Costly Healthcare for the Few?

As we struggle to restructure our for-profit healthcare system into a for-the-people healthcare system, poll after poll demonstrates the large majority, perhaps a supermajority of Americans want Medicare for All. We know that it is the political/corporate leaders who will resist meaningful change at all costs. This newsletter will continue to update our readership with legislative changes at the state and federal level, as well as ways our readers can help to move our agenda forward individually and collectively. Following are some "nuts and bolts" information that will keep the ball rolling. Please get involved in whatever way possible to make our hopes become our reality.

We start by knowing we have options. We build by knowing we need collective action and tools for participation.

Collectively we no longer need to accept the profit motive over the peoples' health and well-being.

Currently, the Massachusetts legislature has before it legislation to establish single-payer healthcare within the Commonwealth. This is worthy of our attention and support. It aligns our party with a majority of the Massachusetts and US citizenry that support Medicare for All that is affordable, accessible, and considered a basic human right.  Mass-Care Co-Chair Jon Weissman observes that we must work at both the state and the federal level "Federal Single-Payer can’t happen without state successes.  We see the same thing in most other movements.  Even the New Deal had successful state reforms to pick from for scaling up."

Actions to Take

Following are some important action steps we can all take and encourage others to do as well. Legislative advocacy is one of the easiest means of expanding the peoples’ voice. It is available to anyone and is a first step to building peoples’ empowerment.

To follow progress, lobby your legislators, volunteer, and stay informed go to:
Mass-Care: the Massachusetts Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care

1). Stay updated on legislative issues affecting healthcare. As of this writing, there are 2 bills before the Massachusetts legislature (Senate version S.766 and House version H.1267) that call for a universal healthcare reimbursement system for Massachusetts.

Additionally, at the Federal level, Representative Pramila Jayapal has filed HR1976 - Medicare for All Act of 2021, which according to Ralph Nader is the "gold" standard for Medicare for All.

2) Become familiar with these bills and contact your state senator and representative to, at a minimum,
  a. request they co-sponsor and vote for these bills.
  b. Demand that they not get buried in legislative committees.  The demands of democracy require such critical bills, at a minimum be voted by the full legislature. 

3). Encourage friends and associates to likewise contact their legislators for support.

4). Join lobbying groups and lobbying efforts to support these efforts such as:
Mass-Care: The Massachusetts Campaign for Single-Payer Health Care.

5). Sign up for mailing lists from these organizations to keep abreast of continuing actions.

6). Support them however and whenever you can. Remember, supporting single-issue groups, in this case, Medicare for All, aligns us with our community and our collective needs. Becoming committed advocates of Medicare for All, nationally and within the Commonwealth, strengthens the GRP relationships and relevance throughout our state by offering an electoral avenue of carrying theirs and our issues into the political arena.


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