CMGR 4th Quarter 2018 report

Central Massachusetts Green-Rainbow 4th Quarter Report to State Committee

January 26, 2019

Since the September 30, 2018 State Committee meeting, the Central Massachusetts Green-Rainbow chapter has met four times, with an average attendance of 9.5.

At our October chapter meeting we focused on the election campaigns of our own two members who were running for seats in the November 6 election of state legislators to represent our region. First-time candidate Matthew Moncreaff placed second in his race for the First Worcester House district, and he carried a higher percentage (>22%) and earned more total votes (4513) than any GRP candidate running for state legislative office has ever before achieved in Central Massachusetts. Yasmine Khdeer, also a first-time candidate for public office, placed third in her race for the Second Worcester House district.  

In November, the chapter debriefed the election results, and discussed a member’s idea about modifying our state party’s name. In December, Brian Cady visited the chapter to present his “volunteer enumerating” proposal and Gordon Davis discussed the campaign for Fully-Funded Education.

In January, the chapter welcomed  the director of the Mass Peace Action organization to talk about coalition work for peace and justice lobbying in our state, and the chapter planned support for follow-up to the party’s unaddressed complaints about a WBUR program that was broadcast in August, 2018.

Participation on Working Committees, StateCom, AdCom

AdCom: 1 member (Female Co-Chair for the state GRP); no voting rep from the chapter.

CDLC: 1 member (committee co-chair)

Convention Planning Committee: 4 members

MVDR: 0 members (?)

StateCom: 2 reps

Total of 5 individuals serving on state-level committees (at least 2 individuals are on more than one committee).


Respectfully submitted,

David Spanagel, chapter member

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