, illiterate, and resource-deficient areas in the city, leaving residents apathetic and hopeless. Darlene believes she has what it takes to help residents lift themselves as a community upwards towards a more stable, flourishing future. "Our City, Our Future."




Plinio DeGoes

Candidate for Cambridge City Council 

Unoffical Election Results/



Sean T. Connell

Candidate for Fall River School Committee


Election News Report

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