CDLC End of Year (EOY) 2016 Report

Candidate Development and Legal Committee

End of Year Review

Draft Nov 26, 2016, rev. Nov 29, 2016, Jan 6, 2017

CDLC membership and officers

Five (5) CDLC members in 2016:

C. DiCalogero, co-chair; N. Fortune, co-chair; D. Spanagel, recording secretary (resigned Nov 2016); M. Doyle, CCC Rep; J. Martin; D. Gerry, AdCom liaison.


Campaigns run

On ballot

1 presidential, 2 State Rep: Stein, 1.5% of MA vote, doubled vote nationally;

14th Middlesex, Factor, 3.7% of vote, 3 way race;

12th Worcester, DiCalogero, 19.7% of vote, 2 way race.


1 State Rep: Ballard, no vote counts

GRP endorsements

3 State Rep requests vetted: 2 recommendations for, with candidate funding recommended.

Several requests from candidates registered in other parties discouraged.

Contacts from new potential candidates


Boston Mayor, white male: 1

Burlington, Middle East, male: decided to postpone and get more involved in community first. 1

Randolph City Council, white male: 1

Taunton School Committee, woman, unknown ethnicity: 1

Worcester City Council, young male, unknown ethnicity: 1

Weymouth, Sch Comm?, woman, unknown ethnicity: 1

District, 2018

37th Middlesex State Rep, white male, partner of color, parent of children of color: 1

Fall River State Rep, Portuguese male, veteran: 1


US Senate, white male: 1


Candidates identified for recruitment

District, 2018

Amherst Town Meeting Rep, white male: 1

Fitchburg State Rep, African American female: 1

Shrewsbury State Rep, white male, public employee: 1


Trainings/workshops given

2 at State Convention, May 2016.


Trainings/Workshops Planning

For Spring 2017 (postponed from Fall 2016)

Need to discuss w/ Greg Williams and others


Trainings/workshops attended



Administrative Progress

All documents are on Google Drive in CDLC folder unless otherwise stated.

  1. Candidate list: revamped for clarity, with separate sheets for potential and active candidates, candidates elected or appointed to office, archive of past candidates. Reassigned candidates to make sure all active candidates covered.

  2. Created survey for potential candidates for State Convention.

  3. Correct GRP endorsement form edited and made available.

  4. File of sample endorsement questionnaires from other endorsing organizations created for future candidates.

  5. Work Management document: includes mission, criteria for recruiting and supporting candidates, estimating maximum workload per CDLC member, deadlines for candidates to apply for endorsement, when candidates can be moved to archive. Can help with introducing new CDLC members to how we work.

  6. GRP webpage updates

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